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Baal's Caff

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posted on Mar, 4 2017 @ 09:28 AM
Baal’s Caff

He was an emissary of the enemy. He could personally address the audience of the Dark Prince. He was confined to a nexus of the physical realm,that had the glamour of an ornate restaurant.

It was an upscale restaurant named Baal’s Caff. It was in a second tier city of a developed nation. It was relatively inconspicuous.

“The greatest feat of the ------- was convincing people he didn’t exist.”

The face was modern, mod, even slightly futuristic. There was a reception area where mortals could enter. The interior looked as if it were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

There was unfinished brick, and stainless steel, and glass partitions. Upstairs there was an Administrative suite of offices. There were several dining halls. There was a large Kitchen area with walk in freezers. To the utmost anterior of the Kitchen was a Furnace room. This is where the Enemy could manifest on the physical plane. That is where the
emissary would meet and greet him.

The emissary had direct access to the Enemy. He would often watch him manifest. He would appear as a male humanoid form, bathed in flames. The Enemy would speak to him directly.

The history of the Dark Lord is rife with politics. The position of the emissary was constantly contingent on him carrying out the orders of the Enemy to the very best of his prodigious abilities.

Because of politics, at some point, the emissary fell from favor. He knew this when one
high acolyte told him the Dark Prince wished an audience…While another high acolyte told him the Dark Lord did not need to address him. But acolytes and emissaries seek to please their Dark Lord… So the emissary indeed
sought an audience.

But.. The Enemy told the emissary that he had no need to speak to him. Than was when the emissary knew for sure that he has fallen from favor.

As he retraced his passage back through the Kitchen, he saw that the chief acolyte of the Kitchen area had been replaced…

The new Chief said; “There are going to be some changes around here.”

Then the emissary grew very fearful. He went to the offices of the Administrating area…

As a subject of the Principality of Baal’s Caff, he was eternally confined to the physical spaces of that environ, only… He could not enter the outside world.

But, now the emissary sought escape! He wishes to be a roving psychon; a soul that was
not born human… on the outside physical world…

To seek escape, he called upon Izrael…

He clutched an ornate, brown leather scared tome…

He verbally and reverently beseeched the presence of Izrael…

Izrael… Which in the most ancient eternal tongue means; “Help from God.”
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