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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 07:11 AM
im just gonna tell you about a little incident that happened a short while ago in the summer that brought a smile to my face,
Me and my friend were surfing of the algarve coast in portugal and whilst we were waiting for the next set of waves he turned to me and said how nice it was that we were sat there looking back at our planet and without causing any harm or pollution we were harnessing the natural power of the surf to have fun,reaping a great reward from mother nature without causing any disturbance in her balance.
now before any one says anything about the pollution caused in the manufacturing process of our boards,wetsuits,wax,leashes etc,etc....i already know that but i still thought it was nice that the whole feeling felt like it was in a balance with mother earth and not only that you cant be taxed for surfing waves.......well not yet anyway.


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