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UFO researcher of the Year, Tom DeLonge; Major announcement within 60 Days!!!

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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 11:16 AM
a reply to: KansasGirl

If that’s the case good.

Every person is entitled to their opinion

Draw from the well what ye will

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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 11:30 AM
I've been following here, and the Tom Delonge saga since the beginning. I'm not much on posting, as is obvious.
I read both books, the first, intrigued me, the second left me thinking i was reading a combination of Sitchin, Hancock and von Daniken all rolled into one! Not sure where to take that, but, if you believe Delonge, what hits me the hardest, is, THIS IS WHAT HIS ADVISORS ARE TELLING HIM! Our leaders, at least some of them, believe this. I'd really like to see comment on that end, as i have no idea what to make from it-i will wait and see as it unfolds. I hope his announcement is more than just a sales pitch.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: Davg80

Maybe he will announce a Blink 182 reunion tour because that would be more credible.

What he said was laughable. Dulce? an urban legend because their are so many people that have found the base, but locals or google earth can't find it. Hitlers goons in Antarctica? researchers have been there for decades and i've never read of any UFO sightings from there.

Mr DeLonge is deluding himself if he thinks he is a UFO researcher. And when he bangs on about how he has read UFO books for 20 years well guess what? So have I and many others so where's our medals? I've read the Condon report, Project blue book and so forth and this reward is a slap in the face to real researchers such as MUFON.

If a pseudo rock star talks about an 'alien uprising' at Dulce and a respectable ufologist tells a "viewer" that those lights in the sky are probably military chaff who would you believe? A good ufologist will tell you the U in UFO stands for 'unidentified' and not 'aliens.'

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 11:37 AM
a reply to: HiddenWaters

yeah lets hope he has something with substance, no need for the whole picture just yet, just some awareness shifting disclosure, you can leave us hanging a little............ this whole TDL affair has been like waiting for the next ep of GOT.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 11:39 AM

originally posted by: Ohanka
Why does anyone give any attention to this charlatan and con-artist?

The big "announcement" will be another book or film he's working on,100% guarantee it.

Dint this guy try to out a member here who also did UFO research by threatening to reveal his Actual name? IF so this guy can go straight to you know where.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: yuppa

No , that boil on the arse of Ufology is NICAP director Ted Roe.
Tom DeLonge has a way to go to reach his level.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: yuppa

Edit: Corrected, that was Ted Roe

Thread on it
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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:14 PM

originally posted by: raymundoko
a reply to: Davg80

There is no real announcement, and if anything his contact with podesta shows he is probably a disinfo agent.

But we also saw recently, that not giving advance notice can generate protests and violence, if the announcement negatively affects enough people.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:19 PM

originally posted by: Davg80
At an awards ceremony Mr DeLonge has stated that there will be a big announcement regarding aliens in the next 60 days.


The UFO field has for (at least decades) suffered from teaser announcements...

It is a method of INDIVIDUAL PROMOTION absent EVIDENCE that DISCREDITS legitimate research and researchers.

ANYONE that announces they will soon release "Evidence" should immediately be ostracized from the UFO research community.

You either have an announcement or you don't

You either have evidence to share or you don't.

The self-promoting teaser announcements are nothing less that exploitation of otherwise honest and interested people and discredits legitmate researchers.
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posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: djz3ro

You are spiritual being in a material body. Do a bit of research on abductions and Jesus, Crowley's Lam. Parsons and Hubbard. You think extraterrestrials have conquered space travel and struggle with genetics? They're sadistic abductions are based in spirit not genetics.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 12:39 PM
I will not hold my breath

I am sick of all these announcements that come to nothing. I like tom, and i hope i am proved wrong this tine.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 01:09 PM
a reply to: schuyler

Speaking about Cargo Cults

The craft

The Cause of religion,
of a being that is outside of this Planet
Something started it!

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 01:10 PM

originally posted by: reldra
a reply to: Davg80

I certainly hope it is true. I was happy with his AMA here. He is at least working on this.

hey dont hold your breath. I predict you will be none the wiser after his announcement, if he makes one at all

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 01:15 PM
a reply to: schuyler

Cargo Cults ?
one world Civilization?
the influence ?
Aliens - Dimensional beings / ET's not form this earth ?
or just plain Trade Route Travelers
spreading Knowledge and Similar Artwork ?
in a 3 thousand year Span ?

or a 3rd Party( Advance Humans ( like Atlantis ) / Aliens / Entities ( Dimensional ) / Angels

Spreading knowledge/religion around the World ?

The Structure



Central America



posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 01:18 PM
It must be really hard to be a government top-secret someone.

One day, after work, you sit on a glass of beer with a cool guy, a musician in a band, like the one that once, when you were young, you dreamed to become yourself. You’re having great time, feeling young again, open up, and let your teen-self, the other one that loved to watch the old Star Track series, dreaming to become an astronaut right after you became bored of being a rock-star… And feeling young and free, you start to speculate wildly on that glass of beer: “Hey, what if there were aliens once here!? What if all those Greek myths and legends are actually tales of aliens…”

Which BANG!, immediately translates into the cool-musician’s mind as: “Wow, a gov top-secret whistleblower just told me that the old Greek myths are real stories about aliens. I should write a book about this. I should make a BIG announcement!”

Damn, and you’re back into your boring top-secret self only to find out you just got older with another year. While the cool rock-star guy gets again all the fun, the book, the “BIG” announcement, the interviews… Yeah, it must be very sad to be just a government top-secret somebody.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 02:09 PM

originally posted by: KansasGirl
The IDH: The Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis is so far beyond the comfortable explanation of the Universe we have concocted for ourselves that the Think Tank studies would be correct. We couldn’t handle it

originally posted by: schuyler

This is ridiculous. We couldn't handle it? What are we gonna do? Really? You think there will be pandemonium in the streets? No. This isn't the year 1142. We are already handling everything else that has been thrown at us, aren't we? Fabricated wars, manipulated economies, "threats" from every which way, etc. At least if we ALL knew this oh-so-scary truth, we could have more minds working on it than the sociopathic few at the top, and start making our OWN decisions about our world instead of these sociopaths making them for us.

There's always someone who will argue a short paragraph on one issue after three large posts attempting to find some consensus and context. The fact is that the IDH is the most disturbing of all hypotheses related to the issue. The reason is because t does not match our collective view of reality. It is far different. We can handle the idea of aliens from space. It's part of our collective mindset of expectations. OF COURSE there are alien civilizations out there. The only issue is the time it takes to traverse the vast distances of space. And that is a big deal. Ask Einstein. Making up Warp Drive does not change that. As new ideas such as a holographic universe begin to take hold and find a foundation in mathematics, we may see a change in this attitude. Quantum Entanglement has to be explained somehow. But we're not there yet. We just see some hints. And of we can prove FTL travel is possible and common, that will vault the ETH into the lead again.

The IDH, however, is quite strange. We simply DO NOT have a scientific grounding for how that could be possible. That doesn't mean it isn't true, of course, but we have no scientific infrastructure to explain it and no, String Theory does not cut it. Those "dimensions" are quite tiny, close to the Planck Constant. We certainly have religious traditions that speak of other dimensions such as Heaven and Hell, but being by nature religious, these ideas are not expected to have a basis in scientific reality. But if the IDH is true, it follows that we have a fundamental misunderstanding of Reality. We've got it all wrong. Our entire concept of the nature of the Universe is wrong. It means that the entire Scientific Revolution from the Renaissance forward is built on a house of cards that has missed the most important issues. It means that "Rational Science" is wrong.

And the implications are staggering. If there are multiple dimensions with inhabitants who understand the real issues and can traverse these dimensions at will, if they are literally right beside us and can invade our space at will, if they treat us as farm animals and abduct us without even considering what we think of as our inviolate rights ("We have every right," said one of the aliens to Whitley Strieber when he brought up the issue.) then not only is our science completely bogus and superficial, but our entire moral and ethical system is open to question. How can we take the high moral road when beings as advanced as these creatures dismiss it with a sneer? If that is our Reality, then the entire idea is an existential threat to our entire civilization. It's not "ridiculous" at all. Your superficial analysis is. And the Think Tanks such as the Rand Corporation which have actually studied the issue, have come to the same conclusion. It's not just a opinion based on hubris; they show their work (not that we're privy to it.) And what they have said is, "This could be really bad!" And here you are after a half-second's reflection proclaiming that isn't true? That's not a credible position to take. It's just superficial hubris.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 02:59 PM
Thank you Springer for bringing this topic back down to earth so to speak.
I'm really surprised at how jaded people are at this subject and Tom. After all this is ATS and this is the UFO forum.
What Tom has done and what he is saying rings true in the back of my mind. But so have bits and pieces of of many researchers on this topic. Putting this jigsaw together takes time if only to grasp the implications and magnitude of this disclosure.
For example,The (g)ods of Ancient Greece exist. Let that sink in for a moment. Wouldn't that alone be paradigm shifting and just a little hard to fathom, process, and sink in? Personally, I'm giving Tom a guarded pass right now. Exciting times friends.
of a reply to: Springer

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 03:33 PM

originally posted by: ignorant_ape
a reply to: Davg80

why is it always " big announcement coming SOOOON "

just make the dammed anouncment

Seriously.... It's always some future disclosure or leaked information that will be mind blowing. Last guy I read about, who had wild claims, was coorey goode. He said there was not point to providing hard evidence because a future disclosure event was happening really soon.

Now it's been a year and nothing has happending. O wait.. stuff HAS happend. Coorey Goode is apart of gaia tv (along with david wilcock) and is taking up advertising spots for youtube, ATS, and i'm sure many other venues.

Anyway, hopefully tom delonge is the real deal and not just making claims to sell his material.

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 03:53 PM
If you know extraterrestrials visit earth, why do you need a person to tell you so? Ufology is weird?

posted on Mar, 13 2017 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: reldra
a reply to: Davg80

I certainly hope it is true. I was happy with his AMA here. He is at least working on this.

You read the AMA and was happy with it? Here I thought we only disagreed on politics but again we're polar opposites of what a good AMA looks like too. He was awful, vague, and quite honestly came across as a buffoon.

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