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Apotheosis of George Washington

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 03:28 AM
.....George our first masonic president in the lowest levels of the elite shadow government is now a visible god? If we are shown this, what are we not shown that is kept secret? The capital is where some of the highest levels of government do their work for good or evil. In the end they will still fulfill prophecy!!!!

Proof Ameicas foundation is that of moral Christianity, or more evidence of the occult and the humans that buy it. Seems to be a counterfeit religion that mixes Christianity with Eastern and middle eastern occultism...

If you click on each section you can get a close up view, notice the star's above the heads of each of the ladies? Just the star above the head of the Star Bucks logo!!!

Apotheosis of Washington

Apotheosis means elevation to divine status, or deification. George Washington has been elevated to a god. The United States capitol dome interior has an overhead painting in the "heavens." Figures in the overhead painting - an allegorical glorification of the first President - were drawn as much a 15 feet high to seem life-size from the Rotunda floor 180 feet below. The "Apotheosis of Washington" covers 4,664 square feet of concave surface. Constantino Brumidi worked the fresco in 1865. Gods and mortals mingle in the Dome's fresco heavens. These ancient gods are not part of Christianity. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and we are commanded by Him to worship only one god, Almighty God, our Father in Heaven.

I'd like to know what that banner says held between the women...I found it it says Out of many, one.
Notice the different gods surrounding Washington as if he is more important than they? Even though many of those gods have been around for thousands of years. A painting like this most likely strokes the ego of any man following in the shoes of a mason like George Washington!

Meaning of apotheosis....

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