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Report: George Soros Tied to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of Anti-Trump Women’s March

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posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 02:26 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord...

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 02:35 PM
a reply to: Sillyolme

Organically? You mean the non stop promotion from celebrities calling for protests and non stop images of protest from the left had nothing to do with it? Every special snowflake woke up one day and decided they needed to voice their opinion?

Now I know you meant organically meaning Soros didn't start the march himself, but you are terribly wrong if you think it wasn't a corporate or democrat 'endeavor'

Planted seeds grow organically so I guess in a sense you're right
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posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 03:36 PM

originally posted by: ofleming
a reply to: sad_eyed_lady

Soros, ew. I'm amazed people can defend the guy.

Anything and everything under the sun and moon that is anti-Trump is defended, or silently applauded and/or justified if not encouraged by the left - including, but not limited to assassination, rape and blowing up the white house innuendo.

The left has become what they've hated and railed against for decades... the right!!! You can't make this stuff up!!!

Don't click here!...I told you so.
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posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 05:03 PM
First , Soros is not anti-Us , ant-Germany , anti- France . These are the countries he ripped off big time and is a wanted man in. He doesnt care about EITHER political Party. Just the destruction of the above said countries.He USES the Far Left of these countries to bring about his end game.

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 07:14 PM

originally posted by: FamCore
a reply to: sad_eyed_lady

Had you seen this news from a few days ago?

Stop Operation Soros - Macedonia

I saw the headline, but didn't know the details.

“The Open Society Foundation, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia. It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing outside any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology,” he stated.

No big surprise. I wish their movement success.

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) was set up by Hungarian-born Soros between the mid-1980s to early 1990s with the stated aim of helping former Eastern bloc countries transition from communism. However, aside from its support for progressive causes such as drug policy reform, the OSF has also been involved in political activities and Soros publically supported the violent overthrow of the legitimately-elected government in Ukraine during the ‘Euromaidan’ revolution. This has earned him the ire of Russian authorities, which in 2015 banned Soros and his foundations as a threat to national security.

Leaked Soros Memo Reveals Potential Plan to Use Black Lives Matter to Federalize US Police

Open Society Foundation is a tool to bring about UN Agenda 2030 formerly know as UN Agenda 21. Soros is puppetmaster for implementation of the NWO.

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