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The Shed 14

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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: crappiekat

But - here is the original, by the song's writer - Andy Stewart! (Wait for his ELVIS impersonation near the end!!!)

It's draughty in here?? LOL

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:26 PM
Hears music. Is that Pippin? Looks around for a hobbit.

Hello everyone! Loved the pics and chit chat!

Cranes are cool birds! Loved the funny pic of them with their nests and the Siamese kitty kittens!

Gordi, that's not exactly the avatar I had in mind. LOL

Lag, good to see you again Hun!

Hiya Kitty Kat and whoever is around and peeking in. I wish people would show up and not just lurk.

Another shout out to our mighty dragon guardian Syx and to our sweet Little B who have been through back surgeries.
Wishing you well my friends!

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hullo Mayor Night Star!

Has anyone heard about Syx or LB, how they are doing? As someone who lives with chronic back pain, I have sympathy for what they're going through.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: Gordi The Drummer

Oh I loved that. He makes it much more of a fun song. pretty good Scotish

Hi Night

It is quiet around here without our mighty dragon and friends?

What are you up to today?

I went and ran some errands and now I am organizing my recipes. I'm in spring cleaning mode.

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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:54 PM
Hi Shep, I heard from someone that Syx was fine. Little B, I'm waiting to hear more on. I too have chronic back pain from spinal stenosis and other back problems along with other health problems. Sucks! Hope you are doing well today!

Hi Kitty Kat! Not up to anything special today. Might get some laundry done later and clean the turtle tank. Right now, I'm going to have some lunch. I won't be into any Spring cleaning until I start keeping windows open and the weather improves. I think I'm still in hibernation mode. Did you find any good recipes??
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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 01:56 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd

Hi Shep.

What are you up to today?

I'll be popping in and out thru the day.

I think I'm making pizza for tonite.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: Night Star
I'm doing well today. Have a lot yet to accomplish tonight, but it's pizza night on the prairie so it's all good.

I don't have to deal with stenosis - yet. I suspect it's in my future, though. Grandmother had it, mother has it. My issues stem from a nearly-head-on collision when I was 19. 1 bulged disc in my neck and 3 in my lower back. They will likely degenerate as I age. It's the biggest reason I exercise - weightlifting in particular - to keep those muscles strong and stabilize the region.

a reply to: crappiekat

Well hello, Ms. Kat. What am I up to? erm...fighting off a certain amount of "work reluctance." And staring at a Javascript unit test that is returning a promise object which is causing problems because my function is expecting an actual result. If you followed that, then I could use some help if you have a minute...?

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:13 PM
Shep, It was after I got hit by a minivan that I started with the nerve damage in my legs. Made my back worse too. I guess, we should both be happy we're still alive.

So it's pizza tonight for Kat and Shep? I'll probably make tacos and some American chop suey that we can heat up for the following days.
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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd


Well I did ask.

I see from above your having pizza tonite also.

Delivery or .....


I found the recipe for the dough. I think that's what made me think of pizza. Heck it's friday. 1/2 of America is having pizza. lol

I haven't had asian food for a while. I'll have to see what I got.
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posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: crappiekat

At one time my Husband practically lived on pizza. I like trying different kinds now, like pizza with gaot cheese , spinch and tomatoes, or chicken broccoli which I didn't think I'd like, but it was so good. Hawaiian pizza is good too, oh and mushroom!

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: Night Star
Interesting. The guy that hit my friend & I was also driving a minivan. In his defense, it was freezing rain out and he slid through a red light. I don't usually suffer sciatica but occasionally I will during a flare-up. Right now, my biggest issue is that the disc in my neck is impinging the nerve root going down my arm. Weightlifting taxes a couple of muscles that I tore in the past, and that's giving me the most pain.

Alright, enough scar stories. I agree - I'm happy I'm alive and in the Shed.

Speaking of, I should post another episode. Muwahahaha!

a reply to: crappiekat
Yes, you did ask. I never know if someone speaks Nerd or not, so I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:33 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Italian sausage, pepperoni, reggiano parmesan and asiago cheeses, red onions, and kalamata olives. Yum.

ETA: OH! And sun-dried tomatoes!!
edit on 3-3-2017 by PrairieShepherd because: Duh, can't forget the sun-dried tomatoes

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:43 PM
Link to all my story posts in Sheds 11, 12 and 13
(Shed 14) Page 6 - The Cipher
(Shed 14) Page 20 - Kaena Returns
(Shed 14) Page 29 - As Good as a Death Sentence
(Shed 14) Page 32 - A Vow by the Lake
(Shed 14) Page 38 - A Bottle of Ink
(Shed 14) Page 41 - Kaena's Mistake
(Shed 14) Page 54 - A Command Performance
(Shed 14) Page 55 - A Cautious Offer

Today's episode: The Water Drummer

The only lights came from the end where Master Boklanak stood, an array of different drums in front of him. The drums were each suspended above a large vessel – apparently filled with differing levels of water, giving each drum a different tone – hanging from a metal frame and attached with leather thongs.

Master Boklanak began pounding the drums with heavy wooden mallets as thick as a woman’s wrist. The piece built in volume and two other performers walked ritually up to either side of the master, their movements choreographed to match the rhythm of Master Boklanak’s performance.

The first piece was majestic and loud, incorporating just the three drummers. The big water drums resonated at different levels, reverberating from the walls and seemed to surround them all with sound. For a time, Gaalen lost himself in the music, closing his eyes and concentrating on his hearing.

After a brief pause, the second piece began with two additional performers using an assortment of other percussive instruments – cymbals large and small, different wood instruments that produced varying tones, and an instrument that looked like a row of polished bone which actually produced distinct pitches. This second piece was extremely complex, and the choreography of the performers equally intricate and with astounding precision.

The third piece was quiet and delicate, just the Master with one conservatively costumed dancer flitting around him as he played several of the instruments with a virtuoso skill.

The fourth piece started fast, with a driving rhythm and seven drummers. Dancers flowed in from both sides, and a shocked murmur rose from the edges of the audience. The dancers wore next to nothing – the women a diaphanous shawl and nothing else, and the men, just a loin cloth. Gaalen looked around, trying not to gawk. He caught Seeress Meron, who was sitting stock still, her mouth slightly open and a flush rising in her cheeks. She looked over at him, and when their eyes connected, the one corner of her mouth twitched. Gaalen fought the sudden urge to laugh out loud, and he could see a grin blooming on Seeress Meron’s lips. She raised a white-gloved hand to her mouth to cover it, but the twinkle in her eyes betrayed her. Time stretched as they shared silent laughter.

They finally turned their attention back to the performers, each smiling ever so slightly. There were horns now, dissonant braying calls that clashed with the piece.

Gaalen frowned – those horns were not inside the Shield Hall, they were outside. He looked over toward the far end of the row where Bryn, Taarvaes, and Kaena sat. They had heard it too – they were alarm horns. Gaalen started to stand, and Seeress Meron gave him a surprised look. Then the room exploded in chaos.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd

Oh yes, love sun dried tomatoes! Love the other things you mentioned too, except the onions. I'll use onions in recipes but not on pizza and I hate raw onions. Gag! LOL

Go ahead and write your story Hun. I have things to do, but I will be back.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd

ooooh, exciting!!!! Ok, I have to run now. Good story entry Shep!!

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 04:45 PM
Hi everybody!

I've got a lot on my mind, and have been trying to be "up & peppy" but I'm not.

I didn't want to bring my mood into The Shed so I've been lurking and reading the contest stories (and trying to encourage the new writers). Now I feel like I was rude for not popping in, and should have at least said, "Good Morning".
Instead I will say, "Have a great evening" and I hope everyone is doing/feeling well.


posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: jacygirl

I just popped in to say goodnight.

[[[[jacy]]]] hunny... I'm so sorry but a wee virtual hug is just about all I can offer as I stumble off to my bed.
You've been through so much. I know how draining things can be.
You'll be in my thoughts.

Take care of YOU.


posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 06:54 PM
jacy, you look stunning tonight! Wow, awesome new avatar!!!!
I'm glad you at least stopped in, even though you are feeling down. You can come here and collect your hugs and love. You can then proceed to the living room and curl up on the couch by the fire while the resident pixies wait on you and bring you whatever you desire. I wonder if they would set up a dinner for me with your Prime Minister? I mean it would be so neighborly and all.

Goodnight Sir Gordi! Sweet dreams!

Now where is everyone else?????????? You people like driving me crazy wondering where you are don't you? Oh I get it, we're playing hide and seek. After an exhausting search, Night wanders off to the koi pond and garden, sits gazing at the beautiful fish and listening to the colorful song birds.

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 06:57 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Hya night star! did you hear? I am joining the writing contest. Wish me luck!

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 07:05 PM
I forgot to tell everbody, probably because I was utterly devastated

That job I was supposed to get awhile back, the one I was overjoyed about and proclaiming to you all my complete happiness?

Well I texted the boss a heartfelt thank you since it was such a big deal to my family.

His response was something like, "Sorry GoShredAK (cause that is my actual name
) but the guy who was leaving decided to stay".............

I was bummed to say the least.....I took like a day and a half to finally tell my wife.....that was not a fun convo let me tell you.

That has a lot to do with me being so distant from the shed....I was going through a depressive type phase......Ideally I want to be here every morning and night like some of you guys........

Well..........many days later, here we are today, I just returned from a job interview that I am pretty sure I rocked at, I just may be a workin man again soon.......God I pray so...........the shred family needs this........I have banished all the monkeys that used to live on my back so It feels like I am starting a new chapter in life...........
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