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Fake Sweden expert on Fox News – has criminal convictions in US, no connection to Swedish security

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posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: infolurker

That video offers nothing new, same old statements about 'no-go' areas (denied by the police who supposedly invented them) and increase in rapes.

This website claims that sex offences have gone down:

In 2015, a total of 18,100 sex offences were reported; this is an 11 per cent decrease as compared with 2014. The number of rapes reported to police decreased by 12 per cent to 5,920 between 2014 and 2015. Reported offences regarding sexual molestation and sexual coercion, exploitation etc. also decreased to 8,840 (-8 %) and 1,430 (-6 %) respectively. The decrease seen in these types of offences was in turn preceeded by a rise in 2014. This can in part be explained by a number of cases that included a great many connected offences relating to rape, sexual molestation, sexual cohersion and exploitation.

The 1,428% rise in rapes is due to the 2005 legislature change that dramatically broadened the legal definition of rape to include many more acts that previously would have been sexual exploitation. Ask Julian Assange. It also to includes every individual committed offence (so one person accusing someone of 300 offences, would go down as 300 separate rapes - in other country it would be one case). Surely if this was down to asylum seekers you would see similar astronomical rises in other countries.

Is this type of hyperbole helpful? Sweden has clearly not handled asylum well - segregation has caused many problems and that is a government fault rather than anything else. The 1980s race riots of the UK were exactly the same issue.
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posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 09:44 AM
Nils Bildt, according to the news paper Dagens Nyheter, was earlier known as Nils Tolling. He emigrated from Sweden to USA in 1994 and changed his last name to Bildt in 2003.
Swedish authorities have never heard of him before his appearance on Fox's "The O’Reilly Factor".

A few words from the former Swedish PM Carl Bildt.
The truth about refugees in Sweden

If anyone is interested, you can also visit BRÅ's (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) site (I've taken the liberty to link to the English site) for information, instead of cutting, pasting and linking to obscure websites.......
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posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 09:47 AM

originally posted by: RomeByFire
FOX news is part of the MSM.

The MSM is bought and paid for, propaganda, and is "fake news."

FOX, is not fake news.

CNN, and everyone else, are fake news.

This is Trumpster logic.
That's what I am getting. It has went from "The MSM as a whole are a bunch of liars and owned by six corporations," which I agree, to "No, no, no, only CNN and MSNBC are liars."

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: BobbyRock

I forgot to link my quote.. must be tired. But it comes from that website.

If anyone is interested, you can also visit BRÅ's (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) site (I've taken the liberty to link to the English site) for information, instead of cutting, pasting and linking to obscure websites.......

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posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 10:49 AM
a reply to: WUNK22
a reply to: infolurker

I speak Swedish and I think I have decent knowledge of that country. A lot of that stuff is exaggerated but I actually agree with you. As I wrote in OP they have problems and I think they need to cool it with immigration from places like the middle east. I think a lot of people are naive about this issue and I'm not saying the liberal media there doesn't have a slant.

Having said that I don't believe in the alt-right either, or bullcrap like this. You know what makes the west better than theocracies and banana republics? We keep our cool and have some standards, we try to understand the world as it is and not as we wish it would be or whatever. Well, I can't speak for everyone but that's what I feel.

Again, I'm with you on the immigration issue. It's risky when peoples start migrating around, just look what happened when Rome fell. But that doesn't mean I won't call it out when I see crap like this. People are loosing their minds, everyone is so hysterical they willing say or believe anything that happens to support their side. I'm not liking this

As for the paper leaning to the left, pretty much true. Probably all of Sweden's MSM is on the left compared to the US version.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 10:53 AM
a reply to: twfau

I wasn't pointing any fingers at anyone, sorry if my post gave that impression...

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 11:29 AM

originally posted by: WUNK22
It seems the link provided is a little biased themselves. It looks like a hit piece written by a very left leaning news source. All media is pushing an aggressive campaign, left and right. If the Muslim population is peaceful id suggest a vacation to Egypt?a reply to: Cutepants

This isn't the first time FOX has been busted bringing on fake "experts" to push their agenda. But what else can be expected from a "news service" that went to court for the right to lie to the public.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: Cutepants

FOX news doesn't care. This guy is probably friends with the 'NoGoZones Guy'.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: Cutepants
THANK you! Finally someone gets it right. Basically we have endless "all or nothing" beliefs being pushed, either literally-every-muslim-in-europe is coming to rape you by the dumbass alt-right, or nothings-wrong-sweep-this under the rug by the naive alt-left. The truth is its not some warzone going on, but there actually are some migrants committing crimes.

Most of the migrant crimes were committed by Somalis, Afghanis, very poor nations with no education system. But the extreme right wingers keep pushing "it's the Syrians", who actually had a first world country and education system. Fyfaen! It's just being pressed as a political leverage. My city got over a hundred Syrian refugees and most of them were children.

Let me correct you on that, all of Scandinavia is left compared to the US, not just the MSM.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: Meldionne1

Fox is always getting "scammed". The problem is that they have zero vetting for most of their "experts". I am sure the rest of the US MSM are as bad, but Fox seems to get caught the most.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: Cutepants

So just who DO YOU BELIEVE?

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 03:29 PM
As I wrote in another thread.
Your media is making things out to be way worse than what it really is, here in Sweden, yes I was born and live here!

Yes, increase in crimes, fights, sexual assaults and riots have increased.
I wasnt naive about it, some Swedes might have been. But it is not as bad as ya'lls media makes it out to be.

Swedish people, including me wants these immigrants who commit hianous or severe crimes to be deported, but Sweden is a cowards country, the officials don't want to do it. So there's where the real anger from Swedes layes.

Middle easterna culture is very different from swedish stiff reserved culture and some swedish people are not used to the vast difference between the cultures, and religion.

Fights have been provoked by swedish people against refugees too, due to the lack of understanding of the culture and religion. Provoking too. Hate crimes too. (we don't hear about that huh).

Sweden is not used to it. And to be honest, we have taken in alot and there are refugees who are not even from Syria or those refugee countries who have snucked in. Refugees claiming to be kids but are really 20-30 yrs old.

But Sweden is NOT on a brink of collapse.
The people just want stricter rules towards refugees. And there's where the real anger lays since the government doesn't wanna do anything about it.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 03:57 PM
Fox never has been, and never will be "your friend". Don't take any of them at their word.

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: RomeByFire
OR maybe there is a 140 character limit in tweets and Donald just couldn't fit FOX in the tweet? How do you know he doesn't truly believe they're fake news too?

posted on Feb, 26 2017 @ 10:07 PM
a reply to: Cutepants

Fox News + Fake expert = Fake News.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: Ridhya
Thanks! I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I absolutely can't get on board with the alt-right even though I disagree with the left about some things. And you're right, all of Scandinavia is left compared to US. I just wish we had more reasonable people talking about the problems with immigration.

a reply to: reldra
Yeah, some of you have critized Fox I admit I agree with that. I don't have a lot of trust for that company and maybe I was too diplomatic in my OP. I'm sure they at least realized Bildt was shady, if they didn't actively create the thing.

I mean, think about... No way Fox would have trusted him if they thought he was a real Swedish government official, lol.

And thanks to the rest of you. I won't answer everyone so I don't start repeating myself, but you all seemed to come in good faith.
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posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 07:24 AM
Concerning rapes the Israelis reported and others too that Swedish rapes increased more than 4000% since the 1970s and the Israelis were happy to report that the increase coincided with the Swedish Mass Immigration starting by then.

Its ridiculous to say that Sweden is a safe place and the no-go zones are for real and the Police does nothing to implement the law in those places. The police cars are usually destroyed when they go there.

What else is there to expect when you bring in millions of new citizens, mostly from the middle east? I have nothing against them but facts are facts. Swedish people are fearful but kindhearted and they don´t protest like other countries. Thats why crime is soaring and the police turns a blind eye and the legal system doesnt take care of the bad guys either.

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 07:55 AM
Its crazy to watch people come here to argue over which turd is worse.

Its media. All media. They all lie. They've all be caught pulling this nonsense. Im more surprised that anyone else is surprised.

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