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A Childrens tale

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posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 04:50 PM
The shadowy figure stood next to a man who resembled an eagle;" So you think its a trick? " the shadowy figure said, with a contempt on his face.
The man who resembled an eagle, made a small gesture;" I believe there is a chance " he replied.

" Please explain " The shadowy figure said with a surprising way of courtesy, and looked at the raven on his shoulder.

"Only humans are capable of love, look at you? A dragonplated armor, you only bring one thing...... " The man replied who resembled an eagle.

The shadowy figure looked at the horizon and stated..
" Love doesnt exist, its a language told through out the ages. Its important that its not forgotten. Can i love? No. Can i speak the language, without a doubt. Do you think i could tell a lovers tale as a participant or do you think its better told as an observer.. "

The man who resembled an eagle smiled;" It Doesnt matter, cause i would never trust you, and you are trying to tell convince me that of all people,That You! Can tell a story about love..Haha "

"Do you believe in love? The shadowy figure asked.. " Of course, i love my family, my wife, my children and my flag "Stated, the man who resembled an eagle..

" The lovers tale is a fairytale told to children, in a world full of misfortune, if you still love, then either you never grew up or you are lying to yourself "
The shadowy man said, and he was getting annoyed. All of a sudden the raven;" Cawed " and the shadowy figure calmed down.

" It doesnt matter what you think, or what you believe, i dont trust you, i never will " The man said who resembled an eagle.
" Well thats yours misfortune " The shadowy figure replied and departed.

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