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The Shed 14

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 11:01 AM
Gordi, LOL!

Shep, Hello! Glad you made an entry too!

Jess, thanks for fixing the story!

We will need to be making an entry in Tom's timeline as well. There is to be a wedding! I doubt I'll have time today, but maybe tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good day. It's raining here.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 11:18 AM
a reply to: Night Star
OMGosh Night thank you for reminding me!!!!!!

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 12:04 PM
Hey Shedfolk - going to have to run to lunch here in a few minutes. In the meantime, I've added some more episodes to Falling - this pretty much covers Gaalen and the cipher, as well as Kaena's return from training maneuvers. These episodes are posted in Shed 14, so I'm getting closer to the new stuff. Two more days and we'll be caught up in the new thread, then I have some completely new episodes to post!

If you are interested in reading these, you can use the link in my signature line, or follow this:
Falling: An Epic Fantasy

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 12:16 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd
So next week we start with the new entries? Woohoo!!!!!

Hope you have a good day Shep!

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: Martin75

Oh I won't make you wait that long Admin. I'll post the entries for the Water Drummer's command performance tomorrow, then Siere and Gaalen and the girl who was assaulted on Thursday. So on Friday there should be a brand new shiny never-before-posted episode for you to read.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd
Heck yeah!

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: Martin75

LOL - nice.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 03:53 PM
Continued from Martin75's Addition
"So... if this stuff reverses magic... it will remove magic from the wizards, pixies etc but will add magic to the normal folks... as Troll might say... this NOT GOOD!"
Gordi turned as he heard a distant ROAR! It sounded like:

and it was coming from the direction of the village...

Sammy and Sally squirrel had grown to be over 6 foot tall.
This upsets Sally so much, that she wished she had a nut to calm her down.
The tree beside her begins to produce nuts non-stop.
Soon a mountain of nuts is created.
Which falls into an avalanche rolling towards the village.

Jacy drinks from the pond and REGAINS her magical powers. Thinks to herself,
"First thing I'm gonna do is conjure up my elfie-sister!"
A single drop of "something" splashed Gordi's face as he turned to see Jacy flicking the magical water from her lips...
He suddenly felt a strange rumbling which started in his toes and rapidly shot up both legs... through his tummy and chest, and ended up as a weird sparkly tingly sensation in his head!!
He glanced down at the ground which seemed to be rushing up towards him, then noticed all around him EVERYTHING GETTING BIGGER!!! HUGELY bigger!!!!
He forlornly reached out to try and grab hold of someone... something... ANYTHING!!!! But it was too late.
The blades of grass were now towering above his head, and there... off in the distance... what seemed like MILES away, he saw a GIANT rainbow coloured Troll stomping towards him...

Marty watched the scenes around her; people were growing, people were shrinking, and Troll has sparkles. Marty picks Gordi up before Troll squishes him under his shoe.

Well looky here what I have, a pint size Gordi”
Gordi hops around in Marty’s hand trying to get someone’s attention.
We must stop this before something happens that cannot be undone!”
Marty sticks Gordi on one of her pigtails and tells him to hang on.
” I think we need to find the Good Witch. Maybe she will know what we need to do to fix this.”

Gordi hung on for dear life as it suddenly dawned on him what had just happened...
He took a huge deep breath and SHOUTED with ALL of HIS tiny MIGHT!!!!

"STOP! Ask the Pixies about the Antedote!!! ASK THE PIXIES!!!! stop... !!"
But it was no use, amongst all of the hubub and commotion Marty just couldn't hear him, so he shook his tiny head, closed his little eyes and clung on as tight as his teeny hands could manage!

PrairieShepherd felt strange. His shepherd's staff - both comfort and protection, and a focus for his power - always felt slightly warm to the touch. The ancient oak, with its grain smoothed to a polish by decades of use, was not an object of power, but it served to focus Shepherd's power. Except now, as he stood with Visaera on his shoulder, the staff felt cold. It was just a dead stick. Shepherd felt cold inside, small, as if he was suddenly and completely alone. An irrational panic started in his chest, and he stamped it down.

But he was confused - he hadn't been hit by any of the sprinkles or drops like the others. He reached up to Visaera.

"Can you climb off for a moment, Visaera Ellente?" Shepherd rumbled, holding his hand up to her. She stepped onto his upturned palm, just as he noticed sparkling rainbow-colored dust on his skin near the callouses and deep creases.

"Wait don't!!" But it was too late. Her tiny bare foot stepped squarely in a tiny patch of rainbow-colored glitter.

Suddenly, she became much, MUCH heavier. Struggling, he knelt and set his hand on the ground as Visaera seemed to faint and fall backward. He caught her with his other hand as she grew in size. In moments, a human woman with wavy red hair and wide open eyes the color of new spring leaves lay in his hands, convulsing and shaking.

"Visaera?!?" Shepherd exclaimed.

She grabbed his wool cloak with her delicate hands, gasping for breath.

"Shepherd!" she cried in a musical, desperate voice. "What's -- happening -- to me?!?"
Suddenly, Night Star the Elf,, Pesky the pixie, Hugo the winged wildcat, Storm the dragon and Wolf, the wolf, all appeared back in the right time line with her other Shed friends.
"How did we get back here?" asked night.
Pesky shrugged her tiny shoulders. "I think it had something to do with Jacy using her magic to bring us back." Night found Marty and a very tiny Gordi holding on for dear life to her pigtail. She saw giant squirrels and a glittering troll and wingless Pegasus as well as other strange things.
"Pesky, reverse this magic! Do something!" Pesky shook her head. I can't, I'm not the one who messed with the magic in the first place. You need the help of the white witch for this one I'm afraid. I don't think it was the pixies who are responsible, they're just being blamed. Pesky flew over to Marty's shoulder to get a better look at Gordi and busted out laughing.


Marty had forgotten all about Gordi riding on her pig tails. As Night and her magical companions suddenly appear in the forest Marty runs over to give them a hug and try to explain all the craziness that is taking place.
We must find the Good Witch, Night. We have all kinds of problems and they seem to be spreading! I'm afraid to touch anything or even look at something too long right now.
Marty placed Gordi in the pouch of Nightstar’s hood.
Here Pesky, keep up with him. We can’t lose him!”

"So where do we find this Good Witch? Wait, is that Gordi?" asked Shepherd as he walked up cradling a slender, unconscious, red-haired woman in a silvery-green dress, his staff strapped to his back.

One of the other pixies, in a red dress with tiny red-and-white striped stockings - flitted over to Shepherd.
"What did you do to Visaera?" she demanded in a piping little voice, complete with a finger wagging at his face.

"Me? I didn't do - " Shepherd hesitated and she gave him a stern hands-on-hips kind of look. "Well, OK, it was an accident!" he replied defensively. "Ease up. How are we supposed to find this Good Witch?" he addressed the rest of the group. "I'm completely useless. I've lost my magic, so I can't open any portals, otherwise I could probably get at least a few of us wherever she is."
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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 06:06 PM
Hello everyone.
I'm glad to see the orange story is back.
I'll add to it soon.
In the meantime I had an idea for a story so I've been busy writing.
It's sort of a stand alone tale that's not part of the collaboration story I started back on
page 136.
But it does take place immediately before it.
So I hope you enjoy and maybe laugh at this longer than i intended tale I call,

The Three Errollorres

Errollorre, Aria and Troll the troll walked through the great forest of Acassia.
They were at last returning from their adventures in time and going to meet old friends again at the magical place known as the Shed.

“Not much longer now.” said Errollorre. “I figure we are only about ten miles away.”
“Oh I’m so anxious to see my friends.” said Aria. “I’m tempted to leave you two behind and go on ahead.”
‘Well you could easily do that.” said Errollorre. “Your wings are working again. You are a fully functional flying elf.”
“We ‘ve been through so much together.” said Aria. “I think it only right that we arrive at the Shed together.”

Suddenly the three travelers froze as they heard a loud growling sound.
Troll never showed concern for the many strange and dangerous creatures he encountered in the forest.
But now he seemed uncharacteristically nervous.
“Big cat.” said Troll as he looked around quickly.

Before anyone could speak or move again a black tiger, taller than a large horse, leapt out from behind some brush and crouched before them.
It’s red eyes squinted menacingly at them as it let out a deep, low growl.
It inched it’s way slowly towards the trio and was prepared to pounce at any moment.

Errollorre reached for his sword.
“No Errollorre.” whispered Aria. “Please don’t kill it. Use your staff. Don’t you remember some enchantment that will send it way?”
Errollorre pushed his sword back into its sheath.
“My memories of enchantments are not clear but I’ll try something.” said Errollorre.

Errollorre raised his staff with two hands and slammed it into the ground.
“Claritas!” yelled Errollorre.
A bright almost blinding light burst forth from the top of Errollorres staff.
The huge black tiger was startled and jumped back.
But it quickly recovered and began to crouch forward preparing again to pounce.

“That didn't work very well.” said Errollorre.
“Can’t you just send it away?” asked Aria.
“Maybe.” said Errollorre. “I could try to open a portal and send it somewhere.”
“Stupid man do thing fast.” said Troll. “Big cat going to jump.”

Errollorre searched his hazy memory for the correct enchantment.
“I hope this is the right one.” said Errollorre.
Errollorre raised his hand with his wizard staff in his right hand.
“Tempus cuniculum!” yelled Errollorre.
Large circles of light came forth from the wizard's staff.
They grew in size and went around the black tiger like a tunnel.
Then there was a large flash of light.
When the effects of the blinding flash left the eyes of Errollorre, Aria and Troll they could see that the black tiger was gone.

“It worked.” said Aria. “You did it.”
“I’ll say he did it.” said a voice from behind Errollorre, Aria and Troll.

The trio turned to see the originator of the voice.
It was a barefoot man in a fuzzy bathrobe and wearing a colander on his head.
It was the wizard Carl.

Errollorre and the wizard Carl looked at each other.
“You!” they both said.
“You can take that colander off your head.” said Errollorre. “I know who we are.”
“Oh so you know.” said the wizard.

The wizard Carl removed the colander from his head and as if a fog melted away, from his head to his feet his true appearance emerged.
He looked exactly like Errollorre only an older version.

“Oh I’m so glad to see you.” said Aria. “But I’m not sure what to call you. Should I call you Carl or Errollorre?”
“Call me Carl to avoid confusion.” said the wizard.
“Carl or Errollorre it dosen’t matter.” said Aria. “I know who you really are and what you are sacrificing for us.”

Aria ran over and kissed Carl.
“Oh no.” said Errollorre. “You’re not going to start kissing him again.”
“Don’t be silly Errollorre.” said Aria. “You know when I kiss him I’m really kissing you from another time stream.”
“I know it but it gives me the creeps. It looks like you're kissing my dad.”

“You’re dad?” yelled Carl. “I didn’t realise until now what a complete idiot I used to be.”
“Used to be?” said Errollorre. “It looks like you never got any wiser with age.”
“Well apparently” said the Carl. “I misjudged your ability to remember what you already know.”
“That’s what you think.” said Errollorre. “I’ll have you know I remembered how to create a portal to send a giant black tiger away from us.”
“Oh that explains it.” said Carl. “You created a rip in time and space. I don’t know where your tiger ended up but you are in the past with me.”

“The past?” said Aria. “Oh no, not again!”
“I swear.” said Carl. “Whatever possessed me to give you that staff I don’t know. It’s like I gave a drunk monkey a loaded crossbow.”

“Oh Carl.” said Aria. “Everything works out perfect.”
“Don’t tell me.” said Carl. “I can’t know the future. Things have to progress the way the are supposed to naturally. I’m going to have to compensate for what I’ve seen already.”
Carl turned to look at Troll.
“For instance, I see I’ve taken up hanging out with trolls.”

“Troll never like stupid wizard.’ said Troll. “But Troll like stupid man. But stupid wizard and stupid man are the same stupid thing. Troll’s head hurt doing think.”

“Look” said Carl. “You can’t stay here. You’ll have to come with me back to my house. I’ll figure out a way to send you back to your own time. But first I have to do something. And I’ve got to get to it right now. So stay here. No matter what you see or hear, do not interfere. Understand?”

Errollorre, Aria and Troll agreed and watched the wizard Carl put the colander back on his head.
He immediately appeared to be wearing a fuzzy bathrobe and was going barefoot.

He raised his hands, mumbled some words, and what looked like a small tornado appeared around him and lifted him up and over the trees.

Errollorre, Aria and Troll ran over and peeked through the treeline to see where Carl was going.
They saw a man trying and failing to fight a group of ogres.
“I remember this!” said Errollorre. “That man fighting the ogres, that’s me!”

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 06:06 PM

The wizard Carl aimed his tornado at the ogres and sent them flying off in all directions.
He then stepped out of the dissipating whirlwind and walked over to the barely conscious Errollorre.
After the wounded Errollorre passed out the wizard Carl turned to the trees behind him.

“Alright you can come out now. I know you’re watching all this.” said the wizard.
Errollorre and Aria stepped out from behind the trees.
Troll suddenly burst through the trees chasing an ogre.

“Where is he going?” asked Carl.
“Troll started talking about how he loves smashing ogres.” said Errollorre. “Then one ran past and off he went.”
“Aria are your wings working?” ask Carl.
“Yes.” said Aria.
“Good.” said Carl. “Fly up over the trees and see if you can spot Troll.”

Aria fluttered her wings and rose up over the trees.
“I see him!” yelled Aria.
“Good.” said Carl. “Now look to the east. Do you see that shack by the stream?”
“Yes.” said Aria.
“Good.” said Carl. “Go get Troll and lead him back there. That’s where we are going.”

Aria flew off after Troll.
“Now.” said Carl to Errollorre. “You grab his legs and I’ll hold him under his shoulders. We’re going to have to carry him back to my place.”
“Wait.” said Errollorre. “I vaguely remember you taking me back to your place in a whirlwind.”
“Thanks.” said Carl. “Now would you please stop telling me about my time stream. I’ll remember to put that false memory in your mind before you wake up.”
“But why can’t you carry us all back in a whirlwind?” asked Errollorre.
“Because there is three of us here and we are all the same person at different point in time! You idiot” said Carl.
“That requires a whole lot more enchanting than I can do right now.”

Errollorre and Carl carried the unconscious Errollorre a mile and a half through the thick forest.
They arrived at Carl’s cabin just as Troll approached it from the forest and Aria landed down gently by the front door.

“Aria, open the door.” said Carl. “Just set him down on the floor inside.”
“The floor?” asked Errollorre as the passed through the doorway. “Why not on a bed or chair?”

Then Errollorre saw something that made him let go of the unconscious Errollorre and sent him crashing to the ground.
Aria and Troll entered the cabin and gasped.
There lying sprawled out on the floor was an unconscious Hugo the winged wildcat, Storm the dragon and Wolf, the wolf.
Sleeping on a chair was Night Star!

“What in the world?!! Yelled Aria.
“Careful!” said Carl. “You’re going to step on Pesky!”
Aria looked down to the floor and saw Pesky the pixie sleeping there, with the doormat as a large blanket.
“She looked cold.” said Carl.

“What in the world is the going on here?” asked Errollorre. “What are these people doing here?”
“Careful.” said Carl. “You almost knocked over that jar on the table. Aria is in there.”
“What!!!” screamed Aria.
Aria ran over and looked in the large jar.
“That is me in there!” said Aria. “In my ghost form!”
“Yeah.” said Carl. “It was hard to find something that could contain a ghost. But that jar that Martin had worked just fine. It must have something to do with the blue goo on the bottom”
“Martin??!!” said Aria. “Martin is here too!”
“Oh yeah.” said Carl. “She’s on the kitchen floor near the coffee pot.”

“Explain this now!” said Errollorre.
“It’s like this.” said Carl. “I went to the cave in Acassia to check the portal that leads from the volcano here to there. When I got there much to my surprise, it was full of everyone you see here. Well they’re seeing me at that time would have messed up the planned time stream. So I did some quick enchantments that knocked them all out. Well almost all of them. It took a little effort to enchant a ghost. And that pixie was talking and yelling so much that there wasn’t enough oxygen in her for my enchantment to work right away.

“Well what are they doing here?” yelled Errollorre.
“I had to bring them here where I have some special potions that will erase their memories of this event. Then I have to carefully place them back at the right moments in the time stream. They’ll never know any of this happened and they won’t remember seeing me.”

“You better get them back soon.” said Errollorre. “My past self will be waking up. I don’t remember seeing everyone here.”
“I know I know.” said Carl. “You all can help me get them back. Troll open that big bottle behind you and Aria there is a small one on the shelf near you. Open that for me please.”

Aria and Troll opened the two containers and smoke poured out that caused them both to fall unconscious.
“What did you do?” asked Errollorre.
“I’m sorry Errollorre.” said Carl. “It will be easier for me to perform the necessary enhancements to send everyone back if they are out of the way. When you get back to your time you will have our memory of all this. It would be best if you never mention it to anyone.
“I understand.” said Errollorre.
“Good.” said Carl. “Now hand me that bowl of powder.”

Errollorre picked up a small bowl containing red powder.
Suddenly he felt dizzy. Then he passed out.

When Errollorre next blinked his eyes he was walking through the forest of Acassia.
“There it is!” said Aria. “Oh Errollorre, we made it to the Shed at last.”
“Yes.” said Errollorre. “And we sure have some tales to tell.”
“But not all of them.” He thought.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: Martin75
Uhh Martin, Marc Brousssard is one amazing unrecognized artist. I found him some thirteen years ago, he performed this piece when he was but a baby of twenty two.

His voice is ear velvet, and his lyrics aren't to bad either. Rather eclectic.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence
WIS - I LOVE that song. And am so glad my basement doesn't have windows. LOL I can't sit still when I hear it. I turn on the surround sound and it's like it honestly enter your veins!
Oh, [[[HUGS]]] sweetie, LOL. Sorry, got excited.

a reply to: Errollorre
OMG that was absolutely perfect!!!! And just in time!
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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:37 PM

originally posted by: kaelci

*Waves to Zee Peoples of Zee Shedlands*

And waves to you Down Under where the sun always shines. Wink.

And I am very muchly looking forward to next Sunday when I reach the start of the next decade of my life

Uhh, so April 9th. you will be entering the "Plus" years, that's how I counted them post thirty. Thirty plus, Forty plus, Ancient plus, etc.

and will celebrate such occasion with vast amounts of bourbon. (and ATS, because I don't socialise with those creatures known as "people" when they're in their true, physical, form)

Are you eluding to kegs of bourbon? What a shame we can't share physically being the only people you wish to share with.
I could handle a few toasts to your perpetual youth.

At the end of last year I mentioned that I was going to start collecting gemstones.

I recall that. Do you gather them from your environment? My knowledge of Australian geology is less than limited.
Do you collect them for their metaphysical properties?

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posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 07:45 PM
a reply to: Martin75
This is silly girly trivia so every one who could be offended just look the other way.
Martin I have a whole CD with just that song, I play it with head phones to achieve maximum satisfaction, quality I meant quality. Sound Quality.
Disclaimer. It has absolutely nothing in common with the superb deep tone vibrations of a masculine voice. Nothing.
" Believe Me". Yes , there is an innuendo in there.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 08:04 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

A Barry White fan huh !?

G'day to everyone ! Have a great day ... or just make the most of it !

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: Timely
Ending out Tuesdays here as you begin your Wednesday. LOL, so neat and yet so very strange. Hope you have a great day!!!!

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 08:26 PM
Thank You both for the new additions.
Implementing our Shed characters and time warping is a challenge.

From my side of the Shed shore.
Tomorrow I will be taking my beloved Fred to the vet. He has lost weight and stamina at an accelerating rate the past three weeks. Fred is a cat person. The only thing that separates him from Homo "not so wise", is spoken language. His vocal cords can't pronounce words intelligible to "us".
But he can say "I Love You" in more ways than any human I have ever known.
He is in the range of sixteen, nineteen years old. As a rescue it is hard to tell age.
He will stay with me as long as he is comfortable.
Just recently he walked with us, climbed on our shoulders to ride, raced up trees. He welcomed every one who entered the house.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

Hullo WIS

With the gemstones I've been collecting, I'd loooove to be able to roam around and hunt for them myself! Unfortunately, not very feasible where I am. Although, Australia is a vast land of treasures. We have gold, diamonds, opals, emeralds, sapphires, (towns named after said gemstones because they were found in abundance in those areas), the atlantisite is apparently only found in Tasmania, to knowledge so far, and was only discovered the past 100 years. One of the things I was tempted to do a few years ago was to purchase land specifically for a mining claim. But alas, I'm a bit too pov for that yet. Retirement plan maybe? I wonder if I could use my superannuation for that! Hehe.

For now though, there is a shop based in Melbourne that has an online selection of gemstones. I don't just buy though, I wait for one to reeeeally catch my eye, which is what happened with the atlantisite. I was looking for moonstone at the time and I saw this lime-green and purple thing and had to investigate. The amethyst and aventurine were from a store in India, but I would rather buy in-country.

I also do select for metaphysical properties. I have a howlite necklace that I specifically chose for its properties, to decrease stress/anxiety/senseless-anger... the green aventurine is said to bring luck and wealth, amethyst for calmness, balance, peace. Reducing impatience. (The latter not exactly working at the moment, but in all fairness, I feel less impatient than I normally would. I think. I'm a lot more centred than I used to be, that's for sure.)

Rambling aside...
Yes! The 9th of April! Syx is a 9th too. Double birthday! Although, I doooo live in the future. Just means we can all celebrate for two days as opposed to one.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 08:37 PM

originally posted by: Timely

A Barry White fan huh !?

Oh my thank you, so many voices to listen to out there, I vaguely recall him in the vast chambers of my mind.

G'day to everyone ! Have a great day ... or just make the most of it !

Thank you, I will make an effort to do both.
You enjoy yourself too.

posted on Apr, 4 2017 @ 09:38 PM
So good to see more story entries! Great writing Shep and Tom!

Sooooo achy and tired right now.

Hello Wis! Music is good for the soul, like a fine piece of art.

Hello again Martin!

Hello Timely! Waves frantically from across the pond.

Kaelci, you and Syx need a double extra special Birthday party!

On my Birthday, another member will be celebrating an ATS Anniversary.

Ok, need to get comfy and relax. Think I need a couple of Tylenol. OW!

Love you all!

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