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Jump the stairs

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posted on Feb, 20 2017 @ 07:11 PM

There was once a man, he enjoyed walking stairs, he enjoyed it so much that he looked for everywhere for a unique stairway to walk.
To all four corner of the globe he searched and searched, and found a lovely stairway made of 33 steps, he walked it, but it felt empty.
It was made of lovely ornaments, but looking down at the stairway he saw soulless creatures trying to make their way up all the 33 stairs, most of these hideous creatures could never jump from the 32nd stair to the 33rd, the more they tried the more grotesque their appearance became.

Well,lets gets back to the man, he jumped all the way up to the 72nd stair, and the surprise was not how he made it, but the motive was simply to get away from the hideous grotesque creatures lurking around at the 32nd stair.

The End.
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posted on Feb, 20 2017 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: tikbalang

There's peace on the stairway to heaven.

I wonder if the man was happy after he made it to #72?

What a sad and lonely journey he took.

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