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The Fighter

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posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 12:27 PM

I was asked if i wanted to do something different for once, a new field of experience, and strangely enough in a field i always loved. Problem was always,;" I never had a project, i never had a problem to solve ". Despite me loving storytelling, i just walked around and around trying to figure out how but i never seemed to be able to do it correct. I learned a lot from the writers in here, which was a valuable source, but then someone asked;" You interested " I thought for a few minutes and asked my inner spirit, and it said;" F# YEAH! "

So ive been conducting a bit of research for a few days and i wanted to try it with you guys and see how you like it.


It was a cold winter day in the year of 1943, you could smell the stench of the rotten corpses laying in piles behind barb wires. The Sign on on the camp said;" Neuengamme concentration camp ".

A dark athletic man was digging graves for his former friends and you couldnt tell if he was crying or if it was the sweat, there was to much dirt to tell a difference. He kept most of the time for himself, so the other prisoners saw him as a man with a cold heart., and they even whispered in the dark;" No tears will ever be shown in his face ".

It took him days to dig those graves, and once he had finished them, he gently sat for a minute on the porch of his wooden barrack.. He looked down into his hands and it was full of blisters, his stomach was screaming for food, and his back was aching. The thoughts of his deceased friends were starting to get to him, and tears was mixed with the salty flavor of his sweat.

While his head was facing toward the ground he saw a pair of black leather boots in the corner of his eyes stopping by;" Johann?? Are you not Johann?". It was so long ago he heard that name, in here he was just another number and he thought to himself;" Now its my turn to face the grim reaper ".

Johann turned his face up, and the prison guard smiled;" Johann it is you! I thought i recognized you! We went to school together, im Hanz? "
Johann didnt recognize him, but he smiled cause he knew he wasnt gonna die and instead he started to cry, but no tears was coming out.. ;" You hungry? Johann do you want something to eat or drink? " The prisonguard said. Johann looked him in the eyes and collapsed on his black leather boots...


Part 2 coming soon

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posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 03:52 PM
Great imagery....concept.

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