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A Dream That Came True

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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 12:27 PM
I dreamed that somebody close to me would die and 14 days later it happened.

On the night of the dream I had, I had just got back from a funeral who happened to be my Aunt that passed away.

The dream seemed to have took place during and after the funeral of that same Aunt or at least that was the impression I got. Somewhere along the way after I left the funeral I ended up beating someone really badly and would visibly see that I left a hole inside their forehead. Remember this because I think that was symbolic in a very profound way.

Eventually the cops were looking for me while I was with my Mom and saw that they called her asking if she knew where I was or what had happened. She replied saying she didn't know anything about it as her way of protecting me. Eventually the cops got me and charged me with an Assault charge which landed me in jail for 18 months. I say 18 months because I heard it out loud audibly in the dream like a sense.

Over the course of 18 month my time in jail went by like flashes and then next thing I know I was out. My Mom waiting for me when I got out and when I finally got to her, I got into a car and the first thing I asked her was "Where's Dad?" And she replied that he had died.

I got out of the car and screamed out to the sky in complete anger and frustration. I then woke up.

14 days later, he had died. He was 60 years old.

A few days prior to his death he told me he wasn't feeling well and at one point he even stayed in bed a whole day. He was also coughing a lot.

When he told me he just wasn't feeling well, I just assumed maybe he had come down with the flu since it was flu season and didn't think much of it.

And now that is time I cannot take back, constantly wishing I had told him to go to the Hospital. This will stay with me for a long time to come and I believe they call it the 3rd stage of grief - Bargaining.

I feel that the dream also gave me a hint of how he would die in a symbolic way. Remember when I said how I left a hole in someone's forehead after beating them up badly? Well as it turns out, he had died from an ulcer burst so you can imagine my surprise when I looked it up and saw an image that looked a lot like the hole I left it that persons forehead.

Another symbolic message was that the way my 18 months flashed through quickly could have just as easily represent days and not months. After all, why did my dream specifically say 18 months? It's not a coincidence that he died 14 days after I had the dream only 4 days short of 18.

I've looked it up and it turns out that people have dreamed of their loved ones dying before it happens.

So if you ever have a dream of someone very close to you dying and all of a sudden they are not feeling well - - Take them to the Hospital. I can assure you this is something you do not want to live with in regret.

Thanks for reading.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: TheProphetMark

I can speculate here, that you have had a Deja-vu flash in your dream, and probably you were dreaming in a dream. I say so because I've experienced similar divination in the past. It was not about a dying person, but about important for me event. Stuff happens, take care.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 02:36 PM
Those details in the dream sure do seem pregognitive. The problem is with these kinds of dreams is that it's hard to know which part of the dream will actually come true. Usually after the event has occured it clicks and you realise it was in the dream. Don't beat yourself up over your father's passing, as they say in The Alchemist .'It is written'. I'm sorry for your loss.

The dream was impressive and I'd be interested in hearing about others that come true. Thanks for posting.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 08:26 PM

originally posted by: TheProphetMark
I dreamed that somebody close to me would die and 14 days later it happened.

I dreamed that someone would die, and thirty seven years later it happened!
It being 14 days is meaningless unless you dreamed that it would happen in 14 days!
It turns out that we all dream in an amalgam of 'past, present and future, all swirled, mixed, into one dream.
The experiment says to write down your dream as soon as you dream it!
Then read it back 2 (arbitrarily chosen) days later and it will amaze you how much of the 'future' we dream about, and how much happens within the next two days!

So if you ever have a dream of someone very close to you dying and all of a sudden they are not feeling well - - Take them to the Hospital. I can assure you this is something you do not want to live with in regret.

There is a moment that we all draw our final breath.
There is no way to ever move that moment, we cannot avoid it, push it back or hurry it!
All moments are already existing Here! Now!
The reason that we can see a 'future' event, because it is a real event, already happening!

See the movie; 'Slaughterhouse Five; A Children's Crusade', by Kurt Vonnegut, to give you a concept of what I am talking about. *__-

posted on Feb, 17 2017 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: TheProphetMark

Hi Mark

I think the link to all our ancestors is a strong one... I too dreamed of my mothers death 6 months before she died, even before she became ill. Diverticular disease... quandary I found at the time was, do you tell them
but I digress, I kept it to myself but wrote it in my diary for reference. My dream contained already dead relatives and my dog I lost many years earlier, although sad, being with those that have gone was such a wonderful occasion.

I have had others since but this time the room where I usually go to see representations of those about to pass.... was full and it contained almost everyone I know. I'm hoping this was just a dream and not an example of the above.
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