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Anti-Trump Protestor Lights A Girl's Hair On Fire! Caught On Video

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posted on Jan, 22 2017 @ 10:48 PM
Wow, what a POS of a person to do this kind of thing. The Video clearly shows the "arm reach out" with the lighter before the smoke starts coming off the girls head.

Mackenzie Ullom1 hour ago

I am the girl in this video wearing the red hat, and the girl who was lit aflame is a close friend of mine. I witnessed this entire event unfold. before this video was taken me and my friend were going back and forth with the protesters, all peacefully albeit a few crude gestures aimed at us. The fact that this woman had enough anger towards people with beliefs different than hers that she would go so far as to light them on fire is disgusting. To assault another human while forcefully preaching "love" and "tolerance" is unadulterated hypocrisy. We are doing everything in our power to find the woman responsible. Make America great again.

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posted on Jan, 22 2017 @ 10:57 PM
Keep it classy liberal America.

You're just solidifying your continued losses.

posted on Jan, 22 2017 @ 10:57 PM
In all fairness the title 'anti-Trump protestor' is not applicable here. The rest of the anti Trump protesters were very apologetic

posted on Jan, 22 2017 @ 11:30 PM
People who cry, moan, and say that they're leaving the country because their dull candidate didn't win, are capable of ANYTHING. Trump supporters.. Please Stay on your guard when talking to Democrats who don't seem normal.

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 12:02 AM
All while chanting "this is what democracy looks like!"

No. This is what democrats in 2017 look like.

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 12:49 AM
put that in your pipe and smoke it...

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 12:54 AM
a reply to: infolurker
Well aside form this whole anti Trump or pro Trump thing.

I think we would be better served if we start classifying this overwhelming urge of politicking for or against one candidates or party and take it super cereal, to the point of life or death, or trying to set someones hair on fire because they have a different opinion then yours, as a mental disorder.

Everything else some which are harmless seem to be classified as a mental disorder now a days from 10 year olds who cant stand still to eating to much cholcate. This which actually effects millions of people and they seem to go bananas every 4 years should definitely be classified as such, you know before it get out of hand.

Are they not aware it is not real? For the most part scripted? Silly rabbits tricks are for kids.

Obviously we need to make anti politicking camps or places, were people can go, for months on end to get them away and deprogram themselves from this red vs blue thing, kind of like alcohol or drug detoxing clinics.

I mean I know people want to belong, but this is getting ridiculous.

It could start like they go there sit down in a circle of chairs with everybody having there name in a sticker on there chest, and one by one it would go like.

" Hello my name is Bob or Jane or whatever, and I am an politickingido, I first started noticing this problem some years ago when I was going through my first divorce, and I am here because I finally admitted to myself I have one, and it all started some days ago when I tried to burn down his "for ****** 2022" signs he put in his yard, and also tried to shave his dog, but it kind of went haywire and ended up burning the garage down"

And from there it can go on to the next guy or gal in that musical chairs line.

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 08:38 AM
Desperation to the point of lunacy. Violence , name calling , vilification , lies , etc are what started the Left down the road to ruin. Now they are unable to check and find a different route.
Self - Destruction of an entire Party.

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