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Study finds that EVERY vaccine tested contained cancer causing "debris".

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posted on Feb, 17 2017 @ 04:59 AM

originally posted by: ClovenSky
a reply to: namelesss
...Now it is getting to the point where you can read their underlying ACTIONS, not words, like an open book.

Do not expect anything, and, if all is well, we can be pleasantly surprised, at times! Haha...
And 'unpleasantly surprised' at other times...

I think if I could corrupt more people into disbelieving our government, we the people would start to hold these elected officials accountable for their actions.

'Belief' is insanity!
But we are not 'rational', humans are emotionally driven, needs guided, easily manipulated (unless you host no 'beliefs').
For some, Trump is parallel with momma's titty and all that cuddly warmth and security!
How do we logically argue someone from momma's tit?
We humans just need to heal, for the poisons to all come to the surface (just look around) and heal in the light of day!

Again, my apologies.

Please, no apologies, ever!
It is not as if we have any 'choice' in these things!
Peace and Love! *__-

posted on Feb, 17 2017 @ 05:14 AM

originally posted by: muzzleflash
a reply to: FredT

But how exactly do things like "lead, tungsten, gold, and chromium" get into it?
I would think they'd have tighter controls on keeping contaminants out.
(For example the practices taken while creating microchips)

These aren't exactly the types of elements that are floating around in the air are they?

There's gotta be a logical explanation right?

How tight are the controls?

posted on Feb, 17 2017 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: mrthumpy

How tight are the controls?

slacker than the church of sub-genius

posted on Mar, 3 2017 @ 04:01 AM
a reply to: gladtobehere

All this time, many of us have stated that vaccines are bad news, and now this? Can't wait to hear the excuses from the deniers now.

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