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The Battle Over Evoulution (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:58 PM
Many science teachers today just do not teach Darwin's theory of the evolution of animals. Teachers are encouraged by school principals to ignore evolution and if it is taught students may be exempted from class discussions. Some themseleves are creationists and avoid the subject in class.Not only are biologists feeling the pressure of intelligent design theorists geologists and physicists are having their theories questioned.
When urbane Americans heard about the Kansas school board decision, they dismissed it as the last gasp of a familiar evangelical type from the 1940s: poor, rural and uneducated. In fact, many neo-creationists resemble the Smiths: college-educated, upwardly mobile, living in prosperous suburbs of America's fastest-growing cities.

Evangelicals today are an almost exact cross section of America: 42 percent live in suburbs, and more than a third are college-educated and earn more than $50,000 a year.

Life in upscale suburbia hasn't eroded their faith, as many sociologists predicted it would. Instead, it's produced a kind of culture shock, often hardening their beliefs. These days, religious epiphanies are sparked by what was supposed to cure them: too much "progress" in schools, too many malls and too much politics.

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I believe that God should be kept in your house and your church, temple,synagogue, or mosque. The first schools, such as the Academy, which was estabilished by Plato, were founded on reason and logic. Evolution teaches children that an opinion based not on fact, but blind devotion overcomes years of research and devotion by scientists. If we allow creation to be taught in our schools we are taking a step back, we are dragging ourselves away from progress. And progress has always been what succesful societies and civilizations have been based on.

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