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My Theory On UFO's and Aliens

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posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 01:45 PM
Im young, a normal kid who does normal things. Im not a ufo addict and i dont go around looking for them and wishing they exsisted. I do alot of things and i just happend to be interested in things like this.

i have been browsing this site for almost two years now and i just want to let people know what i feel, and to see if people are thinking the same thing as me.

Do i belive in UFO's and Aliens?

Yes, i do belive they exsist just becuase of the pure fact that this universe we are in is too large to just contain us. We maybe be alone in our little solar system but noway in other galaxys. I do belive that these other aliens may not be the wierd looking forms we have come to think. They may be just like us but are alien becuase they are from another planet or galaxy. But the other forms of aliens are still believible.

I also think that aliens have been visiting earth since the dawn of it and this is shown in acient picture's and carvings etc etc. I think that Aliens maybe the reason acient civilisations were able to do certain things that were mind blowing. I think aliens back then were able to undisclose themselfs becuase humans were not as dangerous as us to them. They would not shoot at sight of a UFO (Remember people back then thinked in a different way).

I think aliens visited earth and helped humans build things like the pyramids and etc etc. This resulting in humans seeing them as gods (Ever noticed how in certain civilisations and religions gods are of another form or do not look quite human?) It is from things like this that people begin to talk about angels from the heavens and etc etc and dipict god and angels doing all kinds of myrical things.

Ever thought that aliens could be the angels talked about in bibles and etc?. This also leeds to me say that some religions are worshiping gods that are aliens and their religions along with their religous bibles and etc contain proof of aliens. But becuase we are so narrow minded in these times we do not see that and find other interpretations of what ancient scrips say.

Maybe things like the Hindu's Marabharat, that could well be hindu humans seeing aliens battle against each other here on earth?

Jesus could well have been an alien from some of the myrical abilities he had?

Im not disrespecting anyones religion just giving my view.

I just think that aliens have been here and have been witnessed by the human race in the past. In times where people thank in a very different way, back in the ancient times people looked for things to idolize and belive in that's why religions are so old and you do not see any knew ones coming up now. We are so narrow minded to belive anything these days that we look for ways to discredit it.

as for aliens coming to earth now? i think that they do and the goverments have proof of them, hell they may even interact with them who knows?. But the reason aliens may not be as visable as they were in acient times is becuase now they are under the risks of being shot down or half NUKES launched at them.

I know this maybe kind of hard for you to understand, but it's hard for me to really say what's stuck into my head and put it into words. I hope someone can make sense and relate to what im saying?

thanks for your time..

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 11:52 PM
I can relate, you have covered several theories I've heard before. I think theres alot going on, that most people aren't aware of. But, somethings we may never understand completely.

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 12:23 AM
Some of what you're saying fits in line with my own beliefs, such as the existence of aliens elsewhere in the galaxy, their influence on early human civilizations evidenced by texts such as the Bible, and their presence today. However, I doubt that the aliens visiting us in the present day have any fears of being shot down. Now, we're by no means a primitive race, but if you think about how technologically advanced a race must be to be capable of interstellar travel it seems unlikely that our weapons would be capable of taking them down.

If we've been visited in our ancient times, that would mean that the aliens have at least 5000 or so more years on us in terms of technological ability. Now consider the amount of progress we have made in only the last 150 years. I highly doubt that our B2's and F117's have anything to fear from those civil war era weapons, just like the aliens would have nothing to fear from our conventional weapons. It seems like you've put some effort into your theories and research though
. If you want me to elaborate further on what I think of your idea I'll gladly do that, but I'm not sure exactly what you want because of you title..

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 11:03 AM
do i believe in aliens ? YES ther is to much evedence mounting to think otherwise , also the goverments world wide are not totally honest,
and objects found that would suggest truth of life origins have a habit of being found then disappearing,
also our genetic make up does not make sense we have less DNA than apes and yet are more advanced , and ata point our DNA appears to overlap....two strand overlapping almost to suggest that some kind of manipulation of the DNA has taken place .
Then if you search all over the world there seems to be very simular stories of gods [aliens] visiting the earth all told at the same time but by unconnected cultures at a time when mankind was thought to be at his very begining ,
Another thing to think about some of the names of very early human cities eg bab ilah niah [babilonia] translates in arabic to intended gate of the god... strange mesah pato niah [mesopatania] intended afternoon place , sumariah intended payment [ for what i ask ]
There is then the artifacts found under the paws of the sphinx in egypt
look up akasha anu and the rainbow people 1995
you will find the above top secret osiris miranda korth site has the same names reoccuring in both sites ,
you could also check out sumarian tablets iraq found in babilon just to many coincidences , even bemuda triangle atlatis connection is this a possable potal ? there is an american base very near for what pupose ?
hope this gives you some food for thought , all the best fiona

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