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Manuscript for life

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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 03:01 PM
A simple guide to the ‘experience’ of life

- Life is an experience.
- In order to complete the experience, the host must expire. Sooner or later, each and every host expires.

The Experience:
– Your experience will be shared by a collective of numerous other hosts who are also partaking in ‘life’ whilst also being immersed in a fully intangible, interactive environment; the conditions through which your experience will be dictated.

General Rules:
– There are no rules.

I got little bored earlier and had set myself a small intellectual task which was to create a short, philosophical manuscript for life.

The rules which I determined were as indicated: Create a philosophical narrative for life in the most simplified context whilst also revealing enough information to create a manuscript. The context has to be universal hence the term ‘experience’.

(I had originally used the term ‘game’ instead of ‘experience’ but I would guess that the concept of gaming would not be universally known as compared to the concept of ‘experiencing’.

You are constantly experiencing. Even if you’re sat in a room doing nothing, you are still experiencing doing nothing.)

Would absolutely love to see other ‘users’
concepts based on these guidelines so feel free to share your own!

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 03:09 PM

You are constantly experiencing. Even if you’re sat in a room doing nothing, you are still experiencing doing nothing

I like this part.. because it's true..

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: EsotericGod

Spot on, basically what I tell people is my opinion on the " meaning of life " when asked.

Because if you think about it, that's one of a very very few variables that we all share in common that could also be useful after it happens.

Our experiences are the only thing really that aren't easily imagined or simulated, that is also part of a larger dataset.

If our universe acts like a computer, we're the datasets for it's analytical program of existence.

Seems more and more that we really are part of a simulation.


For all we know, we all volunteered to be apart of this rad new simulation about " hell on earth " or " negativity unleashed ".

Imagine if this is true and all the things you've done that could possibly be made fun of for... Forget that dream of being nekkid in class and forgetting homework...
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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 05:20 PM
I will give you the manuscript for Life in my next book. "Life: A Preparation for Death".

Look out for it coming soon!

posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 07:41 PM
What is the most obvious thing about yourself in this moment from your own perspective? Light! You see an image of light as you read this.

You are an image of light that reveals the world around you. We are all the same in that respect, images of light clothed in a body living out this human experience.

Follow the light and you will never walk in darkness. The light will never be extinguished from a collective viewpoint.

Light is the most fundamental form of energy, energy can be neither created nor destroyed meaning it is eternal. You see the eternal light right now, you just have to realize it.
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posted on Mar, 7 2017 @ 08:08 PM
Ooooh! I saw this one in a veerrry bad movie.

Live, die, repeat.

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