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A Woman will be President of the USA by end of Donald Trump Era, but Not who you are thinking!

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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 10:10 PM
a reply to: SolAquarius

I have already responded that in the previous post, I am not who decide the extent of what it is allowed me to foretell, I am under the authority of somebody above me and greater than me.

Now, there was no vaguety when I predicted the election and reelection of Barack Obama, neither when I did so with the defeat of Sarkozy by Holland, or the election of a Pope coming from this side of the Atlantic, or the abdication of King Juan Carlos.

I suggest you to check my entire profile.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 10:16 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Do you not realize that one who truly walks in the light does not take self credit for dispensing his/her wisdom? You seek praise for yourself for seeming to "know".... shouldn't the credit and praise be given to that which gives it rather than the one who claims to receive it.

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: The angel of light
I will give it a look if it seems there is anything to your predictions then I will believe your tapped into something.
However I am highly skeptical of Internet prophets since they are a dime a dozen. If I see definitive proof in what you claim then I will concede .
However I remain skeptical as of now.

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 10:42 PM

originally posted by: The angel of light
a reply to: seeker1963

You are quite a person to criticize compulsively without even thinking what you are saying and to whom are you saying that.

And who might that be? That almost sounded like a threat to me.

Why should he be thinking about to whom he might be speaking to? As if you were to be afforded special reverence because of your secret identity that no one even knows about.

Now, I don't doubt that necessarily.. supposedly you're some kind of angel. Well, there's a lot of angels. How about you enlighten us about who you are since apparently that is of importance when criticizing you?

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 11:10 PM

originally posted by: The angel of light
a reply to: ketsuko

with all respect Ketsuko,

I just friendly want to warn you:

be careful to whom are you calling idiot, that person might be latter an extremely powerful woman and you could repent, bite your tongue before to release such expletives so easily.

Even more veiled threats.. and you are this extremely powerful woman I suppose? What makes you so powerful?

And by the way.. Ketsuko wasn't even referring to you as an idiot, she was referring to some Kennedy idiot. Who? I don't know, I don't keep up with the Kennedys.

You are of the Coven of the Ruby Heart? Is this why you are making threats?

*Taking notes*

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 11:20 PM
I asked in your last thread but never got a response so I'll ask again.

Who's going to win the Super Bowl and NBA Finals?

Only have a few days left to bet on the Super Bowl so please do your process and let us know.
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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 11:21 PM
a reply to: SolAquarius

Lets do a review for you, of my accomplished predictions of the past, going back from my most recent ones already accomplished in my threads of predictions for 2015, or 2016:

Prediction of Queen Elizabeth IInd reaching the Longest realm ever in British History.

Prediction of Hillary Clinton having an extremely hard battle for the Democratic Nomination with
Bernie Sanders.

Prediction of Hurricane IKE arrival to Texas ( not to Mexico as it as predicted by the National center of Hurricanes):

Japan Earthquake Prediction:

Alaska Volcanic Eruption prediction:

Four earthquakes in the Caribbean and South America predicted in precise sequence of occurrence in 2007:

Earthquake of the coast of Guerrero, Mexico, March 2007:

Second Tunguska event, occurred on 2013 in the region of Ural in Russia, prediction from 2008,
The angel of lightness prediction of Ural Asteroid strike of 2013

Prediction the earthquakes of Alumn Rock and Chino Hills ,California, thread of 2007

Now, jumping in to this decade, the great flood occasioned by the Hurricane that stroke the East coast at the end of 2012, was also my accomplished predictions. A natural event like is so unusual that the last time has occurred before was in 1991. My prediction various months in advance of the actual occurrence of this Sandy hurricane.

Here the two threads of that time extremely linked In each with the other:

Charlotte Island earthquake 2012,

Hurricane Sandy Flood 2012 and preceding earthquake of New England:

Now, if anybody wants to see a political prophecies already accomplished in many parts from my past here it is one interesting list.

Prediction of election of a non european and Hispanic Pope taking a name of a saint of middle ages, released in 2013 about one month before the conclave,
The angel of light Prediction of election of Francis I

President Sarkozy defection in Election 2012 France:

Confrontation in between Iran and Israel in the Syrian Civil war 2012 (already partially accomplished).

Surprising Outcome of the Presidential Election Mexico 2012, return of the PRI to the power:

Prediction of Incoming conflict in between China and Japan for islands , that started to be accomplished by 2012, but it is still on course to be fully achieved:

Mexico’s Internal crisis of criminality and security, Prediction released in 2007 and fully accomplished since that time and until our days with the terrible Narco-traffic conflict:

War in Between Georgia and Russia in the Caucasus, prediction of 2007 that was accomplished just few months after it was posted.

Also there are among my successful predictions, many on economics in the past, that I believe is what the people is more likely to have interest in our days. Here are these for instance:

Current collapse of various European Economies, forecasting the crash of many countries like Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy occurred by 2012. Prediction since 2011:

Now, there are also National security, coup d'etats or abdications, that were already accomplished,

Election of 2008 in the middle of the great recession, messing of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and attempt of assassination of Barack Obama in Campaign, prediction of 2007:

South American economic and Political Union, UNISUR, prediction of 2007, fully accomplished about a year later.

Prediction of the return on the Democratic party to the White House with Barack Obama, released in January 2008,

Prediction of new findings that were going to show the existence of a plot to assassinate President Kennedy, released in 2008, and started to be accomplished by 2012 with the death bed confession of Howard Hunt, about that he knew of the existence of the conspiracy, also with the publication of the book of Lamar Waldron that also claim to be based on a confession of it by mob leader Carlos Marcelo , and finally the also sensational book of Roger Stone, a functionary of the Nixon administration that accused LBJ and Nixon to be involved both in the Plot.

Prediction of the Reelection of President Barack Obama, released in 2009 , a fact that only arrived in 2012.

Prediction of the second important recession of the modernity, the European one that started with the Greek crisis, and also prediction of the Benghazi attack from a thread of beginning of 2011.

Prediction of the death of Hugo Chavez-Frias, Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, announced long in advance even when he was not yet sick of cancer, as well as the terrible crisis that country in right now into.

Prediction of the new terrorist wave in USA by College or University students, thread from 2007 that anticipated not only the bombing on the Boston Marathon but other ones occurred along different campuses in the country.

Prediction of the double abdication occurred in the crowns of Spain and Belgium,

Prediction of the terrible crisis of Ukraine of January of 2014, that started with the coup d'etat in Kiev and the subsequent invasion of Crimea, and that contain all the ramifications of the war game we are seeing and we are going to see in between President Putin and President Obama, and their respective allies, from a thread posted in June of 2013,

Prediction of the new terrorist wave of Europe, that exploded dramatically on this first month of 2015 with the events of France, Belgium, England, etc. from a thread of June 2013.

Even I predicted successfully events occurring in the world of the spectacle,

Prediction of the series of casualties occurred to the people that worked in Batman the Dark Knight Films, in 2008


The Angel of Lightness

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 12:48 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Thanks for compiling a list. I will admit I'm probably going be slow going looking at it but I will try to take a look at it sometime.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: DeadMoonJester

My answer is correct, I was not feeling at all targeted by ketsuko comments, I was not menacing anybody.

I can't say more without compromising my silence vows.

By the way my avatar is angelic of course but really masculine, you are wrong about me even in that.

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Ahhh... I get it.. you were giving her a prediction? It sounded more like a threat to me. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

That other comment to seeker1963 was still sketchy though. Or I'm reading too much into it.

Well, do go on.

posted on Feb, 6 2017 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: DeadMoonJester

Well my only role here is precisely to predict and wait until it is possibly to check how accurate it was the forecast. I don't have any political or partisan particular interest in to this, I have predicted good and bad things to each political party in the past and many of my forecasts have been in events that are not political at all, like natural disasters.

First at all I don't feel unconformable if somebody remains skeptic, it is his or her right to trust in me or No, I just present the facts,

Second I don't need to do something like menace or curse somebody after all I am not looking for followers or founding a religion, and what is the credit I am getting here? My predictions are released under a nickname,

Third it is frankly a waste of energy, and I use mine for better positive purposes instead.


The Angel of Lightness
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