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Police no longer need probable cause

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posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 01:09 PM
As far as I know they've been doing this for quite sometime and they only problem I have is the fact that their going after pot peddlers selling a product rather then the real bad guys stealing your money, your car etc.

If all cops were like Mr. blue I don't think anyone would have much problem with cops in general. Although I the comment about a 50k vehical at 3AM in the wrongs side of town smells a bit, the fact is it is an indicator that something is amis & I fully understand that form of profiling. Of course a cool cop would just check it out & if all looked okay I don't think he would detain the people for very long. Anyone who can afford a nice vehical usually doesn't hang out in nasty places unless that's all they know. Thus you either have someone who is lost, a stolen vehical, or someone visiting their past. So without even considering someone buying something they can't buy in their neighborhood 2/3 of the time something is wrong with that picture and I course I would expect a good cop to check them out.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 05:48 AM
blueknight: When my house was broken into it took the cops to hours to respond. When my car was broken into the cop asked me what did I expect them to do. I told them to take a report and he acted like I was wasting his time. I was pulled over once because the cop said I was out late and that made me appear suspicious. I told him that I work late and he went back to his car, 10 minutes late 2 other cop cars pulled up. They all talked for about 5 minutes and then he gave me a ticket for my front light being out. He basically wasted my time. Cops act like there are rules for how late you can drive your car. Another time a cop pulled me over because I was driving down my own damn ally, he also claimed I appeared suspicious. He looked in my car and asked me where I got my stereo, I was like wtf? I am sick of cops hurrasing people. It is getting to the point where people feel threatened. I don't hate all cops but the majority I have come across have been complete jerks. I work in a different county than the one I live in and the cops there have been very fair and polite (knock on wood), I don't know why the cops in my area are suck dicks.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 06:06 AM
Lazarus, that was a freakin' hilarious post! I know it was about a serious subject, but me and my wife laughed our butts off! You rock, ever think of bein' a cop? We could use a few people like you.

As far as your question, I can't speak to that. I live in Nebraska which is "formally" conservative and anti-criminal, but do some research of Nebraska news articles on the net and you will soon see that this crazy state is run by "closet liberals" who favor criminals' rights over the rights of the victim. I sure wish we had the Make My Day law here, it would save taxpayers millions on Public Pretenders and the victims would get some satisfaction.

I am giving up way too much here, but I am originally from Wyoming and they have a very simple system of laws compared to Nebraska: "Mess with me or my sh** and I will F*** you up! I sure miss that attitude and am seriously thinking of moving back there (or even Oklahoma-anywhere with some values left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) PEACE.................

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 06:24 AM
I'm sorry I strayed there for a minute. Sageice and Outsider: I did not mean to ignore you or disrespect you, I just got side-tracked. I think I said this before and I cannot speak to every situation nor speak for every cop, but for myself I always try to treat people the same as I would expect to be treated. Maybe I am a freak of nature because I do really care about peoples' problems...........maybe we should start a whole new thread on this...................I really do honestly care about people and I would do my job for free if I could find a way to pay my bills. I am honestly sorry that any of you have been disrespected or abused by bad cops, but I can honestly say that most of us are genuine real people who are trying to protect you and yours from the bad guys. There's too much to say here, I'm gonna start a whole new thread on this..........but please hear me out before you use one bad cop experience to judge all cops.............peace, and keep your hands where I can see them! Ha! Ha!

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 11:16 AM
Blueknight, why is it you recommend citizens give up their rights and allow cops to search their car when ever asked? Rights are rights and unless people want to set a precendent for losing those rights they should NEVER give them up. i think it is pitifully stupid to say "sure search my car" reguardless of possible wrong doing (more so if you are doing wrong as is too often the case on the "COPS" show)

hypothetical situation for the cops out there:

i get pulled over for some minor infraction. cop requests permission to search the car. i tell them "Not without a warrent". What happens here?

A. they detain me until other units show up (perhaps dog as in article) and a cause can be "manufactured" because saying no now makes me appear suspicious.
B. most cops would be fine with me telling them no and let me proceed on my way.
C. something other????

somehow i have a real problem accepting anyone giving an 'honest' answer of 'B'. in fact i have a better chance of believing that i have the next 6 winning "super lotto" tickets in my pocket than a cop, ALMOST any cop, accepting someone telling them no in such a situation. (let me point out at this point i am related to numerous cops- on both sides of my family and inlaws- also pending academy training for a VOLUNTEER cop myself- on my off duty military time) nothing seems to get their dander up as fast as denying them something. Hope it isn't a catching desease

second question:

how long is a reasonable "detention" after a traffic stop? At what point: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc do i have the right as a citizen to say that the traffic stop has gone on too long and the cop should hand me my ticket and let me on my way, place me formally under arrest, or face a possible suit for unlawful arrest?? (someone would have to be dumber than a box of rocks to take longer than 5 minutes to fill out a traffic citation)

Granted cops are people too but as a whole group (with the exception of fighter pilots and maybe Marines) i have never met a group of people so filled with themselves . . . . . . . or ANY group of people more prone to the corruption of power. How many cops do you know obey the speed limit? (that i feel that speed limits should be banned anyway because they are just another form of 'selective' taxation is another issue and does not affect that it IS a law in place) do you think they (cops) would ever be concerned about getting a ticket? how about if even at at fault in a traffic accident? i think not- that professional curtesy (as they call it) is another thing i have issues with. Is the reason they have for ignoring speed limits and more important than the citizens they are supposed to be 'policing'? Cops should be busting on each other harder than the civilains- what poor examples they make of integrity. "do as i say, not as i do" should be the new motto for the police forces (AS A STEREOTYPE) not the long held "to protect and serve"

i probably won't be too popular with the regular cops should i make it through the academy in the Spring (probably not too likely if my views are konwn)- i have an overly strong sense of integrity (for todays day and age) and there will not be any preferentail treatment- nor do i expect to have issues with a citizen exercising their rights.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 01:51 PM
I wouldn't have a problem giving up a few rights here and there, if all officers were like Blueknight, but the problem is, all are not.

scary scenario: seat belt checks become impromtu drug war tools...

the force needs more good properly motivated people like the people on this board... but most wouldn't consider cop as a career choice, why not?
the police don't make what they should... in fact, every time a budget increase was given in Oklahoma, the increase went to putting more police on the road, instead of increasing wages so that we could encourage more good people to take those jobs...

when you hire more police for less money, you increase your chance for more "bad ones".

And i did the research on the "make my day" law... the important thing about shooting thiefs, is that they have to be IN YOUR HOUSE... so be sure to clean kill, a wounded one might stumble out the door, and then there are all kinds of questions... so be sure to drag the body back in...
j/k or am i? BWAhhhahahahah

[edit on 5-2-2005 by LazarusTheLong]

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 03:22 PM

Originally posted by blueknight
I always try to treat people the same as I would expect to be treated. Maybe I am a freak of nature because I do really care about peoples' problems...........maybe we should start a whole new thread on this...................I really do honestly care about people and I would do my job for free if I could find a way to pay my bills. I am honestly sorry that any of you have been disrespected or abused by bad cops,

i think you may be a freak of nature, if you walk the talk.
my grandfather was the single most influential person to me, archetypically speaking. he was a staff sargeant when he retired. if all cops were of this breed, we wouldn't need laws to be written down. the heart knows right from wrong.
he told me that in detroit, the cops used a different code when a black person was shot then when a white was shot, so that the responding officers and the ambulance could take their time, or not show up at all. a different CODE! and that was way back in the fifties, sixties and seventies. institutionalised racial hatred.

i personally have had only two incidents with cops. the first one was on a public street. the officer demanded my i.d., i refused, he tried to intimidate me into showing it(he was like six foot five and humourless), i kept refusing only because i KNEW he had no probable cause. if i were less informed about what a cop can and cannot legally do, i would have been tagged like a rogue animal(for walking on a street). he told me, if i didn't live on this street, i wasn't allowed to walk on it.

the next incident, three cops came onto private property. they told me they had a warrant(which they did). i asked to see it. that's all. i just asked to see a warrant. with my voice. i didn't move a muscle. they tackled me, threw me to the ground, and had right arm pretzeled around my chest, pinned under my body. the cop on my left, had my right index finger in his hand, and was trying to break it at ninety degrees to the knuckle's swivel direction. think of it. i have my left arm behind my back, and my right arm underneath me with the hand coming out my left side. the cop has both feet braced on the ground, and is pulling up as hard as he can on one finger(i have very strong fingers apparently, haha!).
i was perfectly willing to go with them. i didn't want to resist. i twisted my body quickly, shooting my right hand out around the sadist on my left's ankle, tripping him and then quickly put my hands behind my back so i could be cuffed. once again, i was more than willing to go along without a fight. i just wanted to see the warrant. i thought it was my right(i still think it is, HAHA!). they put the cuffs on so tight that my nerves were damaged, and i had no feeling in half my hands for the next year. the finger has never fully recovered. i am innocent of any crime.

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