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Trumps Presidential Speech A Little Lackluster?

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posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 02:41 PM
Ok I just read it. I will agree. It wasn't my favorite speech. Not bad, not great.

Lincoln and many others got things done and gave great speeches so let's not create a silly myth that the two are mutually exclusive or vice versa.

In the end, it's about results so it doesn't really matter to me although it is badass that Lincoln used his speeches to drive a change in thinking and ended up being able to do so much for people.

posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 03:34 PM
a reply to: blackrabbit1

Which one? There were several rallies in Nuremberg.

posted on Jan, 20 2017 @ 03:59 PM
a reply to: TheLotLizard

I posted this idea a bit earlier (i'm not trolling)

For someone who is now supposedly the world leader, there was very little 'humility' on offer.
After all, 'you' are The One, Donald

Usually, when you takeover form someone, you praise the ground that your predecessor walked on.
if they have done something that you consider really bad, you don't talk about it (enough is (not) said)

Leaders generally develop an idea, a certain 'vision' over time.
A 'vision' that could even encompass the 'non-believers' , that could create Scuttlebutt
"well ... let's see now...", is a start for a leader

I felt none of that during the inaugural speech

It felt as though there was a need to re-comfort the people who voted for him and nothing else.

Sure, he wanted to reassure people deeply involved with their religion, as well as people in danger.
All of which is all very good and noble, very comforting for tha USA, and quite right too.

From an International perception it's very bad : US isolationalism, believe it or not, is a good thing for nobody

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