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We live on as Pure Energy after DEATH Part II

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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 12:48 PM
Moving forward to December 2011 my wife gets the call from Hospice at 5:00am on a Saturday morning. Her dad has passed and we have to go down to claim his belongings. Donna, my wife’s sister in law meets us and we then all go to my deceased father in laws house later that morning. Before we go into the house Donna begins waving her hands and saying “everyone get out”. Since I never saw her exhibit weird behavior she said she does that to get the spirits out of the house. I said OK and drop it in confusion and we go inside. Once inside we decide to have lunch and I begin to feel the crazy energy inside the upper portion of my stomach. I ask Donna if she feels it and she said yes. I asked her to describe it and she says it feels like crazy energy. It’s coming and going from inside my body at that point. My wife is experiencing nothing. Donna then said that the energy is Jim, my wife’s deceased father and that he’s confused and doesn’t know where he is. Donna also said that he hasn’t crossed over yet. It continued for almost an hour. Then it stopped. Even though I attended Jim's wake, funeral and remodeled his home for over two months I never felt his [crazy] energy again. I have felt the crazy energy several times while in several homes during an Estate sale but nothing since we moved over 1000 miles from our place of birth.

All of the people described in this story are all University educated professionals. All of us have worked in large publicly traded corporations in senior management. We are not religious zealots nor do I spend my time looking for flying saucers on the street corner at night although I do believe that other civilizations must exist on other plants.

I do believe that we live on as energy after our death based on the above experiences. If one wishes to describe what I felt as a spirit then so be it. I have no idea whether there is a higher being but I do not discount it.

That crazy energy that I experienced only began after I had a stroke may possibly be considered a gift. Regardless of what anyone thinks about what I have written I know what I experienced and it’s now what I believe; that we live on after death but as pure invisible energy. While in the hospitals

I was told by several Neurosurgeons who had no knowledge of the others and what they said to me that I should have died. Possibly I have been sent back to add my two cents of hope beyond this world.

Thanks for reading and your time.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 12:58 PM
Thanks for the story.
I wonder what happens to this "white energy" when it settle ?
And how does "energy" see, think or feel without a brain, eyes and nerves ?

I guess I will find out at some point

Anyway, S&F

And R.I.P Jim

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:08 PM
Please post your thoughts in this thread about the same topic.

Thread closed.

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