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Breath for five seconds

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posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 02:11 PM
In life there is also death, if one knows that they will one day die, does it make them a traveler amidst time, or does traveling among tales of human kind, makes you a fortuneteller of one of a kind. The elephant surely knows grieving, they even know that one day, they will also have their very own place in a graveyard made of bones and tusks., but does it make them a traveler amidst time, already knowing their fate among their own kind? A playing salmon, each year is willing to give his life for a journey to his birthplace, it surely knows that everything it does in the roaming salty sea, is for the sweet water it once knew. The playing salmon must surely know he is a traveler amidst time and space.

Everything is already written, its just stories that fills the gap, a novel of your time to create something that will fade with lost memories of human kind. Is the future just merely opening a door into your mind, with a string you left behind?

The future you imagined, blurs with the present, and they both become a twilight of the past. Its the memories that holds you back from traveling to a imaginary place we do not know, the place where your children should be allowed their innocence before the darkest hours of adulthood kills their spirit. We all know the simple truth, we just dont want to face it.

Breath for five seconds, and think. If you are crying, but dont know why, it means you forgot who you once were.

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