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* Michael Webb's trip to Area 51 *

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posted on Aug, 20 2002 @ 04:48 PM
Some of you were wondering what happened to "that guy who went to Area 51"...first he wants this known:

"Just make it clear that I am not involved anymore with going to those kind of places, and that I have lost the passion for these kinds of things. I think that is important to get across."

Then you can read on....

"Hello, thanks for your intrest in my trip to the top secret U.S. military base know to the public as Area 51.
Yes, I did plan and go to Area 51. Well, I should say tried to get into Area 51. I and 3 other people I was with, one a local DJ for a radio station, who when we started to get close, went live on the air - in case something happened to us. We drove past the warning signs, and started down the dirt road towards the facility, which was still a couple of miles away. We were watching for anything strange, helicopters, 'black' jeeps, things of that nature. All we saw was dirt, mountains, and honestly besides the signs, nothing human. That is, until we stopped for a moment at the 'Final Warning - deadly force can be used, etc ' sign. We were reading it, and taking pictures, and the DJ was reporting back to the radio station live on the air, ( and acting as if this was a stunt, and being quite a jacka** at that, but I arranged to have this as a emergency back up in case something happened - all the radio listeners could hear it then ) when and I know this sounds absurd, out of the blue 4 jeeps started to drive up the road towards us. I really started to get nervous, but remember we were tresspassing, but *still* before the 'Final warning, deadly force can be used, etc' sign. And add to the fact I had large US flags all over our truck, 4 video cams going ( 1 with a hidden recorder under the truck! ) I was thinking ok, they won't just shoot us.
We all got out of the truck to meet the jeeps, with our hands clear, so no mistake could be made that we have weapons or something. I was trying to tell the DJ to calm the hell down, because he was acting like a complete fool, making a joke out of it on the air. Well the jeeps drove up, and from a quick glance, 12 men got out of them, and some drew their guns on us, when I decided to yell out - We are NOT armed - and we are on live radio - do not shoot.
Well they still covered us with the guns ( I should say rifles, these were not pistols the street cops of NYC carry ) some of them came over and pushed us up on our truck, and checked us for weapons I guess. Then the guy in charge came over and asked just what the hell were we doing there, and if we saw the warning signs overhead. About this time a helicopter flew overhead, and every minute or so circled around the site. No, it was not totally black lol, but the show of force from out of nowhere was pretty intense. I explained to them that we just wanted to see Area 51, take some pictures, some video, and end the absurd tales that we have heard for years about the site. He said that is not allowed, so I said I am a full US citizen ( this is what I planned to do all along ) and that I had the right to see what part of my tax dollars go to protect. He said no, ( and these guys were pretty 'bland' they hardly expressed any emotion , it was very eerie in fact ) that no one can enter because of national security, unless they have the proper paperwork. So I ( looking back , stupidly so ) asked where can I obtain the paperwork, and the man in charge told me that I will never get into the base, and that I was lucky not to be shot.
At this point I realized we were not going to get in and said 'Ok, we will go as peacefully as we came, is that ok officer'. What he said next chills me to this day - he said ' I am not an officer, do not call me that'. I decided not to ask what he was

Well he said we can go, after they inspect our truck for certain items. I decided to say ok, since well, honestly I had no choice. At this point things go downhill, because the DJ and his friend brought along equipment so they could go live on the radio, and refused to let them inspect it unless they provided a warrant ( A totall idiotic statement )
So the guy in charge went up in his face, and basically told him that he did not need a warrant, and that the truck *was* going to be searched. Well now we hit the bottom, because the DJ decides now is the time to break back to live Radio, and this really messed up what was going on. Once the guy in charge realized that live radio was on, he said that we are not leaving right now, and that we have to be dealt with according to the law. So we were handcuffed, and put into the back of the jeeps. All we were told, no matter how many times we asked, is that we were going to be transfered to the local FBI office, ( over 100 miles away! ) and that the matter would be taken care of there. I asked about my truck, and he said it is going to be siezed, and that at the FBI office they will provide more infomation. Now I was really upset, the DJ was freaking , and I know we were in alot of trouble - remember at the worst I was expecting to be turned away from the place ( and much sooner than we were! ) but now I was in handcuffs going to a FBI office with my truck siezed, and this a**hole DJ spouting off absurd comments.
I managed to look back at my truck while we were driving back down the road, and I saw one of them drive it towards the base. I was really upset, because to be honest, I am still paying for the truck lol
We arrived at the FBI office, and were questioned for hours, by a few different people. We were treated fine, nothing strange going on at all. They asked things like why did we go, who sent you, etc. I explained to them what my full intention was, all the way from the start. I guess they cross checked this with the DJ that came along, and the 2 other guys with us. We were held overnight in the local jail ( yes, the office has no cells lol ) and the next day the same agent who I met at the office and talked to the most came and took us back to the FBI office. He said we were free to go, and that my truck was returned and is waiting outside. He said that we would be very, very smart to never try that 'stunt' again, and not to believe all the hype about Area 51 , and claimed he has been there, and all it is is a research facility in the middle of the desert with a bunch of sand and rocks. ( hmm )
I said I am just thankful to have my truck back, and that I am glad to be free. Well the DJ was not as nice as I was . He really let into the agent, saying that he was mistreated by not being able to call anyone for a day, and that he is going to take this up with the government. All the agent said was ' You have the right to try' And then let us out.
We were in the parking lot of the office, and my truck looked fine! I Was thrilled, and quickly ran over to check it out. Everything was in order, and we all decided it would not be smart to check the equipment while sitting in their parking lot lol
I started to drive back towards my hotel room, but was just too curious as to what happened to the equipment if anything. So we pulled over at a gas station, and the DJ ran to a phone and called someone.( he was pissed to say the least ) I checked the cams that we had set up, and they were all there - but the tapes were not! So I decided it was worth the crawl to check under the carrage for the hidden tape - but ALL of that set up was gone. I was shocked, it was truly absurd - and like something out of X- Files or something lol
The DJ came back and was truly upset, when he found out the tapes were gone, but was happy because he said the station was recording the entire time we were there, and that he would have 'weeks of stuff we can air for the people'.
We finally got back to the hotel, where the DJ's van was, and this is where we parted. My 2 friends packed up *fast* and started home without me in their cars they were so upset with me 8(. I decided to take it slower, and take a nice bath and get something to eat, then pack up and go home the next day. I called some family of mine to let them know I was ok. At this point I was so tired, and after dinner I decided to watch some TV then go to bed early. I was just watching the tv , and noticed that some things were moved around my hotel room, but I could not remember if I moved them, if the maid moved them, etc. I was honestly feeling quite paranoid, and almost an eerie feeling. I could not wait to start home the next day.
This is when things get downright *strange* - and is the reason I am not messing around with any of this stuff ever again. Around 8:30 AM the next morning, I recieved a call from the DJ on my cell phone. He was UPSET, and said 'THERE IS NO F***ING TAPE' I said what?? I thought you were covering it live on the air??!? He said they were, but when we passed the first sign and onto the dirt road, they stopped recieved a signal, and recieved only static. I was like what!??! He said all they have is useless talk before we even got on the road to the place! He was so mad, and his boss was furious at him, and he told me if I tried this again, not to contact him with this 'sh*t'. I said fine, but asked him if he knew why the tape was stopped? He said the tape was never stopped, both ends were 'live and recording' but the signal from what they could tell at the station was 'drowned out'. I said how can that be? He said the only friggin way this ever happens is if you try to broadcast from a signal that is much much stronger than yours, and that he did not fully understand the techy side of it, but that 'they f***ed us over' and ' look at it - we have no evidence at all - no tapes, no live feed, nothing, it is as if offically we were never there! ' then hung up.
I really started to get worried, and decided it was time to vacate my hotel and go back home

It was 3 day drive back home, but I was glad to start it. I was paranoid though, I was wondering if cars were following me, etc things like that until I was in Kansas. The event really upset me , because I was out more than 3000 bucks, no evidence, nothing but memories in my brain. But thats not good enough! I wanted pictures, video, the live feed, etc. That is why I even posted my plans on abovetopsecret in the first place, so they would know tons more stuff was coming. Now I feel like a a**, and have nothing to show for it. 8(
I know one thing, ever since this event, some really strange things have been going on. I hardly ever get De Ja Vu, but since the event, I get it at least TWICE a month - and it's that really powerful kind that freaks some people out. I also am getting still to this day on occasion phone calls where no one is on the line, but the line is open, just no one is talking, its just silence. It freaks me out, and my friends do not help. One of they claim I am being 'watched' by project Echelon now. =/ Not funny =/
So honestly, I am too scared to do anything like this again, and it has even soured me on the hobby I used to love, places and things like above top secret. All I know it's damn strange for them to take 4 video cams, somehow 'drown out' a LIVE radio station that broadcast to more than half of Nevada, hold us at a FBI office, ask question after question for hours - all for what the agent said is 'just a research facility in the middle of the desert, with rocks and sand'
I know one thing - the government *really* does not want anyone to go near that place, and I am sure if we pressed it we would have been shot at worst. I look back and think we got off lucky, just to have a few tapes taken. They could have taken the entire truck for gods sake if they wanted - and who could I protest to? the NYPD? " yea, I went to Area 51, but they took my truck, can I get it back officer ? " LOL
Well, I hope this fills you in on what happened. I do not go back to Above top secret anymore, and have frankly lost the passion for things of that nature. I'm just too freaked out now. In the end, all I can say is this. I know something is going on behind the scenes - but I am not the one nor do I want to be the one to figure it out. From what I saw, to be blunt, the only way to actually get to Area 51 and film is to be like a friggin military squad and kill the security. But that's absurd, so who knows. =/
Thanks for writing me Andy, and have a nice day/night ( depending on when you read this !

- M "

- Posted by Andy

[Edited on 20-8-2002 by shockff]

posted on Aug, 20 2002 @ 05:19 PM
He made a choice to try and do something that he wasn't supposed to do. What did he expect, he read about the stories and such, did he think he would get special treatment? I think thats his problem, I would never do anything that stupid.

posted on Aug, 25 2002 @ 04:04 PM
wow ! what a trip ! hehe , maybe not such a smart trip , but a rather intresting one to say the least ! hehehe , that was really intresting in fact ! hehe , glad your ok though !

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 03:35 AM
You people have no idea on what your talking about. You have absolutely no factual accounts or details of this place. I have worked at Area 51 and believe me, you have not even gone close to what is accounted there. You reached the signs. The road on which the signs lie on isnt even the road to Area 51. They end about 50 odd miles at a dead end. Why dont u stay out of things you cant be a part of.

John Alan

posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 08:41 AM
he's lucky he didn't get shot........if you don't have clearance don't bother trying to get in there.

that was an incredibely foolish thing to attempt.


posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 09:03 AM

Originally posted by johnalan The road on which the signs lie on isnt even the road to Area 51. They end about 50 odd miles at a dead end.
Why doesn't this suprise me?

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by johnalan
You people have no idea on what your talking about. You have absolutely no factual accounts or details of this place. I have worked at Area 51 and believe me, you have not even gone close to what is accounted there. You reached the signs. The road on which the signs lie on isnt even the road to Area 51. They end about 50 odd miles at a dead end. Why dont u stay out of things you cant be a part of.

John Alan

Care to share more?


posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 10:48 AM
Ha ha you were always om public land!!!
behind the sign the is a turn and behing that turn a security gate that you cant pass. after that there is still many miles to area 51
You dient leave public land. You was not close to the base!!!! thay know your coming loong before you come to the sign and they knew you had camere befor you come to the sign and know what your was talking about. thats why they they taked you. I have been at this sign to whit a camera. I was very carfoll and they dident do eneything but whats me.

posted on Feb, 4 2005 @ 11:44 AM
Wow you worked at area 51, I just wish there was some proof for that

[edit on 4-2-2005 by Kramthenothing]

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 09:43 PM
Reall interesting is the report about the radio supression. Ive heard about it before, but wasnt sure if it was strong enough.

What he attempted maybe stupid, but necessary. The fact that citizens rights are being violated in the name of "national security" and the abuses at Area 51 must be addressed.

His account also gives useful intelligence for furture attempts. They can supress a radio transmission, but what about direct satelite feeds? Has it been tried before?

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