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Administrative Detention in Israel and the resistance

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posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 04:18 PM
Please note this is my first thread.

I came across a interesting article today about a political prisoner who has caused quiet a stir recently here in Ramallah. Jamal Abu al-Leil and Raed Imtier both went on a hunger strike since they were detained recently under administrative detention. Israel’s policy of internment without trial or charges -- for a year. While Israeli authorities claim the withholding of evidence during administrative detention, which allows detention for three- to six-month renewable intervals.

While admintartive dentention is not a new thing I am surprised that a country like Israel would impose such a thing against their population. Specifically the Palestinians. I have been living in the occupied West Bank for queit sometime now and honestly it really does feel like one big open air prison here. It's not just Gaza that is an open air prison. Day to day life here is so routine and basic. Even the nightly raids have become a norm to me. Grabbing a falafel at 3 am with the fellas a little tipsy and smelling the tear gas In the air has even become a norm. But I can wrap my head around admistrative detention. It basically gives any government the right to hold back any one especially political advocates, journalist, and anyone who goes against their agenda.

As I heard more about this issue this the more I read about it. Now if your were prisoner under this type of detention how could you resist it? A hunger strike. I guess it really does put a political pressure on the government but what has me messed up is that you need to basically kill your self to end up free?

Is that the mind games they want to play with you? If you keep speaking out and fighting their agenda they keep constantly throwing you in the circle of administrative detention. Because this is not the first time these two have been arrested! Under the same administrative detention law. It's like a rotating door. This is cruel and and unfair and I can't see any argument saying this is humane in anyway.

Here is the link to the article I referred to MAAN NEWS

posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: DarkPalSFO

This is what happens when you let countries get away with war crimes, they do what they like, and notice the lack of criticism for it, we would all be anti-Semites then

posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: Zcustosmorum

It's a shame these days that we look over one countries war crimes and destroy a whole other country for so much less. it's just mind boggling to me that this day in age that so many people can ignore an issue like this. It's evolved from the holocaust to South African apartheid to a complete cluster of the most demeaning way to treat other human beings Palestinian or any other race at this point. You would think we as humans learned to look padt what race or religion or ethnicity you come from to realize what is actually happening in the Isreali and Palestinian conflict is actually something that I was taught in the western world as something that should never occur.

posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 05:59 PM
Iranian-American sentenced to 18yrs in Iran.

For collusion with hostile govt, the USA and not giving a "Like" to Iran on Facebook.

He's on a hunger strike too.

posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 06:07 PM
Can you actually share that? A link to reference what you are saying?

Is he also under admanstrative detention?

What does it matter he is Iranian - American?

I was referencing specifically to only Palestinian citizens under Israeli occupation. He is still a citizen of a country that is not occupied.

lets focus on the topic. With out deflecting. What do you think makes this okay?

a reply to: burgerbuddy

posted on Mar, 12 2017 @ 06:12 PM
You forgot to add he was also a member of the Fatah's Revolutionary Council.
And was involved in a string of terrorist attacks.

Of course the truth doesn't matter, just the Left wing socialist rhetoric.

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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: flatbush71

And if true he should face a proper trial and be sentenced.

And why is ths OP left wing? When has being in favour of due process been a left wing ideal?
Why does one have to be a unapologetic arse kisser of Israel to be right wing?

Why does everything have to boil down to left verse right?

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 09:22 AM
Yes he was part of the Fatah's Revolutionary Council but that was my point exactly. Just because he is affiliated with a political mom meant he is being detained.

You said he has been involved in a string if terrorist attacks. I don't know if any that you are referring to. Just because he was previlously involved in attacks does that give them the right to detain him with out trial! Lately it's been relatively calm so I don't think he got arrested for a new terror Attack.

On another note how much do you really know about Fatah? Are you aware that Israel coordinates with the deer which is the PA right now so he is being arrested for being affiliated with the same group that is real openly supports in controlling of the West Bank and has security coordinations with? a reply to: flatbush71

posted on Mar, 14 2017 @ 04:15 AM

originally posted by: DarkPalSFO
Administrative Detention in Israel and the resistance

If 'administrative detention' prevents one devolved violent maniac from doing his violence, so what if he's locked up?
Israel has a planetful of hateful antiSemites to defend against, many infesting it's borders.
Better in prison then shot dead in the perpetuation of violence!

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 01:00 PM
In no way I would support the extensive use of administrative detention by Israel as a legitimate measure for fighting against terrorism. But it is important to know the facts:

Administrative detention is legal under international law - Article 78 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, though there is no doubt Israel heavily abused this section while ignoring others.

Israel uses administrative detention not only against Palestinians in the West Bank (which are not Israeli citizens), but also against it's own Jewish citizens, who are suspected of planning a terror attacks against Palestinians. Example

Administrative detention is not uncommon in other countries, such as: Australia, United Kingdom and USA.
If you think this is a product of western "democracy" you will be wrong as indefinite detention without trial is also used by the thousands in Arab countries such as: Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

Nothing of this makes it OK to use administrative detention. The point is Israel is not unique in this usage.

I have been living in the occupied West Bank for queit sometime now and honestly it really does feel like one big open air prison here.

Why though?
Aren't Palestinians able to travel to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge crossing and from there to any point in the world?

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