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Theresa May: America and Britain will 'lead together again' after Brexit and election of Trump

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posted on Jan, 26 2017 @ 07:47 PM

originally posted by: makemap
Lol, you don't see Japan having mass violence compare to Americans nor does the city people act the same as Americans.

Well no, its a different culture. like you dont see many states that allow you to marry a 13 year old.
I would compare japanese culture closer in relation to crime the way perhaps a nice gated communitys culture is in the US. low crime, materialistic, traditional, etc.
You cant compare all of America to Japan as its too skewed, and america is multicultural, meaning some great cultures, and some really trash ones pushed together. but Chicago is a far cry from say, Maine or Vermont. Hell, Hawaii is filled with Japanese and its part of the US.

If you think Technology and laws is a form of westernization then your wrong there. China has the same technology,

China has become more technological after the incorporation of Hong Kong, which owes its technological advances to Britian. Its only recent that they are exploding into a modern nation, 100% the influence of Hong Kong. Its also why the worry is on now about AGW and stuff as 1.5ish billion people start using more and more electricity, start eating more, more meat, etc.

Japan is so different it is more closely related to Hong Kong for the most part of it with Neon signs.

Agreed..and you just made my point. Hong Kong until 1997 was british owned and built...and brits and the US are of the same culture outside of minor differences.

Asian culture is more in line with places like veitnam, outer parts of china, laos, thailand to an extent, etc. Westernization is what has happened to make the great nations of the east great. Check out the contrast between places like south Korea and North, or what a less western place is like such as Indonesia or Malaysia.

Japan has had trading and influence from the US, Britian and Russia since the 1800s and has grown up with us. outside of the WW2 spat, they have been linked with us. China has always been stand offish with both and if it wasn't for Hong Kong(Britian), they would be no better than a very large and influencial NK. China is RIFE with corruption..overt corruption on the highest levels. mass wastes of money, etc..Japan is ultra conservative and corruption is very minimal by comparison outside of trying to bury mistakes, make light of serious issues, etc (British influence there I suspect) and the people are capitalist as hell

posted on Jan, 27 2017 @ 03:30 AM

originally posted by: Wardaddy454
And I for one cannot wait.

*Trigger Warning*

Make Britain Great Again!

With Tories in charge? HahahahahaHAHAHAHA, oh wait, you were being serious? Hahahahaha.....

I doubt Britain will.ever be great again. The people are too divided, a bit like America, both countries have a long way before they're even OK again, nevermind great....

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