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Animals...our natural early detection warning systems

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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 09:48 AM

Animals...our natural early detection warning systems

Just wondering what peoples thoughts were regarding animals being able to sense natural disaster and other forms of danger before we do....and how they do so.

Regarding the natural disaster part. There still (to my knowledge) has not been verifiable proof that such things occur...even though there is plenty of documented evidence that it happens, which usually comes to us in the form of videos and personal eye witness stories after the fact. Scientists still haven't solved or come to a conclusive answer as to why animals seem to have their own early warning detection mechanism built into to them...and we humans do not.

They have researched it, as best they can, in labs and out in the field. Studying different animal behaviors before a natural disaster takes place. Taking the time to analyze video captured as well as perform their own studies with regards to a specific area of possibility or solutions to the phenomenon. But I would imagine it to be very difficult unless the scientists, themselves, had the ability to know a natural disaster was going to occur and could monitor the behavioral patterns of the animals beforehand.

How and what animals use to sense the approaching disaster is still up for debate. Using a sixth sense, detecting a change in the electromagnetic field, using superior, enhanced regular senses (touch, taste, sound). Scientists have not found a universal, logical, scientific solution for it.

Now a days we depend on seismic detection devices and earthquake warning systems to help us become aware of such an event as early as possible. But, there was at least one time in history where officials used the early detection/reaction of animals in a natural disaster. Evacuating the populace early, saving the lives of thousands that may have perished had their leaders not did so:

The 1975 Haicheng earthquake hit Haicheng, Liaoning in China at 19:36 CST on February 4. The earthquake registered at 7.3 on the Richter Scale, which is associated with total destruction of infrastructure and property. Haicheng had approximately 1 million residents at the time of the earthquake, which is known for being one of the few earthquakes to be successfully predicted throughout history.[2]
Early in the morning of February 4, 1975, Chinese officials ordered that the city of Haicheng be evacuated, believing there to be a large chance of an earthquake occurring. The prediction was allegedly based on reports of changes in groundwater and soil elevations over the past several months as well as widespread accounts of unusual animal behavior. A low-level alert was triggered by regional increases in seismicity (later recognized as foreshocks).[3] Wiki

The behavior is not new or unusual. There have been many accounts of animals behaving oddly before a quake or tsunami. The earliest known record of animal behavioral changes due to natural disasters can be found in 373BC in the city of Helike, recounted by a Roman writer named Aelian :

For five days before Helike disappeared, all the mice and martens and snakes and centipedes and beetles and every other creature of that kind in the city left in a body by the road that leads to Keryneia. And the people of Helike seeing this happening were filled with amazement, but were unable to guess the reason. But after these creatures had departed, an earthquake occurred in the night; the city subsided; an immense wave flooded and Helike disappeared, while ten Spartan vessels which happened to be at anchor were lost together with the city. more

A sign of an impending earth quake is earth worms leaving the soil and traveling upon the surface of the Earth instead of underneath it. Apparently this behavior has been noted and has become sort of a legend or lore in parts some of the world. As recently as the last tsunami, oar fish have been found washed ashore on the beaches prior to a Tsunami taking place. There is a legend around these fish, in Japanese folklore, the oar fish is known as the Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace and appears on beaches to predict a tsunami. I have been unable to confirm the legend, there is mention of a messenger and a dragon palace in several places within the pdf that I looked at, but nothing connecting that messenger to an oar fish.Guide to Japanese folklore

But what about the animals who sense things weeks prior to an event? This is where the thoughts of electromagnetic fluctuation and an animals ability to sense the changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth becomes a possibility... at least for me.

Maybe it's the combination of all this above. Because the ability to sense danger by an animal is not limited to the prediction of earth quakes. It also could be the sense used to detect spirits or other worldly threats. To focus only the natural disaster side of the ability would be a travesty and insult to our animal friends.

Not wanting to touch too deeply into this aspect of what is normally called an animals "sixth sense", but I did want to address and acknowledge it. And, I do believe that it is worth some consideration when we are postulating the reasons for unusual animal behavior. For me, all venues must be taken into consideration, especially when it is plausible that they are using the same senses to predict both. While I understand nothing but the natural disaster part can truly be measured and observed (and even that is difficult), I have to wonder how that other area/side of the instinctual detection of a unknown/unseen presence works into the equation.

I know that personally, I have heard some accounts of animals waking up their owners when a tornado or fire or some other imminent danger is a threat to them and their human companion. And, of course the unusual behaviors of an animal when they sense an "other worldly" presence within a room. Stories of animals sensing supernatural

Unfortunately, all this is only circumstantial evidence and a whole lot of conjecture, but that's really all we have to review. Even when one scientist took it upon himself to test the electromagnetic interference theory, there was no way to say for sure that the animals were responding to the actual fluctuation in the electromagnetic field or something else such as as the noises that the machine made.

Anyhow, anyone want to offer up their own experiences with their animals, some personal accounts, or some experiences relayed to them by family and friends I would be interested in hearing about them.

As always, thanks for reading,
National Geographic
Disaster sensing animals
Animal disaster slide share

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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 10:04 AM
Our cats warn us when they are hungry, also when they are going to Puke.

Also, our youngest can tells us when there is a mouse close by her. She says MOOWWS in a voice that sounds like mouse. Now is that where the word Mouse originated, from what a cat called it?
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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 10:04 AM
a reply to: blend57

About animals sensing earthquakes, their general sensitivity is greater than humans. They hear a greater range of frequencies than us. Earthquakes are infrasound (low frequency vibrations), animals, including snakes and insects have more contact with the ground. We have two legs and wear shoes. Our pets have four feet in contact with the ground and greater range of hearing, they are more tuned to minor quakes that proceed the bigger ones.

There was a non scientist in our region that predicted quakes using the lost pets column in the local paper to identify when there was going to be a quake. He charted the number of runaways and roadkills to get it right, used to piss of the 'geologists' around here.

Forget his name, out of time maybe someone else can link it.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 10:10 AM
I think it's Bs, it might be animals can react to natural disasters like earthquake and such split seconds before humans, but for example earthquake are not dangerous to animals, so in theory, why have a warning sense.

Also about the earthworms, they come up when or after it rains because their tunnels get flooded, but you never see earth worms come up before the rain.

Watch this video, and notice that not one bird is reacting before the quake, but when it hits, hundreds of birds is in the air, someone forgot to tell those birds they can predict quakes.

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 10:25 AM
Dogs sense of smell is so acute that they can smell out a smell that equates

to one drop into an olympic swimming pool of water ... that is why

they are used to smelling out cash and drugs at border points.

Today I saw on TV that a breed ( dont know which one) is being used to smell

out cancer in an individual, they are apparently quicker and more accurate

than current ways of diagnosing.
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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 10:33 AM

It may very well be BS...but there is some interest around it, the possibilities, because people are still researching it. It is always good to look at all sides though, so thank you for sharing your thoughts. For me personally, I think that there may be some truth to the whole thing. One of my dogs changes her behavior hours before a thunderstorm, she hates them. So, I have seen a bit of truth in what they say.Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


I read about a man who was looking to prove that missing pets increased right before a natural disaster. His work was reviewed and there was no correlation found between the two. And also, regarding sensing vibrations through their feet:

While trumpeting may be heard a good distance away, elephants can also communicate in a low rumble that can travel as far as 6 miles, and what's more, the elephant receiving the call picks it up through its feet.
Thanks for your thoughts..


lol..yeah, my animals do the same. As for the origins of the word mouse:

“Mouse” comes from the Sanskrit word for mouse, “musuka”, which in turn derives from the Sanskrit “mus” meaning “thief” or “robber”, presumably referring to the fact that mice like to steal food from humans, particularly grains and fruits.
Thanks for the comments..

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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 12:10 PM
I have heard this all of my life. There's not much doubt in my opinion that animals have heightened senses as compared to humans. During the tsunami of 2004 I read a report that days before the event occurred, wildlife had been reported to have moved to higher ground. This implies to me that there was some sense of urgency for something like that to have happened.
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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 12:16 PM
As a Fireman, our department and several others are doing cancer screening through out of Canada.
They have found cancer in several of our firefighters when all pre-screening showed nothing. They kept looking and eventually found it! I've been hit twice by the dogs and still trying to determine what it is. False positives do happen, but are linked to certain meds, pregnancy, and a toenail fungus.
Then you have the seizure dogs, which blows me away. They will signal before they have one so they can lay down to prevent injury or call EMS before it happens.
As for natural disasters, if I see wildlife suddenly head for higher ground then my a$$ is following!

posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 12:57 PM

There was something I read where it was also thought that maybe they smelled the release of certain gases, potentially an increase of certain gases that happens before the actual earth quake itself.

There are reports of spikes in the concentrations of such gases prior to a major earthquake; this has been attributed to release due to pre-seismic stress or fracturing of the rock. One of these gases is radon, produced by radioactive decay of the trace amounts of uranium present in most rock.
So, maybe it is that animals still use all their senses constantly and that is how they know.


I was very interested in finding more information about the electromagnetic (probably using the wrong word here) theory, so I appreciate the links and the information about magnetite. The first link poses the possibility of the magnetic pulses being used to predict quakes hours or weeks in advance, but they still (as of that article) are not sure whether or not these pulses occur without earthquake activity. Still a promising and hopeful solution to an otherwise unpredictable phenomenon.

With relation to animals and magnetite, it could very well be that they sense these pulses, and know that danger is imminent. Using this as a primary detection, with their other senses to confirm it. I'm reading through the rest now, thank you for the information and the links!

I read that as well. And in a few other links that I was going to share..but the word length of the OP wouldn't let me, they mentioned it. I was also looking for more mention of the behavior changes in animals within older books/texts/articles. To see if anything has changed in the way they react to natural disasters from then to now...or if people were even noticing it at all back then. I found the one (which was highly sited) but still need to look further to see if there are any more.


The cancer screening and seizure detection really interests me. And its great that your department does such things. This lends credence to the enhanced smelling capabilities and how they may be used in early detection of natural disasters I think. As you said though, no matter what, if my animals acted oddly and started to run, I would follow too, lol.

Thanks all for your posts and the information.


posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 01:34 PM

originally posted by: TexasTruth
As a Fireman, our department and several others are doing cancer screening through out of Canada.
They have found cancer in several of our firefighters when all pre-screening showed nothing. They kept looking and eventually found it! I've been hit twice by the dogs and still trying to determine what it is.

I am totally in awe of their sense of smell one drop in a olympic

size swimming pool? .... perhaps they can smell 'pre' the actual beginning

of the development of a cancer?

Edit to add:

This must be the case because the dogs who predict seizures, warn before

the seizure occurs?
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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 01:47 PM
I have heard some anecdotal evidence that animals, in this case dogs, can somehow sense solar disturbances before the radiation and/or particles reach Earth. Strange canine behavior reported in northern part of the globe, then within 3 days reports of a CME or other solar event.
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posted on Feb, 15 2017 @ 08:43 PM

originally posted by: blend57
Animals...our natural early detection warning systems

In many cases, yes!
But I would rather not know in advance, then to enslave some other species as an early warning system.
There is not anything that can be done, ever, to effect our moment of last exhalation!
It's already a done deal, and when I take my final breath (and that could be any moment), I want no slaves, of any species! *__-

posted on Feb, 20 2017 @ 08:38 PM
Animals has stronger instincts than human.
That being said all of them can smell unlike humans.
If I could smell the difference between humans, I'd probably be able to sniff out drugs like dogs or even so called reptilians disguise as human(conspiracy).
They can see in the dark.
Rabbits can hear far away.
Some can scare others away like Dogs or Bears.
Animals in reality are the protectors of Human life and give early warning signs.
But, Humans are being used to destroy them by design since Corporate Western Colonialism.
The use of bio, chemical, frequency and radiation weapons is just mad!

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