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I am surprised at myself for my glee at President's Trump's leading the free world

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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: MrConspiracy

100% right, they need re-educated, reconditioned and ultimately reprogrammed, people dont realise that these people come from different societies with different laws, some even lawless societies.

A story from my local
A SYRIAN man who bound the hands and legs of a 10-year-old boy and tied him to a bed with skipping rope just months after being housed in Scotland has escaped punishment for the offence.

Instead of being jailed or ordered to carry out unpaid work for the offence, Fahd Hussein Al Shrayteh will be taught how to behave properly by social workers.

He was spared jail after Sheriff Alistair Watson said he did not want to punish him for the offences.

Sheriff Watson allowed him to leave court as a free man after warning him his behaviour - which the court heard was normal treatment of children in Syria - was completely unacceptable in Scotland.

.... now the judge is correct in his decision IMO, but these people need re-educated before they enter our society.
before they break our laws!!
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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 01:37 PM
Someone recently misinformed me that there were no " muslim" gangs in North America.. but are governments diliberately covering up information and asking agencies and forces to do so ? Interesting info about these questions in this link which is a short read.

The recent shooting in Quebec reeked of coverup to some real facts. From two suspects to one.. though they knew each other. Weird that some info was so quickly changed like some of the real truth was hidden to protect Muslim perp.

That being said .. any human who works in organized gangs, to commit serious crime ,needs to be stopped.. but they should all " equally" be accountable for such crimes.Native gang members get away with far too much as well because of special leniancy laws concerning residual residential abuse. Not sure other type gangs get these types of leniency on crimes commited.
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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 02:04 PM

originally posted by: MrConspiracy

originally posted by: rickymouse

originally posted by: MrConspiracy
I've said it before and I will say it again. We're allowing people who are 1000 years behind our mentality in to our western societies. It's a lovely idea, but it's recipe for disaster. We're not ready for an open, free world. as lovely as it sounds.

I agree, their customs are different than ours and we have to slowly let these people in so they can adapt to our societies. If we do not do this then all we have done is create settlements of people that are different than us and tensions increase between the people on both sides. Look at the China towns around the country, those kinds of areas do not promote togetherness, they promote separation and discrimination more than civility. Here we have some Chinese living among us, they learned to fit into our society and they start restaurants for us to go eat at.

The Muslims that are citizens can help us to integrate these new people slowly into our societies, they can help to teach us of our ways. They have to learn to respect our citizens and we have to learn to work with them to keep things civil. Right now, too many people are being immigrated too fast, this puts stress on the Muslims that are here already too because some of these new ones do not understand our ways and are not adjusting correctly, I don't wants to increase violence against the Muslims that are good people, slow is better than fast. If people push to give these Muslims more rights to get in unrestricted, the radicals on the other side will get fired up and kill good Muslims. Look what happened in Quebec, we need not fuel growth of the other radical side by forcing people to choose between two radical movements. It will happen, these radical liberals will actually cause more to go the other way and make things worse.

I agree with everything here. Slow integration would be ideal. I'm all for multiculturalism if it's done right. But with the rate of people seeking asylum from war torn countries and wherever else, slow integration would be perhaps impossible to achieve.

The fact is, many people on this planet are blinded by emotions and would let anybody in regardless of culture, customs and ideals just because they come from a less privileged country/environment. That's where we go wrong. This world has not progressed together at the same speed, nor has it's people. There are many people in other less developed countries who dream of a better life over in here in the west. But they are unwilling to accept or perhaps unable to understand our owns customs and way of life. This = issues.

A clash is always inevitable when we let people in to a country thinking the two cultures will instantly mix. It's often not the case.

Trying to mix two different cultures too quickly will spawn hate between the people. It is because of cultural differences and values, not religion itself. Color has nothing to do with this either, but it could if the immigrants get more benefits and rights than the white people in that area have. So they let a Middle eastern guy harrass a woman who is dressed inappropriately for his upbringing in our area, and that is being a mild possiblility. So he gets off because of the differences in our culture, he is not punished like we would have been using our law interpretation. So the people in the community get pissed at all the Middle eastern people there.

That is an example of how it will happen if these people are not properly conditioned to our society. This is happening in Sweden and other countries and also in the USA in a few places. The people who are too "nice" ignore this kind of stuff, it is real and intigration needs to be at a moderated rate and we would need the help of the Muslim Residents here to help us. I can't totally comprehend how Muslims think, I can read about it but that is not the same as understanding their ways by living with them and growing up with their ways.

Bringing these other cultures in too fast will drive a wedge between us all, they have to be feathered it. Don't just toss a new chicken into a new henhouse and expect that the other chickens won't pick on it and try to harm it.

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