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A cold dark room full of children

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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 03:53 PM
The shadowy figure entered a cold and dark room, the air was filled with a sweet smell that only rotten corpses can offer.. The shadowy figure closed his eyes and went straight down to Hades.

He let the spirits enter his body, he wanted to hear the stories that followed..
The shadowy figure heard the pleads for help and the screams of torture by monsters who wanted to connect to their inner spirits.. They killed little children..

The shadowy figure, raged with madness, his eyes turned red once more and his Crimson armor burned like never before.. He roared in the deep, and the ground cracked... He couldn't keep in the monster..

Once above yet again, his red flaming sword screamed;"I will leave no ashes.. " He saw the faces of those who are in places.. And the first one he encountered he said;" This is my dominion " and pierced the red flaming sword through a guilty body..

Now the rest will follow

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