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The Truth about Depression

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posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 03:28 AM
People are too obese.
They would feel better if they ate healthier
and exercised and got plenty of good sex.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 03:57 AM
Haha, so there's a video by Angry Foreigner where he attempts to explain why Paul is wrong about depression... I can understand the point he is trying to make, there is such a thing as real depression which should be taken seriously and properly treated, and we shouldn't stigmatize true depression. However the point being made by Paul is that if 1/10 of people are on anti-depressants, there's no way they're all actually suffering from real depression, they're just being cry babies, reveling in their own self pity as if the world was against them. A much smaller fraction of people actually have a good reason to be depressed or suffer from a true mental condition which causes them to be depressed. The truly depressing thing is, the Angry Foreigner has a much higher like ratio on his video compared to Paul.

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posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 04:12 AM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder


No worries, Trump will reverse the after effects of the last Disaster run by Obama and friends.

He didn't mention that the X Generation along with the baby Boomer Gen disagree with what's been done to You Me and everyone else in the vicinity of North America.

I'd vote for the Brit any day of the f****ing week!

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 04:13 AM
a reply to: BeenieWeenie

Yes sex is good, and I'm hoping to have plenty of it soon!

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 04:55 AM
Might I add.... For those who know it not.

Sadness is not Depression. It's in an entirely different category altogether.

Wake Up ... Pleasse.

Truth Speaks Volumes, so does telling the Truth.

Excuse me I have a Visitor, her name is Karma.


posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 05:05 AM
a reply to: anonentity

Let me clarify, yes there is such a thing as clinical depression. The OP video touches on it briefly but basically ignores it.
This type of depression requires either medical treatment or some serious alternative medicine combined with help to overcome the root cause. I'm talking things like suicidal tendencies, manic depression and PTSD here. These things are very real but also luckily not too common.

What he talks about in the vid is age of entitlement. People just have this chip on their shoulder and think the world owes them everything and that they are the most unique and special pebble on the beach because mommy and daddy told them so. And then when the realisation that the world is actually mean and don't give nothing back for lazing about and whinging on social media they get all disappointed and think they are depressed.

Feeling sad because your parents won't let you attend your friend's party is not depression. That's discipline. And that is where this whole debacle stems from. There is no discipline any more.

My parents used to give my siblings and I the odd hiding. Never out of anger, just when we had blatantly been disobedient. And you know what? I learned what manners, rules, boundaries and respect are because of it.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 05:14 AM
There's an awful lot of ignorance about depression in this thread.

It's not precious snow-flake-ism. And it's not just been around for the last 8 years.

It's not 'feeling a bit down'. It's not 'being a bit sad'. It's not 'being too weak to pull yourself up by your boostraps.'

It's a serious life-threatening illness where chronic changes in brain chemistry bring about a condition that kills a large percentage of the people who get it.

Are there people taking anti-depressants who don't medically need them? Maybe, I don't know, I don't know everybodies medical histories. And neither does anybody else.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 05:22 AM
a reply to: Painterz

What the video talks about is this

This person does not have depression. They are a spoiled brat who throws temper tantrums when they do not get their own way.

Guarantee that she will have visited the Doctor by now for some prozac though.......

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 05:41 AM
a reply to: Painterz

If you look inside yourself you will find the Ignorance you seek!

change your world.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 06:34 AM
Ive dealt with Anxiety and subsequent depression.

I took anti-anxiety meds that didn't change much. So I barely took them.

Instead I had a great family and together, eventually... made it to the "other end" of the tunnel. And now I'm fine.

But in those dark days, I can see why people would do anything to get them out of their situation. - Actually, as dark as it sounds and I never contemplated taking my own life... But I understood the reasoning of those who sadly do. It's a very dark place to be.

Now I'm here, I can see that the human psyche can take much more than we're perhaps lead to believe. Looking at my life, anxiety and depression free... A bit of hindsight goes a long way. But I do not blame those who decide to take medication to make the days easier.
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posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 06:36 AM
a reply to: JesusXst

People can get depressed about a lot of things, and some are probably easier to get out of depression then others.

I bet there a thousand D-Bags right now depressed, stuck with a nagging wife, hating themselves since they are not rich, and wishing running over old ladies with a hummer. Then you got people who get told that they can't be this, or will never be that...Like coming from a abusive home, or violent neighborhoods.

They have to pick themselves up, and move forwards one foot at a time.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: JesusXst
This is one sad thread.

posted on Jan, 24 2017 @ 08:47 AM
I agree with most of what he says, indeed.

But at the moment that he said "It's your fault", it dawned on me that he actually has no clue. There are truly some things that happen that are not your fault, they are confusing, and they aren't laughable.

As well, you can try to change all day. Fake it until you make it. It almost works until some devil in the flesh comes to test your mettle.

Here is where the hell actually exists: if you fail the test, you want to die because of guilt. But if you pass the test, you want to die because the tests never end and you try to love people instead of losing your mind.

I work faster and smarter than anyone you've met. It isn't about laziness. It's about realizing that a life constantly fraught with peril is no life at all.

Hope, not testosterone, keeps me alive.

I have to believe in God. If there is no God, then the universe is wholly evil and suffering and death one time to be gone forever and for all work to have no meaning, for life to have no meaning - for people to argue about ideals... If it's all pointless, I'm done being here and I can't wait to be off of this rock.

Yeah, there are a bunch of entitled whiners out there. They are pretenders indeed.

That's not the whole story, though.

And if you think God or men will love you more for completely disregarding someone else's suffering, you're due for a wake up call.

I agree with not being a puss, but human suffering is not something we always choose and it's not always our fault.

You would actually find that my pain actually makes me better, faster, stronger, never taking anything for granted - I always know the truth because much joy doesn't cloud my judgment or reduce my alertness.
But also, because I have actually suffered and I love honesty.

This man in the video gives a nice and funny speech, but anyone who thinks he's completely right - I guarantee you that you are the source of someone's strong suffering. And the other group, the lazy meat-heads; yeah, they are consistent contributors as well.

Whether you believe in God or Science, you cannot deny that we can feel pain. There must be a reason for it. I certainly hope so, because I can't take too awfully much more.

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