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Feminism Causes Ruin Of Countless Families And Tens Of Millions Of US Children...

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posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: dawnstar

No but it makes an important point clear. Men are weaker than ever all over the world no matter how you see it. If there is a war who can defend the country? I am not saying women are bad or useless but I reckon most of us could agree that most of these modern women are not fit for or interested in fighting a real war no matter whether they are feminists or not.

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: Gaussq

something tells me that if the war was fought on their own turf, you'd see both the men and the women fighting. but, we don't fight our wars here, we take them halfway across the world.

and, as far as men being weaker, I think that there might be other things that are more responsible than feminism is.
crappy, chemical laden fake food, going from a manufacturing based economy where men actually had to use their muscles, to a service based economy where men get stuck behind desks, computer games and the internet that keeps kids indoors and not really that active instead outdoors running and playing....

what I got from the op was that feminism is bad, because it brought women out of the home and into the workplace.
first, women were in the workplace since manufacturing came into being and removed their little cottage industries that they were running to earn money.
second, dependency= servitude... and living in this modern world requires money, if you don't earn it, then you are dependent on someone providing your needs to you... and that someone often times thinks that it gives them a higher position in the relationship,
and third... there's a good chance that the stay at home mom might have to at some point in their life actually earn that money she needs and without a work history, her chances of doing this is rather slim!

here are some of the advances that were made since the 1960's, that time that someone on this board said that everything went down the hole...
1960, the fda approved the birth control pill.. before that, it wasn't uncommon for families to have six or more kids... I know, because lots of my friends growing up had that many brothers and sisters. My mom has five in her lifetime..
by the way, we can thank margaret sanger for the birth control pill...

1950 While in her 80s, Sanger underwrote the research necessary to create the first human birth control pill. She raised $150,000 for the project.

1963... The Equal Pay Act... making it illegal to pay a women less money that a man doing the same job would be paid.

1964... The Civil Rights act barred discrimination on the basis of race and sex.

1965... the supreme court made birth control usage a right for married couples.

1972... the supreme court rules that birth control could be used by everyone... not just married couples.

1973... roe v. wade..

1974... Equal Credit Opportunity Act

1976.. the first marital rape law in Nebraska.

so, let's see....
all of our problems are because women were given the ability to control their own reproductive systems, don't have to worry so much that all the employers will discriminate against them in hiring, or paying them, that they can finally say no to their husband and the law might step in if he doesn't accept it, they they can obtain credit....

no matter how often you point at women saying how bad they are, you cannot dismiss the fact that there are some bad men out there, abusive men, neglectful men, men addicted to alcohol or drugs.. and, reading through that list kind of gives me the impression that women were basically # out of luck before these laws were put into place. stuck in whatever hell that their husbands chose to put them into.

a child has a better chance being raise with the help of a child care center or extended family than he would with dad remaining in the household with that kind of absolute legal authority over the family!

posted on Feb, 1 2017 @ 06:33 PM
War? Weak men?

And this somehow also means that women should be "Soft Loving Mothers"? I invited my friend over to read this thread, I thought it might be an excuse to have a few brews and laughs. And I see you, OP, have also bought into these war and weak men ideas. Ever think that it may be you who is being brainwashed?

Try to think beyond what BS you are looking at. You may be wrong about people, situations, and entire "global strategy".

And this has what to do with Feminism?

Breed more people? So they can replace those to be lost in some upcoming war?

Do you people not stop and think about this stuff that you repeat? You do realize that it's the "same old Conservative propaganda" right?

And how are men "weak"? I'm my experience men who try hard to act overly "macho" are the weak ones. They can be found in Suburbia, too. They fixed the lawn mower, they think they're King of the world.

I and women like me - were able to get out of that before we got locked down with kids. Moved east here and became hipsters!

And yes, men and women can look alike in skinny jeans, ratty old clothes, weird hair, and etc. But - you'll also do a great deal of walking or biking in an urban area, you might be on public transport where you have to dodge needles on the platform and train, and crack heads right up in your face, if you are female - leering and lecherous men, anyone can get mugged, extreme weather, if you drive - ridiculous traffic, at your work - lecherous men plus assorted assholes...

Bottom line here: You had better be ONE TOUGH PERSON to handle it all. Think it's easy? Think that Hipster Guy is "weak"? He will KICK YOUR ASS. And so will us urban ladies

But of course we are also interested in PEACE and we really ought to get together. I think a lot of this is mis understandings between people fueled by BS propaganda.
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posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: dawnstar

You are right about modern lifestyle degenerating all people alike. Have a look at obesity stats today...

About men being "weak" its maybe not so much about men being physically weak as mentally weak, ie being fearful of standing up for themselves due to the man bashing in the media. They are so oppressed in media, in schools and portrayed as some kind of degenerate beings in comparison to women. That´s not true and it makes young boys underperform at school and it makes (young) guys fearful in relationships. That´s why so many women rule men in relationships these days. We have seen the stats but few people can accept it due to massive propaganda.

I never said women are bad and weak etc. Thats putting words in my mouth. The main focus of this article is the suffering of the children - not the suffering of women. That´s a big difference but some people don´t read carefully and they always focus on women while children´s rights are ignored by the mainstream.

I said that men are not as evil as they are portrayed by the MSM and women are not all the angels and innocent victims that the MSM portrays them to be. Its just a normal world where there are good and bad people among men and women. And women drink and do violent stuff too, let´s admit that without pointing fingers at them.

Its the propaganda which is false because its extreme and untruthful and the most extreme part of it that NO MEDIA talks about the 40 million US kids with a family situation which will cause them huge trouble in the future according to stats.

Many keep posting: women are good, men are bad. Men are dinosaurs, women are the future. They keep talking about how marxist state child care is good etc. But the stats of the children´s situation prove the opposite no matter how much propaganda there is.

I try to discuss the essence which is not black or white: there are good and bad people and its not about men or women, they are on both sides. The main thing is that the kids are destroyed while men and women argue. Let´s forget the marxist "incite hatred between different groups of people while destroying society" kind of trap. It´s a trap and its easy to see through it by now.

And secondly, a father is useful in the household, no matter how much you hate his "imaginary authority" in the household. He is needed for the kids in a human world although marxists rather send the kids to strangers to take care of. Women have all kinds of rights these days and I didnt say we should take them away. Thats not true.

There is no "democracy" in a couple relationship because one person has to make a decision in the end. The only thing is that in old times the woman was the boss inside the house and the man was the boss outside the house. It was a very simple sharing of responsibilities. But marxist propaganda has turned all of that into some major hatred against the man since he was the public head of the house. Its a trap to make us forget about the children which are the most important thing here.

Read Marx again and his public acknowledgement of cheating women into upheaval - including the ugly ones(!!):

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval.
Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included."

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posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 02:14 AM

originally posted by: Gaussq
a reply to: dawnstar

Inside her bones mos women want their man to be strong and yet many fight with him all the time to take all his power away and change him. If he changes many will leave him because he is so "boring".. Cant have the cake and eat it...

THIS. Well said. Women have been reprogrammed to see their traditional role as "opression." But it's the only way families really work.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 04:20 AM
Just an observation...I have not yet decided to accept this as an opinion. It is the responsibility of a parent to protect their children. Not doing so is and/or can be a crime. If a parent puts their child in the path of physical danger...they can be prosecuted. So when a parent decides, for selfish reasons, to favor their "desires" over the child's "needs" that not child abuse or endangerment?

To WILLINGLY cause harm to, or by neglect allow harm to your child should be considered a crime worthy of prosecution. So I wonder if this applies to parents, like those listed here as causing harm? If I decide to quit my job and become a drug addict, am I not causing harm to my innocent children? I know my children could be taken away from can't I be charged and prosecuted?

I won't even get into the abortion questions but I'll just say...I believe it is illegal to purposely and willingly do harm to your unborn child via drug use, etc. I have heard that a person can be compelled to forcibly made to cease such actions...legally.

But the bottom line is this. A selfish parent is NOT a parent.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 05:51 AM

originally posted by: Annee
Everything about the father not being there, but it's the woman's fault?


I agree with you Annee, first time for everything!

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 06:14 AM

originally posted by: WilsonWilson
a reply to: jellyrev
WTF am I reading. I feel like I've entered a parallel universe, I'm sure some posting have women locked in their basements.


posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 06:59 AM
a reply to: Gaussq

man spent centuries, probably ages never really having to worry about compromising with his wife. he was the king of his castle, endowed by his creator with the right to rule, appointed by the laws of the land as the judge, jury, and if he wished, executioner of his wife. matter of fact, society expected that of him. because they were "one" her crimes and misdeeds became his crime and misdeeds, and unless he straightened out his household, it would be his guilt that society saw. love wasn't part of a marriage, and was discouraged at one point and women were criticized for being too friendly and formal with their husbands... that is how marriage was a few centuries ago! a marriage not ruled by love.

the marriages of today has it's base in love, or what people interpret as love, sometimes it's a selfish love, but still..
love, not a lord/servant relationship. love will cause you to bend for another, it will weaken you, cause you to do things that you would really prefer not to do. would you rather we go back to a servant/lord relationship and just take the love out of the relationship, just make it more of a contractual obligation?

you admit that there are not so good guys out in society just as there is not so good gals. but you seem to have a problem with the media if it tries to portray this reality in it's shows. I'm sorry, but I see just as many heroes as heroines. just as many batty women as stupid men. just as many abusive women as abusive men being portrayed. And, I find myself wondering if you are actually getting this impression from actually watching the media, or is it more what you read about it?

And secondly, a father is useful in the household, no matter how much you hate his "imaginary authority" in the household. He is needed for the kids in a human world

sorry, I stopped at the word marxist here... was it marxist when men and women broke from the chains that the priests and kings held? was it marxist for men and women to demand representation in the government? was it marxist for men and women to demand decent wages, better, safer working conditions, hours, ect? many of these happened before marx was even born, only somewhere in around in the 1950's such things were labeled as marxists by those holding the power in the western nations when people in the developing nations began demanding those things making it harder to be exploited.

I lived under that "imaginary authority", or at least tried to for a better part of my married life... "because the children needed their father"... eventually those children grew up strong enough to push back and I grew a backbone and like I said the latter part was better than most of the earlier parts.. but I kind of doubt if it was better for those children.
one of my sons came home one night complaining about the guy he was supposed to be working with... the guy was a hard... constantly on him, demanding this and that from him while he didn't do much of anything except get in my son.. and he described to me what was going on in his head... and I recognized it right off... since I had felt the same way many times. he froze up, couldn't think, stood there in a near panic state. another one of my sons ends up having petit mal seizures if things get too loud and chaotic. I finally managed to get back in the workforce and really worked my tail off, telling myself that if I could ever make enough to support me and the kids, we would brake free... but, well, I ended up disabled, and training a guy on machines I was really quite good at running just to find out that he was making over what was my goal, that magic wage that I thought I could support them on...
gee, it just doesn't seem that imaginary when you are living in it!!!

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: dawnstar

It seems like you experienced life yourself a few centuries ago and got to live all the millions of marriages that existed throughout the centuries back then across the whole world.

Excuse me but the winner writes history - and the current ruler is the marxists. How would they describe old times in the extbook? As a disaster of course.

Statistics: traditional culture has been able to persist for 5000 years with marriages and family culture existing since the beginning of this civilization.

Marxist culture has taken over gradually for about 50 years and today we see that our society is near to a collapse with conflicts between countless groups in modern marxist society.

This is in line with marxists war strategy to incite hatred between people in society, ie man vs woman, islam vs christianity, traditional people vs modern people, young vs old. And its all controlled and pushed in a certain direction.

Who has strong religion in western society and who has growth?

Muslims come here and they have many kids and a strong religion and culture attracting alot of people. Churches are torn down and mosques are constructed. Muslim kids are focused on family with life objectives while many western kids dont have any.

Which culture and religion will take over?.. Its simple facts isnt it when you look at society today. What people imagine today will be gone soon.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: Gaussq
This whole thread is an attack on women and their achievements, so the whole post is a product of Marxism, a man attacking women?

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: Gaussq

This is complete bs. Even before Socialism and Marxism were defined terms, there were Socialist concepts popping up in the past throughout history. You just have an irrational hatred of Marxists and women.

Which culture and religion will take over?.. Its simple facts isnt it when you look at society today. What people imagine today will be gone soon.

Lol! Simple facts say that Muslims make up 1% of the population of the country and have for some time regardless of the influxes of Muslims over the last few decades.
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posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 12:51 PM
a reply to: Gaussq

Which culture and religion will take over?.. Its simple facts isnt it when you look at society today. What people imagine today will be gone soon.

the world that I am living in today, wasn't imaginable when I graduated from high school... christianity isn't really the same, really isn't much that is. so for you to say that what people imagine today will soon be gone...
no kidding!! change is a vital part of reality!
as far as this competition between islam and christianity... well, religions change also, they grow and evolve into different belief systems, with gods of different names, and yet, pretty much the same story being told over and over.
who knows, maybe 50 years from now, both religions will have been replaced with something more suitable for the modern era.

but, you sound like you are unhappy because women just aren't procreating enough.
I'm sorry but I don't see women as being really obligated to have a half a dozen babies if they don't want to to save your society.. maybe men should start asking themselves why women just don't want to have the babies, why they might want to be more than just housewives and mothers, why they don't trust men to rely on them so heavily, why some many have learned that they can't really totally count on the men that much. and, by the way, my grandmother had a flipping historical museum practically in her house. and, I really got into the old newspapers she had....
newspapers much older than the communists or marxists!! I'll believe the history from those newspapers before I'll believe some of the things you seem to want people to believe.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: WilsonWilson

Which women and which achievements are you talking about? Did you try to read the posts here and make sense?

I have compassion for all human beings including women. I dont judge any people or women and certainly not anyone by their so called "achievements".

This thread is primarily about the children and how they suffer devastation from modern culture and bad parenting.

What I mentioned above is that some kind of traditional culture will always prevail in the longterm because its superior based on historical statistics. Modern culture destroys all people in the end because it destroys young people and they are the future. So it wont last.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: dawnstar

I am not saying women should procreate or change in any way. They do what they want and its not my business.

But its clear to me that kids are the losers every day of the week in this modern culture. And I am not afraid to accept the facys of marxism and its obvious role in modern culture. All of it was invented by those people.

A human being dies when he becomes old and sick. This civilization dies when it becomes old and sick. Now this civilization is old and sick and moral standards are lower than ever. If it hadnt been marxism it had been called something else, its just the arrangement. So we should try to do good things and have compassion for each other and wait for the next civilization. I believe it will be greater than ever. No it wont be islam or old christianity, I am not saying that they are the best.

posted on Feb, 2 2017 @ 06:25 PM
What "Culture" is going to die out?

The "Western Culture" ? You know that's pretty much spread world wide, don't you?

And why do you care?

You do know you're going to die, right? And in fact - the entire universe is going to collapse!

Barring the inevitable, you do also realizes that many variables can and will shift, including many that cannot even be anticipated.

You are engaging in linear thinking involving a narrow set of factors. And the hoped for end result is what you envision, and what you think is somehow best.

And not only does such particular dogmatic thinking ignore other's ideas and self determination, it also ignores most logistical realities.

posted on Feb, 3 2017 @ 03:11 AM

originally posted by: FalseMove
What "Culture" is going to die out?

The "Western Culture" ? You know that's pretty much spread world wide, don't you?

And why do you care?

You do know you're going to die, right? And in fact - the entire universe is going to collapse!

Barring the inevitable, you do also realizes that many variables can and will shift, including many that cannot even be anticipated.

Well, I am sure that the Universe is collapsing but as for my spirit, it wont die in any case
and I try to work on improving it. Western culture is marxist and all of that is soon forgotten and gone as shown by statistics.

Yeah there are many variables affecting us but those I cant affect much. Your mind is shaped from your lifestyle and karma and it is yours. Mine is mine. These things are all good and variety is the best thing since the whole universe is stabilized by the differences between people and things. Equality is against nature and unlogical and a terrible concept. Then one has truly lost one´s life if one is shaped to become like everyone else without feelings, temper and personality.

I dont think I ignore others ideas but I have my own ideas for sure. Just like most other people.

I end this thread by a quote by the genius of Goethe:

"Few people have the imagination for reality."

The whole human world is a false illusion and its a painful illusion for many people these days - my own two cents.

posted on Feb, 3 2017 @ 06:10 AM
a reply to: Gaussq

Clarification: Equal rights before the law is of course correct, my english is not that correct, sorry for that. That all people, cultures etc become the same is no good. That would be very boring too.

posted on Feb, 3 2017 @ 07:21 PM

originally posted by: Farlander

originally posted by: Gaussq
a reply to: dawnstar

Inside her bones mos women want their man to be strong and yet many fight with him all the time to take all his power away and change him. If he changes many will leave him because he is so "boring".. Cant have the cake and eat it...

THIS. Well said. Women have been reprogrammed to see their traditional role as "opression." But it's the only way families really work.

I have recruited another drinking buddy to help me argue this topic. I am quoting you here because I can work off of this.

This is the only way that families really work? Then WHY do the men keep leaving them???

And the "traditional role" (which is not that traditional really, I'll leave it to the history scholars to dismantle that) - that (recent) "traditional role" IS oppressive! For women as well as men.

Men seem to promote it more and fall for the Capitalist Propaganda faster because they want sex and a house keeper. Women know the truth of it all - it is WAY TOO MUCH HARD WORK! FOR US!

And we get little to nothing in return and the "father" may leave at any time.

Let me tell you, and I believe I said this already - ALL of my relatives are divorced. FEW people I know of came from a "traditional family". And it was always the father that left. And to be clear - we came from that Happy Family Suburbia that all you types promote so much.

And it IS promoted so the Capitalists can make money off your back! Breed more consumers and then (recent, "traditional"), Dad goes to work to "provide for the family" - where the Capitalists make $ off of his back.

Isn't this all pretty obvious? And you men are so blinded by sex and your yearning for a Mommy figure that you're willing to throw your whole life away to go to work for The Borg???

Yes you are. Until you aren't. And then you leave and the woman is left with the mess you made. SHE has to pick up the slack of the kids and then go get a crap job where she will be paid less. All because "dad" crapped out.

I and everyone I know - we weren't "Brainwashed by Feminism" - we saw what our mothers and grand mothers had to put up with with our own eyes! And they were the ones who told us - GET AN EDUCATION! And DO NOT GET MARRIED DO NOT HAVE KIDS.

And you could see it on the faces of the parents of your school mates too - how wasted and beat down they looked. How miserable and sorry to be stuck with kids.

It IS oppressive and men can understand it too by thinking about crappy jobs: Aren't THEY oppressive? And you wonder how to get out? But you can't for various reasons, - apply the same thinking to dealing with kids.

Kids SUCK! Don't you remember BEING a kid? They're mean bully assholes and they never sit still and # in their pants.
And cost too much $.

Oh and someone should be a "Soft Loving Mother" to one of these things? If I were stuck with one I'd IMMEDIATELY take it to a fire station or something.

Men don't have to deal with kids and often OPT OUT of dealing with the kids they created.

So why should we women deal with these beasts either?

NOT ME! And goes for 99% of the people I know. F and M.

I don't care if the Muslims take over either. I'll be dead by then.
When NO ONE has ever cared about YOU - and instead treats you as a means to THEIR ends - it's pretty hard to care about others.

This is our version of "Feminism" and what it boils down to is basically - GET LOST. We will do as we please because it's a FREE COUNTRY.
Also - while I've seen plenty of men bleating on these various subjects that boil down to a "return to traditional life" - I have NEVER ONCE seen them say ONE THING about what THEY will contribute. Not once. And I keep my eye on Conservatives, the "Alt Right", and the "Manosphere".
And to reiterate - NOT ONCE have I seen any of these types talk about what THEY could contribute to such a living arrangement.

My friend says her version of Feminism is: Get out of my way or I'll kill you.

Yep. You gotta be strong and fight it at every turn. Because who in the hell wants this boring suburban family life anyway? Well yeah MEN do - until they tire of it and go running after some other woman, or a man, or a tree stump - and then YOU are left in the lurch to deal with the mess.


These are the generalized ideas of Feminism, from working stiffs like us. We're trying to avoid MORE work.
And kids. Because let's be honest - kids suck.

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posted on Feb, 3 2017 @ 07:32 PM
a reply to: FalseMove

You get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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