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A lot about Science, Technology, Means and Ends.

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posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 07:05 PM
So I make a town in a beautiful region of mexico. Its english speaking. The best scientists and actors live her. Fast forward many years:

This town developed into a culture and left earth many thousands of years ago.

Alright, so this civilization aquires enough technology to create a star. After they create a star, they form a planet from already existing materials. The same thing with the star.

So they have a star and a Planet. They can live forever, abundant food and unlimited energy.

144,000 people in total. 72,000 men, 72,000 women. They are all married, monogamous and invest their time in the arts and sciencies. Their Sun runs on an unlimited power source. Their planet's temperature and weather patterns are repeatable and work like clockwork. The activities of their planet occur at a rate where nothing life threatening occurs or such an event is easily avoidable through the use of technology.

They decided not to have any more children and they are very content.

What becomes their meaning of their life?

The meaning of life becomes the means, rather than the ends. Their whole life was about attaining what they did and how it was done.

What becomes their objective for continued living?

Answer: Continue with their cultural activites, or explore outerspace looking for other forms of existence and looking at them from a distance.

Am I right to suggest that the meaning of life is to learn and to study the means in which you have taken to create the perfect world?

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