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Egypt & Israel- Strange bedfellows-The pen vs. the sword irony.

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posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 01:06 AM
There can be no escaping Israel’s importance to Egypt when reading the Old Testament. From the perspective of this poster, it seems rather evident that Israel’s fame and acclaim not only comes to us via the most comprehensive record of history of any nation, but by same which is also the most contiguous source of belief in a sole omnipotent being. This is no mere feat, for without the diligence its scribes took in recording its mythological and fictional history, it is doubtful that either Christianity or Islam would be present today. I recognize that some are quite willing to call this divine intervention, but I do not hold that belief, as the facts do not support same. For 400 years, Israelites were a more focused people when it came to papyri preservation of their trials and tribulations than any other civilization, who unlike them, allowed the wealth of their history to escape preservation.

It cannot be denied from their own evidence that the nation of Israel holds a special bond with Egypt. From Abraham to the last days of Malachi, the people of Israel were magnetically drawn to Egypt, yet they intensely disliked much about the nation. This is because there is no greater instinctual drive than to go home, and to go home to fix that which you believe to be wrong doctrine. Without Egypt however there would be no Israel, and that fact holds true to this day.

I have proffered elsewhere that the Genesis creation is a revised version of Egypt’s past, explicitly designed for the purpose of divorcing a monotheistic belief from that of a polytheistic culture, and I am quite satisfied that in forming that opinion, I have satisfied due diligence. Yet, there has been a question nagging at me, which would be; why the silence of same in the world of anthropology, archaeology, theology and especially the Muslem and more specifically, Egyptian authorities?

The question I asked myself was compound, but while I already knew that for any authority to expose the polytheistic myths behind the Bible to the world, havoc would ensue. The difficult analysis then eventually led to the measuring the very odd relationship between the more heavily armed Israel and firstly Egypt, then Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Lebanon. The answer was complicated but makes much sense. The papyri is mightier than the sword. That pen if it begins to write would unseat Israel and relegate it to third world country status; invalidate every word between Gen.1:1 and Rev.22:21; bankrupt the three major religious corporations; bring governments to their knees, and render all those who are morally and intellectually dependant on the Bible, cripple.

Mother earth in Egypt has parted with many secrets within the last 100 years. It is the one country of utmost importance to historical archaeology, for Egyptian, Judaic and Christian historical information. We know that no evidence anywhere has been produced to prove the Judaic claims of the miracles of a monotheistic God, but we do know certain facts:

Jews could not stay away from Egypt;
Joseph a Jew, was grand vizier over all of Egypt during Egyptian rule and a polytheist Egypt;
Joseph’s sons were half Egyptian, where both received acclaim as leaders, one founded the Israelites.
Throughout the OT, high priests had difficulty deprogramming Jews from idolatry, obviously because the Jews could not part with centuries, even millennia of doctrine;
Saul married into Egyptian families, and his successor held the name of Eshbaal,as did Gideon with Jerubbaal, though assigned as his taking same for defeat, which makes no sense.
Moses was raised an Egyptian prince and his story bears a remarkable resemblance to that of an Egyptian god.
And interestingly enough, the doctrine accorded Jesus reverses exactly that which the OT struggles to achieve, and reinstitutes the Egyptian belief in the resurrection and eternal life.

Then there is that conspiracy theory relative to Howard Carter, Alfred Rothschild and the contents of Tutankamun's tomb.

Israel after all of these years of finally holding more military might, can do absolutely nothing against Egypt’s pen. Such irony!

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 02:30 AM
Interesting post.

I think that religious dogma is still too strong to expose fallacies of religions in mass media, hence the silence from official authorities. Too many people depend and rely on this dogma.

None of the 3 major world religions has introduced brand new ideas, all stories can be found in earlier religions and mythology. You can connect Old Testament with Egypt, but then connect that with even older Gilgamesh story.
Depending on your own faith (or lack of it), one can see this as proof of continuous revelation of One God to all nations through time or as proof that newer religions simply copied old stories and gave Gods new names.

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