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The absolutely PATHETIC email I got from the DNC/Clinton Campaign.. @ Trump's inauguration.

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posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 10:22 PM
a reply to: pteridine

I am sure that when I provided my information to the Clinton Campaign that there was a caveat somewhere in the fine print that they would retain the integrity of my information and not pass it on to another party, not even the Democratic party and that it was for the purposes of the campaign only.

Now it's Donna Brazile emailing me and asking for money, although it might as well have been written by the Clinton campaign as the two things are indistinguishable.

I never signed up for that.

I'm not a member. I'm Canadian!

There's a fundamental assumption being made here by the DNC towards prior Clinton supporters or donors, that we all hate and loath the new President, do not accept the outcome, and will rage and rage against him no matter what he does, based little more than intolerance, bigotry, and hatred according to the framing and context of the campaign, which lost.

It's the same thing that we've seen in the MSM this continuity of the Clinton campaign as an anti-Trump campaign.

I received no introduction, and no persuasive argument, and was solicited without my consent while my personal and banking information was just handed over to the DNC.

It FEELS like the Clinton campaign, not some new Democratic Party working to reinvent itself in response to a historic and unexpected loss.

Is this the same "team" of people that Obama is going to be working with in Washington when he returns from holidays?

That's just beyond the pale I think, to retain the Clinton machine as an extension of the DNC, then use that platform and infrastructure to foment irrational opposition, with Obama and his contacts running around behind the scenes with the likes of George Soros to foment some sort of social experiment and revolution based upon the demonization of Donald Trump and his new administration, which hasn't even done anything yet.

It's not only an outrage, but it's also absurd, and a losing strategy if I ever saw one, people meeting behind the scenes and strategizing their own comeback based on a faulty narrative which appeals not to our better nature, but to our desire to be right and to judge, even another (who may have all the best intentions) as "evil".

It's not the right way to admit to their own faults or to find reconciliation and forgiveness (for losing so badly), and it doesn't have the best interest of the individual American Citizen at heart. It's based on raw self-interest and self-preservation which cares about no one and nothing but power for the sake of power and the re-establishment of the now old establishment where people like the Podesta brothers influenced the life of Washington.

It's gross and creepy. It still treats the American people as a massman who can be influenced by watching CNN and the other channels, or by a march funded and organized by George Soros to set the stage for this counter-revolution (they were going to make it a "purple revolution" if we didn't call that out before it happened) that's little more than a shaking fist born of an irrational hatred and personal animus towards Donald Trump.

It doesn't make for a very appealing platform, and it doesn't resonate.

Meanwhile we're heading straight into a new era, so they would have to be opposed to that as well and take a very cynical view towards any American progress.

How sad.

It's just so pathetic though that it's not even worth pitying.

Generally speaking, there's something fundamentally UNAmerican the way it's been presented and is being hammered on by the MSM, as if the American people are, almost to a one, rooting against the new President and in some ways, against their own country and the pursuit of the American dream, for no other reason than that they hate him and everything that they've been told he represents ie: a racist Nazi.

What a tragic loss of fundamental optimism on the part of the left.. no doubt Obama will come along to strike all the right tones and offer up the appropriate reframe, but it's all a manipulation, a façade and the American people can now smell it a mile away because of it's fundamental inauthenticity and lack of vision and lack of reality.

The Democratic Party should willingly destroy itself and be resurrected in anticipation of the midterms, but by having people like Clinton, Obama and Pelosi and Brazile running everything business as usual and politics as usual, they preclude the possibility of such a resurrection of the party and it's platform.

They've completely lost it. They've lost the narrative. They're crazy, just like CNN.

Bernie Sanders gets it, and he's ready to work with the Trump administration to realize common objectives, whereas the DNC are just trying to pander to a knee jerk reaction while bypassing the rational faculties altogether and appealing to that base desire in people to be right by demonizing the other side or a particular individual.

They're doing precisely what they had accused Donald Trump of doing, all of it. But they can't even see it?!

Something about all of this reminds me of a prophetic piece of creative graphic animation and in particular the lady in the tower waving a wand around (see what you think).

That was created by a Canadian in Montreal, who worked on it for years and felt compelled to bring it into being and finish it, this prophetic vision of sorts that he'd had.

I love it.

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posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 10:28 PM
While i do not support Trump (and likely never too disestablishment to support a person in government), i too had my mind changed watching the MSM full out assault on not only Trump, but on truth and ethical standards.

My spidey senses started tingling, and I realized that if the establishment hates Trump enough to flat out lie against him, then perhaps he's worth at least giving consideration to.

So, now I do. I judge him on his actions and not his words. He got a +1 for the TPP deal, and a -1 for the Planned Parenthood deal. So at the end of day 4, he's still at zero, and needs to step it up.

posted on Jan, 23 2017 @ 10:57 PM

originally posted by: bigfatfurrytexan

My spidey senses started tingling, and I realized that if the establishment hates Trump enough to flat out lie against him, then perhaps he's worth at least giving consideration to.

Exactly. They betrayed themselves. Trump really takes note of that kind of stuff just to see where everyone stands and what they're all about and "up to", then he marks them. It's kind of ruthless in a way, and he makes it by far too personal, but it's good to understand the law of the land and where all your enemies are. I hate it though when he refers to those who didn't vote for him as "enemies" that's all wrong.

Even people who hate him still love him in a way, so they should be the easiest ones to win over.

But yeah, seeing the way the MSM have conducted themselves in the wake of it, as well as the prior administration and intel apparatus - that really turned me on to Trump in a big way.

Everything that I've seen shows me that the old establishment really can't stand the very idea of Trump as President, because it spells the end of their own reign, maybe even the reign of Lucifer or Satan (I'm not kidding).

I've been working and praying for this time for the last 15 years or more.

It's a great time to be alive, and to start up a new business based on a good idea, particularly if you can brand it as all American superstar. : )

The world has been waiting for this, but I do wish that Trump would be a little more diplomatic in his dealings with others, particularly the Canadians, and we'll be getting rid of Trudeau eventually (I have the sense that Trump doesn't like him maybe). We're you're biggest trading partner and we rock and are the closest of friends. I wish Trump would make a quick trip up to Canada to signal that friendship..

posted on Feb, 21 2017 @ 12:09 AM
They've stopped. The emails have stopped, praise God.

They didn't have an internal war, they didn't even stop to reexamine why they lost, just piled on with hatred, fear and loathing and absolutely everything that they accused Trump and his supporters of doing with the help of the MSM or Fakestream Media as some sort of continuation of the Clinton campaign, after the election was over, and that is un-American and is at enmity with the best interests of the American people and the new Presidency.

Their strategy was to undermine Trump's win in every possible way, yet each one has failed to take hold while the economy is ramping up.

Now, presumably, their worst fear will be a new American renaissance.

Trump has put in place a very competent cabinet, allowing himself to be just a figurehead and an independent decider who listens to disparate voices from all over the net, maybe even including ATS, you never know.

The Democrats have really lost a second campaign against Donald Trump, that's the way I see it, looking back already.

Raw hatred and condemnation cannot ever serve as the basis for a socio-political movement, no matter how much money they throw at it, or how much organizing they try to do on that basis.

It's a terrible way for them to go down, without the ability or the courage to self-examine and transform back to the party of the people and not the elite establishment and media establishment including Hollywood and Celebrity culture, all of which is fundamentally inauthentic.

If we move into a more settled world in pursuit of lasting mutual peace and prosperity and see an American renaissance dawning over the horizon, and if Nancy Palosi is still the titular head of the Democrats, with Obama and Clinton working behind the scenes to try to take Trump down with the help of deep state and shadow government insiders, then I don't think this is a war that they can win because they have no argument and are not based in reason and logic, just Trump angst and hatred, which has proven itself to be fundamentally unreasonable, even crazy.

That's where they've taken the left and furthermore, evidence has surfaced that there's a place where the left seems to meet the left hand path and that's not good at all.

They would have been better served to just stand down and regroup, but no, they had to try to wage an internal cold civil war against the new President.

It's unbecoming of the spirit of US democracy, imho, and that email that came during Trump's inauguration was symptomatic of everything that's wrong with the losing Democratic Party, who made zero effort to reinvent themselves or to cast themselves in a new light - just resistance, which will peter out with Tax Reform and a booming economy.

I almost feel sorry for them.. almost.

Best regards,


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posted on Nov, 17 2017 @ 06:28 PM
Wellp, they started up again, emails from Clinton, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi..

So I've tried to opt out of the them all, and where there was a box for an explanation, I wrote the following:

Because you've changed my mind and heart regarding who and what you really are, and have made of me, more of a true Liberal.

Your pandering and disinfo just got to be too much to take.

And then there's the John Podesta revelations, as well as certain experiences I've had in relation to you people.

I'm a Christian, so to be honest, I'm not very pleased that there appears to be this place where the left intersects the left-hand path.

It's all just abhorrent and intolerable and I do hope it all comes out.

The people deserve so much better than the likes of Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, etc.

It's all become so transparent.

Trump's not the greatest mind you, but he's TRYING and he actually wants to try to do what's best, and he isn't a satanist in disguise..

It's time for a whole new Democratic Party under entirely new leadership.

No more Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" (dedicated to the devil), no more George Soros.

It has to stop.

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