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Really Weird People

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posted on Feb, 6 2017 @ 09:36 PM
So today I just discovered the really weird - and curiously symbolic - fact that Donald Trump was born on a lunar eclipse on June 14th 1946.

This is weird for 2 reasons. Trump was born a year following the end of a catastrophic war, and so could be imagined to be emblematic of the post-war cultural that evolved in the United States.

Even weirder, of course, is the natural symbolic association of Sun = Consciousness and Moon = Feelings. As a phenomenological and ontological fact, our consciousness acts as the "medium" between our body and the world around us. I know for many people, caught up in the "reflexive wheel" of contemporary culture that this fact may seem arguable, to which I can only reply: the brain is plastic - if you haven't cultivated a particular attentional relation to the world (itself a function of the widening powers of knowledge) then it may seem arbitrary, but it isn't: consciousness is the 'light' to feelings in exactly the same way that the Sun provides the light that is then refracted off the moon.

Symbols - metaphors - things - relationships. I don't really care to go deeply into the relevance of symbolism to some people as I imagine most of you already understand that stuff, but it is nevertheless strange that so many elite and powerful people are born on a lunar eclipse. Since the sun is a symbol for consciousness - or whats primary - it is significant that Donald Trump is so incredibly talented (or from a truthful perspective, dissociative) is never 'reflecting' the reality provided by the gateway of his consciousness. The Donald feelings - as his symbolic birth reflects - incessantly "blocks the light of reality' - which is dark and demented, because without a world - a physical system - what or where prey tell does the Donald expect his ubermensch progeny to live? That is, how can you preserve planet Earth without an "embrace of restraint" - i.e self-constraint, and thus, "the celebration of limitations", as the Indian activist Vandana Shiva has written.

If you can't limit yourself - or reflect on your experience - you are absolutely kidding yourself to being any "heir" to the Earth. Donald Trump and his ilk will produce a Mad Max world - a dying world, a world that is absorbing more and more entropy at a rate far faster than it can put it to productive transformation.

Is this it? Will the dysregulated, hyper-pampered completely undeserving-of-what-they-have-taken elite going to inherit the Earth? Unlikely. If physical laws and reality has anything to say - indeed, it is speaking its intensity in today's mindless hubbub and naive excitement - as if a future version of you won't be forced to lament its collusion and support at some level with what has come.

The reality is, you actually do not know what you have till its gone. Indeed, take it a stick, turn the light off, and hold it outwards towards a desired object you know of in your periphery. The stick - upon repeated enactment and performance - will eventually seamlessly "melt" into your awareness, very much leaving your conscious awareness "as if" it wasn't a mere prosthetic extension of your hand. The stick and what it touches will become so sensitive that it will feel to become a 'part' of you.

What does this teach us but the relationship between "agencies" within the material world - Human beings above all - and the material world around us? We are constructions of the natural world - OF IT even though it seems as if we are "in" it. But this sense of being a "subject-apart - an "alien looking in" - is a horrendous delusion of the traumatized mind - the backbone of both all psychological disorders and hyper mega-maniacal fantasies about the Self and its ontological nature.

Again - we live in a society inflicted by "ableism": we look upon the weak as objects, as if the state we see in their "weakness" has no relationship to the self that is observing and being affected by what it knows. As if the repulsion we feel didn't derive from what we've come to evaluate as "weak" - itself a function of our own negative responses to things which Humans mind reflexively turn away from.

If Humans can simply stop pretending that cause and effect doesn't govern how we are - that a raging narcissist like Trump, despite being born on a day probably treated as special by those who worship the "dark-side" -is just a Human, being biased-in-every way to experience himself in a certain way - through constant, non-stop affirmation, encouragement, and other normal Human social dynamics - a Human being can evolve into a deluded narcissist - deluded by the power shared and affirmed again and again in the elitist culture formed.

It amazes me - truly - that people could be so unresponsive to the realities of reward and punishment. Clearly - we live above all for 'others to like us'. We seek social affirmation - and implicitly, at all times, are deeply responsive to the affective responses of others to something we happen to say or do. This is the raw science - symmetry - or coherency i.e. a temporal 'symmetry' that works through a give and take dynamic. Elites are people who affirm and regularly nourish their lives with relational vitality - affirmation of the selves of others they live with - yet deny it for others, for the many people - faces, names, selves - who are just as deserving of having a self that is affirmed and recognized so that positive feelings may flow.

All things are based in symmetry. You, me. The thinking we do: this is a function of symmetry - albeit, something extraordinarily complex, but the physics, biophysics and evolution of matter on Earth continuously supports the same narrative: symmetry prevails.

If some of you have trouble understanding what that means for Humans, it means equality, democracy, and a society based in the empirical value of the scientific approach to objective reality - not an insane and arbitrary mysticism - will ultimately, I believe, prevail.

Of course, we could destroy ourselves - and I'm sure many people would prefer that to simply owning up to horrendous mistakes - seeking forgiveness from those they hurt, and allowing understanding others to argue on their behalf. But of course, history provides countless examples of murder, massacre, suicide, assassination, terror, genocide and war - showing that the Human being will truly forfeit its existence for what it believes.

Such credulity - and tragedy - is truly hard to understand. But I'm sure the Whole has its reasons.

posted on Feb, 6 2017 @ 10:27 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

Did you ever wonder how humans act when the try to grasp reality about things they dont understand..

They make it up with five senses, but forget common sense.

posted on Feb, 6 2017 @ 11:58 PM
People actually are strange.
When you're strange.

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posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 02:35 AM
It's a tough gig for me being the only normal one around here.

posted on Feb, 7 2017 @ 02:38 AM
a reply to: weirdguy

We're all normal

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