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Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Accused in New Sex Trafficking Case

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posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 01:34 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestige NYC college.


Jane Doe 43 v. Epstein et al

Oh boy, here we go again. Think what you will, but someone is going to slip up eventually and when they do, those that are paying attention will take notice and hopefully end this s***.

The woman, only known as Jane Doe 43, filed a federal lawsuit against Epstein in the US District Court in New York demanding damages for forcing her to perform sexual acts on him. The lawsuit also included, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Natalya Malyshev.

She describes then 64-year-old Epstein - then 50 - as a billionaire who used his wealth to commit illegal sex crimes in violation of the law and accuses him of having a compulsive sexual preference for young girls as young as 13 and as 'old' as 25.

Two of the alleged accomplices...

Ghislaine Maxwell

The British socialite accused of recruiting Jeffrey Epstein’s “teen sex slave” was ordered to hand over any correspondence between her and the billionaire pedophile over the past 17 years, a Manhattan judge ruled Thursday.


So, anyone have a clue how that story ended? I didn’t think so…

Sarah Kellen

Kellen was accused by lawyers in legal filings of “bringing girls to Epstein’s mansion to be abused”. According to police files, a series alleged victims of Epstein told investigators that they were led to a massage room in Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, by a woman named Sarah.

The new court papers state: "When she [Jane Doe 43] knew him he'd have sex virtually every day and assisted in the development and execution of a sex trafficking scheme designed to fulfill his sexual desires.”

She claims that Epstein had help from an inner circle of friends, specifically naming Maxwell and accusing her of recruiting young girls and scheming to cover up any crimes committed.

According to the legal papers, the woman alleges Sarah Kellen worked as a recruiter for Epstein but also maintained his sex schedule in order to ensure that he was not without sexual favors of young females for an extended period of time.

Back in 2006, Jane Doe 43 explains she was recruited into the sexual enterprise by false promises that Epstein would use his connections and resources to get her into The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Natalya Malyshev is another alleged recruiter who informed Jane Dow 43 that Epstein liked to use his influence and wealth to help financially poor females. In return, she was told that she would need to provide body messages to Epstein in exchange for his assistance.

She claims that they threatened her if she didn't provide sexual favors and that they would use their connection to make sure she didn't get into the school or a receive a modeling contract.

'Maxwell instructed Plaintiff how to massage Epstein using the techniques that he preferred. During Plaintiff's first massage, Defendant Epstein converted it into a sexual act and made it known to Plaintiff that further sex would be required in order for her to obtain the assistance he promised and to avoid Defendants' threatened retaliation if Plaintiff did not perform as demand,' according to the court papers.

In January 2007, Epstein sent her to South Africa in part to recruit, for a promised fee, one or more aspiring models but she refused to perform the assignment ... knowing what the girls would be in for when they came to America.

Even more twisted, she was told that she wouldn’t be allowed back to the America unless she lowered her body weight from 125 lbs. To 114 lbs. In doing so, she eventually suffered kidney failure and extreme emotional/psychological distress. Again (if true), what a piece of s***.

Upon arriving back in New York, she was soon ordered to have sex with Epstein as he once again promised her the opportunity of a lifetime. She finally gave up and left the US in May 2007.

She is suing the defendants for their role in the sex trafficking enterprise ... accusing them of violating numerous laws by transporting, soliciting, harboring, threatening and coercing young girls to engage in commercial sex acts. Jane Doe is demanding unspecified damages for the emotional and mental damage they caused.

Epstein paid off many of the girls in out-of-court settlements, however four of the underage masseuses brought a case against the federal government last year for violating the Crime Victims' Rights Act by not telling her a federal case against him had been dropped.

In an affidavit filed last year, one of the girls, Virginia Roberts said that she had had sex with Prince Andrew and renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz — a member of OJ Simpson's Dream Team — on Epstein's properties.

Everyone of course denies the allegations and after being sued by the defense attorneys, most don’t have the money to fight back and some are forced to retract their allegations.

What I always remind myself is that Epstein is just one guy. What makes him powerful is his money. What the rest of us lack in wealth, we make up for in spirit. These people are dead inside. Help stop this madness now.

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posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 01:55 AM
all i can say is if its true i hope justice is done. I think its hard to prove these kinds of cases thought isnt it?

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 11:08 PM
did she file criminal charges or is she only suing for money damages?

posted on Jan, 28 2017 @ 11:44 PM
a reply to: tribal

This is just the top of the berg, His plane has been logged being used for Dyna corp business, They have been implicated in human trafficking. So its unlikely this trial will see the light of day.

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