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'Space federation'

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 07:27 PM

Originally posted by Xatnys

Earth Sister,

After reading this thread and good deal of your web page, I wanted to pop in and say hi as well as ask a few questions of you. Please take no offense by anything I post.

I wanted to start off by saying that your understandings, as personally revealed to you do come with an "air" of truth or at the very least, a confidence in your words.

I wanted to say that, as my heart truly does believe you are speaking from your inner self, and it's not a guise.

Don't mistake that for meaning that my brain or my logic structure(s) are in unison with my heart. They are much more skeptical. Again, take no offense to this.


Good evening. Your questions are great and I am never offended by sincere questions or sincere skepticism.

I apologize for this being so long. I hope it helps you better understand where I am coming from, because short answers really can't.

1. How long, by your understanding, has this council been visiting the planet known as "Earth" in any manner? To what degree have they directly interacted with the general population of "Earth", and how much interaction was originally directed at just the governments of the population?

Alien races have always visited Earth since before we humans were here. Some of those were members of The Council. Not all visiting now have always visited. The Council as you see it on my pages has been actively organizing the races visiting Earth for "thousands of years," they told me. So I asked how many thousands, but they declined to be more specific at that time, I believe because it would open my mind to more questions that also were not in line for me to be told the answers to. The best metaphor for this common occurrence (of requests for information being declined) is eating a meal a bite at a time, or a lifetime of meals a plate at a time, while many other people in other places are sharing the bounty, all on one due course.

In May 1990, there were 170 races visiting Earth, and 30 of them were in, or of, "The Project" which is the loose name for their organization and the goings on of their organizing all of the visiting races into a unit. (There is one Project at Earth. Other Projects are for other worlds, and every world of intelligent life has a Project-- or an organization of visiting races.)

In the time between May 1990 and April of 2000, The Project was completed by the efforts of all its old and new members, mainly The Council, and also with help of some of the humans who work openly with alien life. The completion consisted of bringing all visiting races under the guidance, protection and agreements of the organization. It meant that some of the races visiting had to bring their methods up to the new standards, with all assistance possible from The Project races. It also meant that some visiting races who would not or could not comply, or simply had no authentic reason for being here, had to leave. The organization of our visiting races also made it possible for our other neighboring races, who previously refused to visit until they could depend on their efforts being productive here, began visiting. This brought the visiting races to exactly 218.

The benefits of being organized bring a sharing of knowledge, technologies, techniques and assistance to each of the visiting races, which is necessary to them all now that we humans are reaching a critical point of maturation in our own natural evolution. The visiting races now share the common goal of offering humanity a diplomatic relationship and bringing humans on Earth to a true awareness of alien life.

Unfortunately, the way we have our political and financial systems, and power structures, set up on Earth-- country against country, and our religious teachings (many) of dogma, superstition and money, have us road blocked against accepting the truth or visitation from our neighboring races. (This is just a nutshell, and I hardly understand the workings of governments or special interest groups.)

Alien life has always interacted with the public by sightings, and with particular individual humans personally for conversations and teachings. Contact is never random. To be an experiencer, a person has to be related to an alien race by spirit, and has "some kind" of personal contact, whether they recall it or not. Most experiencers do not recall any contact. Most of those who do recall contact, have one or two or a few encounters that they recall, and then refuse to or cannot proceed on a physical level, though contact may continue in other states of consciousness.

40 to 42 percent of the population of Earth is "some kind" of a personal experiencer (although anybody may spot an alien craft). Ten percent of those are directly related to another race by spirit, meaning they were in life in another race before. The remaining percentage of experiencers are offspring of the 10%. No alien people, or hybrids, live or walk around on Earth, or are infiltrated into our governments, or interbreed with humans, or run our world in any way.

The organization does not work directly with any Earth governments. Some of the races visiting Earth have approached our leading governments and offered their assistance, which was always refused. The US government made trade agreements with The Greys regarding their hybrid programs in exchange for technologies, which they forced upon The Greys under threats to (all) aliens and to the individual humans who worked with them, especially with The Greys. The Project races helped The Greys break those agreements. The Greys still have some ties with the US government, but they are no longer corrupt on The Greys' part.

How much interaction there was between The Greys and the US Govt, I don't know. But it is my plain teaching and experience that propaganda was used to blow this interaction way out of proportion, and remarkably against The Greys, in order to discredit any of it being known or accepted by the public when it leaked and spread.

More recently, the organization of visiting races accepted a request by the US Government to open a dialog. Initial stages of this did not work out because the US Government (I don't know who) thought they could lie to the aliens, and tried to get away with doing something underhanded that would set themselves up later with the benefit of a "loophole" to use to work around their agreements. I do not know exactly what the trick was, and I do not know whether talks have resumed yet. We all want talks to resume, but only honestly.

The alien races view and treat our governments and its publics as one humanity. Their mission is for all of humanity, and whatever we do on Earth to ourselves and each other, the visiting races only do the best they can to work for all without discrimination or disregard. They are not angels and they are not perfect. And just "look" at what they have to work with. And no matter what, this is still our own race and our own world, and they can't overstep their jurisdiction at the risk of taking over for us.

2. Is there a common or underlying belief system found amongst the various races that make up the council? What are some of the main points to the belief system(s) you are familiar with? Does that in any way relate to any of the various belief systems found here on "Earth"? I am far from a spiritual person by most common terms, but I will recognize how vital these belief systems are to the progress of cultures and entire civilizations. I state that so you know the motive of my interest.

There is a strict protocol and structure to The Council and how the members behave and interact. They each have their own specialties. They call on the specialties of the other races also to help them do their work, and the consult the more advanced races above them whenever they need to. There is a lot more to this, a little of which I know about.

But I think you are talking about religion. Spirituality is natural and Universal because all life is created by God. Spirituality is not exactly about being "good" although that too-- it's about being natural. What I have learned from all my spiritual experiences is that religion is not God, and God did not make religion. If you study religion, you learn about man. If you want to know about God, you have to go straight to God. There is nothing wrong with religion, but see it for what it is and what and who it really serves.

From all my spiritual teachings, and not just from alien life, "The Son of God" has been to many worlds, but not all races of life needed him to live right inside of their races in order to teach them. Some, he could just talk to. There is one God, and as well, one "Son" who is God. On other worlds, The Son of God is known by other names. All known races in the all the known Universes believe in the one same God. That is because God takes care of that, not other races. However, humanity of Earth is the only known race anywhere who holds the concepts of a devil or a hell.

God is not like anything you will ever hear about on Earth, because it can't even by spoken, and that comes strictly from my own experience with God.

The concepts of spirituality as natural are ever present and underlying through all of my experiences with my alien contacts, as well as all of my other spiritual and physical experiences with all life. "All life" is spiritual, no matter what your practice, experience or belief. All you have to do to discover it, is plug in.

3. It would seem to me that most of the time your apparent contact comes to you in a rather non-physical manner. That is to say that your consciousness is "taken" aboard alien ships and to visit alien lands. Is this due to any particular reason? I can understand the magnitude of logistics required for multiple biological entities to meet in a common, physical space. What I want to know is what are the other reasons for a lack of physical interaction?

They do it that way (spiritually) mostly because they have to, and also because they can. It takes a great deal more effort and considerable risk of accidental detection, and harm both to the aliens and to us, to meet physically. Usually what seems like physical meetings are the technological effects of contact from one dimension to another, each with its own atmosphere and value of time. We don't need to bring our physical bodies with us to a craft, unless there is a physical reason for having it there.

Also, the alien races are very selective in who they show themselves to, when and how, even in a crowd of people or a busy family or in the flow of traffic on the highway. The resulting affect on us of teaching and understanding what is true, is the goal. It is very easy for any meeting to instead produce a counterproductive affect on us, teaching the wrong idea or leaving us even more afraid of the aliens than we were before they tried to approach us to open our awareness of them.

Tie tightly into all of that, the propaganda generated by the governments who are against the alien races being here, and against you befriending them. If it becomes common knowledge that the aliens are here, that will force us to force our governments to issue statements about them, and those statements would not be good at this time. The longer you have to learn the truth yourself, the less chance of you believing the wrong thing. This is hard to describe, but please do not underestimate the government conspiracy against the alien races, which is really to conceal the goings on of the governments. It is their own crimes the governments hide from us. Only the aliens can hide themselves, but the governments can still tell you what to think about them. In fact, at this time, the government can still blame all its crimes on the aliens and the general public would believe it. If the aliens "showed up" and the government fired at them, the government could tell its people that the aliens fired first, or absolutely anything else, and the public would believe it. The threat the governments hold against the alien races is just that- mass chaos and confusion against the aliens and against its own people. This would not produce what the alien races are trying to help humanity achieve.

4. Since you are advised by your contacts to never keep any uncontestable evidence of their existence, for protection from current government, how do you personally validate your experiences?

It is not my goal to personally validate my experiences to others. But sometimes it happens that others have experiences with me, or they have their own experiences that coincided with what I have helped them understand. I help others achieve their own awareness, so they can do what they can do with their own alien contacts. Because of what I know, I can help almost anybody, who wants to, understand the concepts that surround alien contact, so I do that too. Helping somebody understand something is "far" more valuable than any hunk of metal that could mean literally anything anybody said it meant, or even be stolen, or confiscated to then be used to "prove" I was lying.

5. How can you truly be sure that your experiences are real? Furthermore, if you can truly be certain that they are really taking place, how can you be certain that what is being presented to you is, indeed the "truth". The "Truth" heh, I know that's really a loose term at best. But what I'm getting at is: How are you sure that these entities are not furthering an agenda which you are kept wholly unaware of? How are you certain the entities themselves are not a construct of a local (to "earth) government that is trying to steer civilization for their own reasons?

Jack's and my experiences are both physical and spiritual. We have experiences together, and so do our children although not to the extent we do. There is "no doubt" in my mind that what I experience is real. If I only had a few dreams of alien life, like most people do, I would dismiss them. However, my husband and I often have the same dreams, and then later in the day while we are awake, our alien contacts visit our home and discuss the content of the dream with us. Some courses of events play out over months of events in various ways, yet it all comes together without pieces hanging up in the air or left over. It's all the same, and it only took a little time for this to become the norm for us.

Jack and I have met race after race and continue. We ask questions of all of them, write everything down that happens, been warned of pending events, been treated with nothing but respect in all situations by them, and not one time has any of the things they have taught us or told us was going to happen, come out to be untrue or misleading. They have our respect and trust. We know they are not God or Angels or all-knowing, and they have made some mistakes before that we knew about, but we know them as the "true" professionals they are, and so we help their efforts. We know them as family and friends. We know ourselves to be one tiny part of a magnitude of effort all around our planet involving hundreds of races over thousands of years.

The doubt or question of others is not enough to make me doubt the aliens. It is just because these people have not experienced it that they doubt it. If I listened to those people early on, I may have doubted the aliens before I ever had the chance to see enough for myself too, and I would be just like almost all of the alien experiencers who have a dream, or see a craft, and miss some time, and go join an alien abduction support group where they learn that the evil aliens ate their baby or something.

Other than that, you would have to get to know the aliens for yourself to know for yourself the answer to your question. And I highly recommend that if you get the chance to get to know the aliens, take it. Don't listen to anybody that does not encourage and support you.

6. What do you feel is to come for the human civilization in the next 6-10 years? 50? 100? 1,000? No need to get too technical here, just general thoughts from your view.

I have not been told any of these things, and I really do not know. These are just off the top of my head, and somewhat sarcastic.

Positive Possibilities:

6-10 Large changes dotted among many small changes over a period of time, all having something to do with Earth's discovery of other life. I see it already started and moving swiftly considering evolutional time.

50 World wide knowledge of the true intentions of the alien races visiting Earth, our beginning the cleaning of our planet, better ways of using better fuels, distribution of medicine, food and education.

100 More of the same.

1000 Assurances of peace in place on our world and between us and our local worlds. Select travel to other worlds of life. Advanced medicine and technologies.

Negative Possibilities:

6-10 More government kidnappings and assassinations of alien experiencers.

50 US war against Japan and other countries that threaten the US power. Food shortages. Fuel shortages. Framing of visiting life for government crimes.

100 More War Famine Disease Poverty across Earth

1000 The US Government owning the whole depleted world.

7. If these contacts do in fact view current forms of government as adversarial towards their citizens, why do they allow it to continue? In my view of ultimate logic, it would seem that the alien race would choose to break all bonds upon the citizenry, and then provide them with a choice in the interests of free will and basic universal rights. Unless, of course, they wish for the citizens to first decide to break their own bonds, which is logical. But not practical when most citizens don't realize the bonds are there. Is it? I ponder this greatly in relation to your thoughts and experiences.

We elect our governments, at least we think we do. Even our governments who really elect our governments are all one of us. This is our own world and it is not any other race's place to step in and take over. But even then, there is a limit to what secures their jurisdiction. If somebody here had their finger over a button that would demolish the whole planet, the aliens would be within their mission here to stop that. Less than that, there is really not a lot they can do themselves.

On the other hand, whatever they teach to humans, and humans take with them to help change the course we are on, is just fine. It doesn't matter where a human gets information or teachings from, if a human who works with alien life pushes to make changes for the betterment of humanity, the alien races can back him up all the way and in any way necessary.

I wanted to thank you for your time. Please get back to me via this post or U2U. I also wanted to let you know that what I ask is for my own personal research. It doesn't directly deal with your situation, but everything ties together in the end

Thank you.

You're welcome.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by lendog
Hello All! It has been a while since I have been around, but I had to put my 2 cents in concerning Earthsister. As I read some of your responses accusing Earthsister of an agenda, I sit amazed. Although I have never met she or her husband, my wife and I have been in contact via e-mail and have found her to be most sincere, caring, concerned and informative. She has helped us to understand our own experiences and we have found truth in all that she has shared. It amazes me that people have a need to accuse her of an agenda on this board. I can assure you, she has never asked for anything and has always given of her time and energy freely. I suggest that those of you who can understand, listen to what she has to say. She has a wealth of experience and information...and she and her husband always give freely and without expectation. I can't say that about most people on this board. Thanks Earthsister!

Wow! Thank you, lendog! You made my night!

All my love to you and your wife. I am very glad to hear you are doing great.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by EarthSister

Hi ES... and Happy V-day.

Just tossing a reminder your way (I know you'll see this
) to let you know I'm still looking forward to hearing from you when you find the time.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by Spiderj
I did not call her mentally unstable I question her mental stability.

None of us here knows this person, none of us here knows eachother, to take that person at their word is imo not the smartest thing to do.

Earthsister just like everyone else including myself is more than free to post their story but should I expect everything I say or write to be believed, if someone questions me and puts me to the test should I be allowed to scream personal attack and then make malicious statements towrad the poster, the simple answer is no.

If you followed the links I posted and read them you will see that I have been more than fair with earthsister in the past it is she who took it personally.

If I told the same exact story earthsister told, I would have to make sure I am open for debate and to prove my point, turning the attack on me is not debate.

In one of the links I asked her when she first started having experiences did she get herself checked out, a psychiatrist, a cat scan. her answer was no.

Honestly if I started having alien contacts on an astral or physical level the first thing I would do is attempt to rule out any medical, chemical or psychiatric problem I may be experiencing.

In my opinion someone unwilling to take this step is not doing their part to search for the truth.

You don't have to tell your doctor why you want the catscan done, he or she will do it if you ask and you're willing to pay or your insurance will cover it, a full check up also does not require the person to talk about their possible encounters either.

A psychiatrist may be different, but you could certainly go talk to one knowing that client confidnetiality will apply.

Is this not the reasonable thing to do?

To attack me invites me to defend, I will not accept anyones word at face value, and I would hope I'm not the only one.


As I recall Betty and Barney had no PROOF they had an encounter with aliens, so why is it Spiderj she must show proof? She is making a statement the same as Betty Hill did, oh yah the alien takes back the Book, so no proof.
I'd also have to say if you don't like what she say's why engage in a chat , and aside from it being " your DUTY " to question her, show manners and state your disbelief, I'm sure Betty Hill heard alot of people talking about her, is her story true? If you say yes because of a star map that came up years after from a women who wanted to see if she could reverse the map and find where they came from. Is that proof? Each of us have different levels of what is needed to believe in what the other talk about.
I'm a born again person, what proof? I can't show Christ to you yet my personal experience tells me it's true. You may have trouble with it because it wasn't meant for you! Perhaps this is meant for Her and she is trying to explain what she is going thru. Keep open the door to knowledge and it shall open the eye's. She could be unknowingly a product of our own government doing experiments with mind control? Perhaps there is more than just what is on the surface.
Look at your post telling her to go get a catscan, dude your attacking her! Go talk to a shrink! Insulting is your best trait, proof, I want proof. Is all I hear from you and seems you practice medicine on the side. Are you a licensed Doctor can you show PROOF you are even qualified to make that statement?
People say a great many things on this site, being able to get it off their shoulder or trying to put a good one over all who read their words. Either way it is each of us or responsiblility to allow others the ability to speak. Our 1st amendment insures each person the ability of free speech. Take away her freedom and you loose your OWN.



posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 10:49 PM
Not a reply to ES, then, but to others: I didn't try to obliterate someone else's report by denouncing and name calling. I've never been engaged in such an exchange on any site, only polite commentary. Sure, there are skeptics. While being berated above, I simply deflected the remark--in its own terms. The agenda I tend to discuss is that of the federation aliens, not the humans who simply like or trust them.

I've been an experiencer since 1995, when the so-called Elders initiated contact, ghosted by more advanced other aliens. Elders are non-federation, independent. They are definitely visiting here, as are other non-federation aliens, many of whom interact with the human interactive community that I'm currently a part of. There are numerous different aliens interacting, as such. One more advanced aliens stated that "less than .01 percent" of the aliens in our sister galaxy, Andromeda, are federation. That's less than 1 in 10,000. Since astronomers say the Milky Way will merge with Andromeda in 3.5 billion years, it's logical to assume that, being so closely entwined with them, the Milky Way is similarly non-federation. Skeptics of the federation agenda aren't a minority, here.

In my opinion, (not stated as the one, true interpretation, frankly) the federation is but a window dressing for the Verdant overpopulation and expansion strategy.

from a section of a book I'm writing:

In one alternative scenario based upon direct quotes by one faction of more advanced “hyperversal” aliens of our vicinity who pre-date humans by billions of years, the Verdants were greedy, self-rationalizing expansionists. (In late 2004, the given hyperversals stated explicitly that the Verdants embarked on their overgrown population scheme due to a struggle for control of the original Verdant galaxy). For example, according to Krapf’s figures (from direct Verdant quotes), Verdants take 14 planets for themselves for every 1 occupied by another species in the IFSP. Worse yet, Verdants now populate at 4 times the rate that all of the other IFSP populations do, on average, a dangerously unbalanced equation. Faced with a potential problem, it appears that a more advanced population decided to steer Verdants outward as part of a strategy of eco-tensions---in part to give eco offenders reason to moderate, in part to show the Verdants as a teaching example of failed ecology. There have been specific remarks by more advanced, hyperversal aliens to this effect. Another hyperversal faction that’s highly critical of the Verdants pointed out that the given security section has gone out of its way to find and identify emergent planets for the Verdants to swarm in on--as potential conscripts. After learning of this, humans probed and queried the given hyperversal’s security section, which monitors the Verdants closely. They eventually admitted that Verdants have, in fact, been steered in such regard.

There seems to be a statistical spread in the given security section’s scheme. They appear to encourage intergalactic interactions, in part to cultivate a better awareness between galaxies, in part to develop a check on offenders like the Verdants. As a result, when a planet like Earth begins to learn about aliens and electrogravity, it quickly gets a sense of intergalactic politics, plus the need for a universal-scale ecology.
In short, both of the above scenarios appear to have at least some validity.

Judging by all reports, millions of years ago, the Verdants decided to outnumber their local competitors. Fateful ironies would have followed. Overpopulation leads to greater needs: careerist pressures, resource grabs, the wayward impulses of those who want to personally participate in greater, more exotic adventures. According to Phillip Krapf's remarkable journals, the Verdants are sexuals---prone to territoriality and the sometimes clouded judgement that sexuality engenders. (*In this respect, as in most others, we see a subtler shading than is noted in human cases of the sort.) Nonetheless, we can assume that some within the Verdant bureaucracy may, in some ways, suffer neurotic pitfalls that surround their circus-like manipulation of lesser, off-world structures. Due to the internal preoccupations of a far-flung government, in times of crisis, crews of Verdants may cling all the more rigidly to the colonial paradigm. As sometimes happens within intelligent sub-cultures, the sexually-related weaknesses of a colonial elite can be flipped, in a sense, and come to be regarded as positive attributes, rather than impulsive failings.

As such, a typical Verdant may regard humans as minor neophytes from a backward planet and think that Verdants are perfectly right to intervene here because Verdants are more knowledgeable. After all, Verdants engage in a vastly larger endeavor. Judging from the reports of numerous sources, Verdant IFSP propaganda says humans need to be saved from the ravages of their lesser nature before planet Earth is ruined. However, few Verdants will confess that part of the breeding program seeks to infiltrate and gain control over vital human sectors. In Krapf’s books, Verdants admit having done so with other planets, and competing aliens allege that Verdants are doing it here, also. So then, how do Verdants now rationalize their aggressive population strategy?

Without realizing it, Verdants sometimes communicate their own, internal assumptions about their elite qualification to administer others' affairs, plus other messages relating to a culture of fear surrounding challenges to any given Verdant's competency. Within the vast colonial bureaucracy, such challenges are de rigeur because Verdants are often seen supervising younger, less technologically advanced aliens from non-Verdant planets. In numerous disputes with Verdants, I've noted this pattern repeatedly. For example, when either intruded upon personally, or when I note a violation of humans in general, I sometimes probe and remotely test an entire Verdant crew for details of their (past and present) intentions here. This is done in flash-like bursts across a larger configuration space (not in the sense of visible bursts) because it's a hyper-dynamic involving the negative cycle outlined in previous pages.

Sometimes, in response, lesser crewmembers try to demonstrate their skills in diverting me from identifying a Verdant overseer, all the while resonating in masculinized subcultural terms. Admittedly, this masculinized kind of resonance is less rough-edged and is usually more intelligent than what one might expect among contained-craft humans, yet it occurs fairly often and has been noted by a number of other human observers. Sometimes I even note non-sexual IFSP aliens whose intermediaries verge on masculinized characterizations, albeit infrequently. In particular, there is one hyper-advanced population of considerably larger circulation (and duration)—which I refer to as the –X3’s (far more advanced than the Verdants, to say the least) who, along with hybrid intermediaries, sometimes tend to the Verdant case in a variety of ways.

Speaking for myself, having long been identified as critical of Verdant-gray intentions here, I've endured thousands of hours of largely-uninvited remote interactions with IFSP aliens--sometimes of a passive nature. However, some of it has been threatening and has, at times, been tangentially framed in terms of a Verdant connection to one leading US military-industrial family (formerly French monarchists) known for its ties to organized crime plus a previous family affinity for fascism and a leading role in what is known as the anti-alien black budget "Cabal," ironically---which suggests an attempt to play both sides of the fence off of each other for advantage. Native Milky Way aliens, among others, have repeatedly pointed out that part of the given US family (the formerly Swiss branch) was "direct" Verdant operative, presumably a result of the breeding program. The news caused quite a stir, here, among the human community because it corroborated a long-running pattern of thinly veiled threats, a strategy of tension that such aliens have pursued for years, now, to the chagrin of a growing host of humans. As a result, there have been sustained efforts to probe the suspects in such regard. The results have been disturbing, frankly.

More generally speaking, Verdants appear to have an irridentist foreign policy that places their empire-of-sorts at the center of all related consideration--from which all other concerns are imagined to radiate outward. Some Verdants seem to have been spoiled by their luxury: distant travels, the option to live and work on literally thousands of planets, the chance to study and manipulate lesser populations up-close. I've detected a subdued, albeit droning kind of lust for sexual adventure among the most coldly dysfunctional of old stalwarts. Apparently, some of the worst cases of the sort are shipped out to work on the most distant, most primitive planets targeted for colonization--like planet Earth, for example.

After years of working in such places, some old Verdants become almost hopelessly corrupted. Imagine what they go through: first they must breed an obedient surrogate population to help tend to, and mix with the peoples of the target planet. Such projects involve the inculcation of primitive belief systems, literally delusional constructs prone to schizophrenic pitfalls. Then there are wars which must be influenced toward an eventually pro-federation outcome, plus marginally useful organized crime structures on the target planet and the ever-present, basic question: how to plant breeding program operatives in places where they can control the maximum amount of money and/or resources--without being exposed for their loyalty to the Verdant colonial scheme. To some readers this must sound strange--corrupt aliens. To those who know the history of colonialism, it should come as no surprise, however.

In the end, Verdants tending to colonial prospects can, themselves, become casualties because they're far too dangerous to return to more psychologically refined postings elsewhere. Some may be relegated to barren outposts like the planet that Phillip Krapf's Verdant contact described, a Verdant way station, here, in the Milky Way.

Ultimately, we must ask, how can Verdants maintain so large, albeit isolated a string of planets? How do they prevent the peoples of such planets from simply assimilating with their neighbors? Stark differences between crude Verdant colonial operatives and other, more finely-cultured Verdant specialists suggest that, like destructive cases of militarism on Earth, Verdants, too, have devised a stifled, if not infantile kind of citizenship. To publish ugly details about their most aggressive foreign policy failures would loosen the larger empire's cohesiveness. So, presumably, they glaze the cake---they overwhelm the Verdant citizenry with more positive news and scientific reports about their many planets.
The patronizing attitudes of Verdant crewmembers I've encountered speak volumes in this regard, i.e. some Verdants' willingness to directly and intrusively impinge upon any human, irregardless of stature, i.e. the long-running pattern of thinly-veiled threats noted above (which, to say the least, has become cause for concern among human officials). At one time, of course, pre-emptive impulses of the sort may have helped the Verdants maintain their independence in the face of a challenge. However, that was during a relatively primitive age, compared to the current inter-alien context. In a sense, humans are lucky to begin within a more advanced time.

In the end, like the human disaster of WWII, the mergers within M-83 and Centaurus A would have contributed to a burgeoning Verdant security apparatus that ultimately defeated its own original purpose: to preserve the long-term ecology. Worse yet, in order to maintain their hold on non-Verdant conscript planets, Verdants would have to surround such planets with an overbearing defense and technology structure in order to cut them off from neighbors with whom they might be tempted to affiliate. (This may be why Verdants and grays have reportedly developed human-hybrid offshoot colonies on several planets near our solar system, ironically.) Ultimately, to proceed at such effort and expense would be costly, tempting Verdants to mine the vicinity’s resources in order to profit by the interaction.

Unlike what happened in the Verdant case, well-managed galaxy mergers will hasten mixed alien integrations plus the advancement of electrogravity technologies, while placing a limit on population growth. Indeed, some newly-merged ellipticals and lenticulars may be exemplary in this regard. By reducing their populations in advance and by jointly sharing a newly-merged galaxy, they can set a higher standard.

Meanwhile, the coalescence of M83’s double nucleus is long past and the Centaurus A hypernova crisis was more than 10 million years ago, yet Verdants haven't managed to correct their retrogressive impulses. What single voice, what given Verdant planet would be sufficient to change the expansionist policy of so large and unwieldy a population? None, of course. The most likely solution would lie within a collective security arrangement between all of the galaxy groups that surround the Verdant home group--which includes us, of course. Alternatively, the greatest chance for reform of the old Verdant empire may lie within a coalition of disparate, non-Verdant planets trying to democratize the Verdant-dominated “federation” from within. Of course, there are other, more advanced possibilities, including the largely veiled interventions of hyper-advanced populations who greatly exceed the Verdants in various ways.

In my own experience, Verdant males have figured in some of the most coldly detached and opportunistic kinds of manipulation. Verdant females, like human females, seem to be more well-adjusted than their male counterparts. Were Verdant females to control their government, it would probably be more ecological. *In a lighter moment, one hyper-advanced (non-federation) alien remarked that Verdant females are characterized by an unusual "presence" of mind--a tongue-in-cheek criticism of the more immediate, stimulus-seeking awareness that sexuality engenders.
Like Michael Moore's recent argument that the United States is a progressive people just waiting to happen (64% female and non-white), most of the universe is probably either female or non-sexual, which should help to tilt the scales toward larger, nonviolent interactions.

The Verdant case helps to underscore the differences between sexuals and non-sexuals, the problems that can arise among populations that fail to control their growth. Indeed, we now hear rigorous, native Milky Way (and other) aliens' criticisms of the Verdants in precisely such terms. Milky Way aliens should be concerned; the Verdant incursion here is neither a legitimate case of need, nor is it consistent with a supercluster ecology. Instead, it has been described as an acute security risk to this galaxy, which brings us back to the planet Earth, where abductions continue.

To place the Verdant case in context, it helps to remember that Verdants reportedly number 500 trillion individuals, in total. In the year 2000, one alien of the Milky Way coalition noted above reported that the largest single population native to the Milky Way numbers "38 trillion" individuals. Assuming such numbers (essentially the only ones that we have to date) the largest reported mega-population in the Milky Way would occupy some ten or thirteen thousand planets, if the Verdant ratio of advanced aliens per planet holds true here, also. In addition, we can assume that some hyperversals (part of a universal network of various hyperversals) reside within the Milky Way. They may interact with, and at least partly constitute every major galaxy’s largest coalitions. As such, the Milky Way would more closely approximate a desired universal ecology. Reckless population growth like the Verdants (reportedly 13 times more numerous than the largest Milky Way population) would be destabilizing. Moreover, if Krapf's figures are correct, Verdants occupy 14 planets for themselves for every alien member planet that joins them, a dangerously skewed and undemocratic ratio. *Note: In late May 2004, one hyper-advanced alien mentioned that the –X3’s are either 1.5 times as numerous as the Verdants, or some 1.5 quadrillion in number—yet this last quote was so fleeting, albeit resonated variously later, that it should be regarded as tenuous.

(*note: Those who insist that their version is the only truth should remember: On this board we seem to be discussing the nature and character of an entire universe. In the past, overly religious interpretations about the nature and being of the universe tended to arrogate themselves as the only possible truth. In the end, they often disputed and seemed to miss the mark, by doing so. Skeptics re my reports (based on direct alien quotes and years of investigation) are encouraged to challenge any of it. That's part of why I put it here. Some of this must seem weird.


posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 10:59 PM
In Marshall Vian Sommers’ book, The Allies of Humanity, c. 2001, quoting a representative speaking for an alliance of several worlds working with more advanced communities, said the following: Re: the (Verdant-gray federation) attempt to infiltrate and gain control, here:

“They do not comprehend or understand individual freedom…. (they) will not honor this freedom.” The visitors “will create establishments here, though not in view. These establishments will be hidden, but they will be very powerful in casting an influence on human populations that are near them. The visitors will take great care and time to make sure that these establishments are effective and that enough people are in allegiance to them. It is these people who will guard and preserve the visitors’ presence.”

“Does this mean that there is an invasion of (your) world? We must say that the answer to this is “yes,” an invasion of the most subtle kind. If you can entertain these thoughts and consider them seriously, you will be able to see these things for yourself. The evidence for this invasion is everywhere.”

“The third area of involvement is the visitors’ building of establishments in the world in strategic locations, near population centers, where their influence on the Mental Environment can be exercised. And, lastly, we spoke of their program of interbreeding with humanity, a program which has been underway for quite some time.”

“You are emerging into a mature and complicated set of circumstances. Here you cannot be like little children and believe and hope for the blessings of all whom you may encounter.”

“Even now, there are hybrid individuals, part-human, part-alien, walking in your world. There are not many of them, but their numbers will grow in the future. Perhaps you will meet one some day. They will look the same as you but will be different. You will think they are human beings, but something essential will seem to be missing in them, something that is valued within your world.”

“Never think that any race in the universe that travels for commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce seek advantage.” (book later suggests later that humans are too vulnerable at present to allow unrestricted alien entries, here, that we need to become stronger in order to defend our rights to govern ourselves, first.)

“This is the greatest threshold that your race will ever face…. There are entire teachings being introduced to your world now that teach human acquiescence and the suspension of critical abilities and value only that which is pleasurable and comfortable.” “These teachings are given to disable people’s ability to access Knowledge within themselves until people reach a point where they feel they are completely dependent upon greater forces that they cannot identify. At that point, they will follow whatever is given them to do, and even if they sense something is wrong, they will no longer have the power to resist.” (to wit, certain corporate press won’t criticize cabal estates’ crimes against humanity and won’t even broach the subject of aliens)

“As has occurred in your world in your own history, the first to reach the new lands are the explorers and the conquerors. They do not come for altruistic reasons. They come seeking power, resources and dominion. This is the nature of life. If humanity were well versed in Greater Community affairs, you would resist any visitation to your world unless a mutual agreement had been established previously. You would know enough not to allow your world to be so vulnerable.”

“This is the greatest event in human history----the greatest threat to human freedom and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation.”

The invading visitors “are not well adapted to change, nor can they deal with complexity very effectively. Therefore, they carry out their plan in almost careless manner, for they feel they are in the right and that they have the advantage. They do not believe that humanity will mount resistance against them—-at least resistance that will affect them greatly.”

“All natural curiosity has been bred out of them and very little remains. There is, in fact, very little of what you would call ‘Spirit’ or what we would call ‘Varne’ or ‘The Way of Insight.’ They are controlled and controlling and follow patterns of thinking and behavior that are firmly established and strictly reinforced. They might seem to empathize with your ideas, but it is only to gain your allegiance.”

“The visitors do not care how many of your people are destroyed so long as they have a primary allegiance amongst the majority…. A Second Coming, then” (a fake Jesus) “is being prepared by your visitors…. In other religious traditions, uniformity will be encouraged by the visitors—what might be called a fundamental kind of religion based upon the past, based upon allegiance to authority and based upon conformity to the institutions. This serves the visitors. They are not interested in the ideology and values of your religious traditions, only in their usefulness…. Having no religion of their own that you could possibly follow or identify with, they will use yours to engender their own values.”

“Should the visitors become strong enough to gain complete control of the world, those who cannot conform will simply be eliminated. Yet the visitors will not do the destruction. It will be wrought through the very individuals in the world who have fallen under their persuasion…. The visitors would like nothing better than for your religious institutions to govern nations. This you must resist.”

“If you do not preserve your resources, you will have to relinquish much of your freedom and self-sufficiency.”

“We are told that there are many people in the world who wish to give themselves over, to give themselves away to a greater power in life. This is not unique to the world of humanity, but in the Greater Community, such an approach leads to enslavement…. -in the Greater Community, you are more vulnerable and must be wiser, more careful and more self-sufficient.”

“If humanity should fail in opposing the Intervention, we can paint a picture of what this would mean. We have seen it elsewhere, for each one of us came very close, within our own worlds. Being part of a collective, the planet Earth will be mined for its resources, its people will be corralled to work and its rebels and heretics will either be alienated or destroyed…. Human societies will exist, but only in subordination to powers from beyond your world…. Human freedom as you know it would no longer exist, and you would suffer under the weight of foreign rule, a rule that would be harsh and exacting.”

“Thus, your visitors come to your world not with great armaments. They do not come bringing large military forces, for they employ the skill that have served them in other ways---skills in manipulating the thoughts, the impulses and the feelings of those whom they encounter.” (meanwhile directly controlled federation operatives profit by war here and hide the federation intrusion and its technology from us)

“The more you use your encounters with (the visitors) to gain insight to them, the more of a hazard you become” (to them)…. And, with time, you will have the power of perception” (telepathy and remote viewing) “to see into their minds, which they do not wish. You will then become a danger to them, a challenge to them, and they will avoid you if they can.”

“They have great strength in the Mental Environment because their minds are united. But they are weak because they cannot think for themselves. They cannot deal with complexities or adversity very successfully.”

“Many of the beings that are being encountered in the world are bred by collectives to be servants. Their genetic heritage has long been lost to them. They are bred to serve, as you breed animals to serve.”

“A collective” (like the federation) is not based on one race and one world. They are the result of conquest and domination. That is why your visitors are comprised of different races at different levels of authority and command.”

(from The Allies of Humanity, transcribed by M. V. Sommers, New Knowledge Library, c. 2001)

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by EarthSister

Originally posted by TerraX
Umm, what was it again that I warned other contributors on this board off? Oh yeah, now I remember.If you go about claiming how everybody else is incorrect and how your own person is correct in every way, you're gonna bump into the next person (who sometimes does the same).Think I mentioned this in one of earliest posts, yeah...


Tell me honestly, do you see any difference at all between those who are as completely sincere and as open with it to others as possible, and those who are completely fabricating their stories for a diabolical end? Or are we all the same to you?


Honestly? To answer your last question first, no you are not all the same.Every person does things slightly different, still the outcome of their actions can be similar.As for sincerity and openess, that's how another person interprets your information.From my perspective both you and gl2 sound sincere.
You present a more positive angle on the grey phenomena while gl2 presents a more negative one.It's no surprise that your stories are incompatible, I tried to warn you early on that its easy to collide with someone who presents similar information.As a consequence you labeled gl2 as a government disinformant agent and he returned the favor.

Speaking of disinformation.Ever wondered if the following is a plan of disinformation and control? Distribute similar yet different information (with no definative proof) through various sources who will compete for the title of most reputable source.

More on that later.


posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 01:08 AM
well, what is the space federation? Kinda sounds like star trek, but explain.....

LoL, hey if it does exist, sign me in, but what is it first

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:21 AM
In reference to Michaels post in which he made some rather interesting remarks toward me and my own beliefs in regards to some highly spirited postings between myself earthsister and others, let me ask the group. Is it okay with you folks if I go ahead and defend myself here?

Since ES already complained about me to a moderator, I'm just curious. Do you all mind if I go ahead and defend myself or am I the only one not allowed to make what you consider personal attacks. Or is it only okay for the followers of Earthsister to attack those who disagree with her.

Someone wanna get a moderator in here and let me know if it's okay for me to respond with my usual vigor.

But let me just say this to Michael. I do not have to be a doctor to want proof, that's just silly. I'm not a lawyer but I still expect others and myself to uphold the law. As for getting a catscan it's what normal, reasonable people do to rule out any dangerous condition whether mental or medical. To refuse to do it is not someone looking for real answers just personal truth and there is a big difference.

So don't start with me kid. Yeesh.



posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 11:08 AM
skyblue: Unlike Star Trek, there are different reports about the so-called federation. The most explicit version, quoting the largest population of the so-called Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets, is Pulitzer Prize winning Los Angeles Metro Editor Phillip Krapf (retired for about 6 years now). Krapf says "the Verdants," aliens who reached our technological level 229 million years ago, live in a galaxy 14 million light years away. That's in the fourth closest galaxy group (a small one like our own). The Verdants told Krapf they are colonizers (see Krapf's books) and that they number 500 trillion individuals with 150 trillion other alien populations living on 27,000 other planets (the others being basically one species per planet). This includes the so-called "grays," who Krapf reports come from the Large Magellenic Cloud, a medium small galaxy near the Milky Way--its' moving away from us, while the big spiral Andromeda is approaching us. Verdants say they have 246,000 planets for themselves.

Lest you think that is the majority of the universe, it's not. Other competing aliens report that the Verdants are largely centered in their one galaxy, located in the Centaurus A galaxy group, not our own galaxy group. So, the federation is like a small regional grouping, not the universal standard. More importantly, aliens in this galaxy have stated that this galaxy is almost entirely non-federation.

The problem with the Verdants is that they seem to be playing humans with different versions of their federation. For at least several centuries, Verdants and grays have abducted humans, then cloned or reproduced humans to be used on various "federation" outposts: Altair, one report said the Pleiades but was corrected to be Plejares, "Orion," etc. Eisenhower encounters were reportedly with human-seeming aliens called "the Etherans," who seem to just another card in the Verdan-gray federation scheme re this vicinity. The earlier the reports, the less informed the humans, here, were and the more ridiculous the stories given to them. Then it was the United Peoples of Orion, then of Altair and the Pleiades (Billy Meier case), then the Tall Whites--who pretend to be independent, but probably aren't. Almost all "aliens" who look exactly like humans were probably taken from here and used as surrogates, part of the two-handed federation strategy (which Marshall Vian Sommers' source, above, describes as a resource hungry trading collectives deceptive scheme to take as much as they can, without telling us what they don't want us to know).

Other, native aliens from distant places do not look human. They have different skin, eyes, height and even brain structure. So, if you see an alien that looks human, he/she probably derives from here, originally. A trading collective like the federation has to compete with native aliens of this galaxy (the vast majority of whom are trying to ward off the federation attempt to "directly own and control" this planet, as Jim Marrs' professionally trained remote viewers said, in Alien Agenda. So, in order to avoid screw ups that might embarrass their federation, the federation appears to have a multi-faceted approach to us. First they say they are angels (they aren't), then the United Peoples of Orion, then the Pleiadians, then they change their story and say some grays are Corporate, some of the Alliance (or the Union--Orion?), some in with the Orion humanoids. It's all an alphabet soup, almost all of it contrived to get us to believe we can cut a deal with one group then be massaged into joining the rest of them.

Like Sommers' source says above, you don't want to believe everything that the first alien who comes along says. Like the most manipulative colonials and traders in human history, the first to arrive on your shores with trinkets and beads aren't necessarily aliens of the highest standard.
We need to get up to speed before we just throw open the doors and say, okay, abduct our children, base yourselves here, cause a few earthquakes and manage us like cattle, we're in.

The very word "federation" almost sounds as though it was concocted to play on our stereotypes, i.e. Star Trek, or the US idea of a federal government. No doubt the actual translation is different, i.e. the "common," or the "collective," or some such. Humans are seen as extremely naive. We are: we don't know that much and we're harnessed with a killer regime that is destroying this planet. We make an easy target for acquisition. Which is why we need to double check, be more careful and seek the input of other alien sources.

So, the federation probably isn't the entity of our galaxy, nor does it have legitimate, native jurisdiction here. Instead, as Jim Marrs' remote viewers report, there is (reportedly) a large armada of native Milky Way aliens just on the edge of our solar system trying to ward off the federation's direct intervention here without an armed conflict. There are varying interpretations of the federation story, then. But, without a doubt, it isn't the version you saw on Star Trek.

In case you think

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 01:34 PM

Beware of professional disinformation. There are agents on just about every busy alien/ufo message board across the information highway, as well as infiltrated into every busy alien/ufo contactee support group. They put themselves wherever true information is being shared so they can interfere with your recieving your own true education and understanding of the alien races.

The agents take charge, discredit true alien experiencers like me, give the aliens a bad reputation, blame the aliens for government crimes, and get paid by the government to do it all. They also write books of bunk, and their bogus stories are backed up by other "famous" agents.

They actively share these stories of disinformation about the alien races for the purpose of keeping the public confused about the truth. They have to do this because people are finding out very quickly now that the aliens are real, and the government can't stop it much longer. All they can do to is keep you confused.

The best thing for you to do is to think for yourself and keep your eyes and ears open around you. The best way to prevent yourself from being mislead, is not to be lead by anybody. Just wait to see for yourself.

It is virtually impossible for you to overestimate the size of the government conspiracy or to what lengths it is reaching. You can gauge it most accurately by considering the pliability of the people and the secrecy and crimes of the government; NOT by the alien/UFO field of information.

The government can't hide the aliens. Only the aliens can, and they aren't going to keep quiet much longer.

Originally posted by skyblueff0

well, what is the space federation? Kinda sounds like star trek, but explain.....

LoL, hey if it does exist, sign me in, but what is it first

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:17 PM
There are gov't agents on some boards, but they tend to deny all aliens exist, or they take a militaristic approach. They don't "take over," because they're too far off. People see through them. They can't prove that aliens don't exist; the cat has been out of the bag for years, especially since CSETI's 2001 press conference. The alien subject is broad and diverse--just like the universe. No single human has it all right. No one ever will
---there's a kind of Godel's incompleteness dilemma in it: the terms of any individual's definitions are self-limiting, never capable of completeness.

Some will literally try to persuade you that theirs is the one, true story. Like religion, there is one way only. All the others are imposters, suspicious infidels (trying to discredit them?) But we're talking about the universe/multiverse, which isn't singular. Contact aliens yourself, or study remote viewing, then get the story directly from aliens. There are politics, different histories, buffers against aggressive upstarts who want to leech more advanced technology. There is diversity, not a single washed stone for you to accept without questioning. Richard Boylan is so enamored of the aliens who've abducted, and, at times implanted him, that anyone who criticizes them is seen as a spy or a maniac. Boylan even calls Dr. Steven Greer, the world's most recognized statesman on the subject, a Rockefeller CIA shill. Boylan calls Dr. Michael Salla a similar thing. This subject isn't about loyalists to the one, true alien entity; it there were one true community, it wouldn't be entirely alien. Religion is religion, but science is different. Along with thoughtful judgement of any report, you should scrutinize any alien representation with equally rigorous method. They aren't angels, any more than we are. Have you ever seen a large, complex government that didn't lie, including ours? The same is true about aliens. Truth, if you experience it directly, is coherent, universal because it's the only actuality. You get a feel for it. But on a board like this, unless you're some phenomenally gifted remote viewer, it's all just words. The logic and the evidence are to be tested.

There are good aliens, but sometimes even they have to speak out independently of a given faction within "their" government. The scene in the Kevin Spacey movie about a supposed human w. alien insights had a good idea: government needn't be an external set of standards, always to be twisted and corrupted by the first pig to get his hands on it. Cosmic citizenship should be equal, within. The sooner all humans can remotely view and understand the universe, the better will be our life here. You can get a deep, intuitive sense of the best of it all, and become such, but there is much to sort out. Aliens are all deeply studied and can quote voluminous facts from memory. They develop their thinking, always evolving it. One is never finished, nor is the community.

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:24 PM
I read all 9 pages of this.
I must admit, I was laughing through some of it and seriously reading parts.
Just Lurking, but I did want to give Spiderj some support.
Now before you all jump on MY back...I'll explain why with a simple question and then 2 answers....

Hi, I'm new. Are their any Aliens?

EarthSister's response would be :
Yes, there are aliens, I have met them...etc...

But Spiderj's wanted this :

I believe I have been contacted by aliens and have met them etc....

Now, on the first one, you have a fact.
i.e. The sky is blue.

The second one is your opinion.
i.e. I believe the sky is blue.

So I think Spiderj was just trying to point out that it was indeed opinion and not fact because it cannot be represented as such.


posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 03:59 PM
Roswell was the result of hysteria and overactive imaginations.
Alien abductions are fantasies, with one story feeding another, on and on and on.
There are no alien races visiting our planet. None.
We're alone.
Get over it.

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 04:29 PM
The reason why extraterrestials aren't attacking Earth is because they know the Americans will use ICBM nukes or some other weapon from Area 51 to blow them to kingdom come.

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 05:01 PM

Originally posted by therichman_315746
The reason why extraterrestials aren't attacking Earth is because they know the Americans will use ICBM nukes or some other weapon from Area 51 to blow them to kingdom come.

I suppose yer flying yer Confederate flag too boy.

Ignorance Denied!

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 05:19 PM

I suppose yer flying yer Confederate flag too boy.

Ignorance Denied!

I'm canadian and i'm not some stupid confederate hick like u

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by therichman_315746

I suppose yer flying yer Confederate flag too boy.

Ignorance Denied!

I'm canadian and i'm not some stupid confederate hick like u

Yeh, well what do you expect with the comment you made.
FYI troll, I am Australian.

Ignorance denied yet again.!!!

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 06:01 PM
Go screw yourself you dumb australian

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by Spiderj
In reference to Michaels post in which he made some rather interesting remarks toward me and my own beliefs in regards to some highly spirited postings between myself earthsister and others, let me ask the group. Is it okay with you folks if I go ahead and defend myself here?

Since ES already complained about me to a moderator, I'm just curious. Do you all mind if I go ahead and defend myself or am I the only one not allowed to make what you consider personal attacks. Or is it only okay for the followers of Earthsister to attack those who disagree with her.

Someone wanna get a moderator in here and let me know if it's okay for me to respond with my usual vigor.

But let me just say this to Michael. I do not have to be a doctor to want proof, that's just silly. I'm not a lawyer but I still expect others and myself to uphold the law. As for getting a catscan it's what normal, reasonable people do to rule out any dangerous condition whether mental or medical. To refuse to do it is not someone looking for real answers just personal truth and there is a big difference.

So don't start with me kid. Yeesh.


I suggest you go back and look at the 1st post you made calling her crazy,

Originally posted by Spiderj

I've read alot of Earthsisters posts and imo she is either mentally unstable, a con-woman or a front for a more organized cult like The Family or Scientology (sorry dear).

She has no proof other than drawings she has made, she states opinion as fact and in the end just doesn't know the truth.


then look at how you stated you didn't do that.

Originally posted by Spiderj
I hope the other poster will correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not believe anything I said about you Earthsister could be construed as offensive or malicious. It's not like I didn't intend for you to read my posts and in my past dealings with you I have been as tolerant and kind as possible.


Proof from your own posts in this board shows that is not the case.

Secondly I gave you an example of Betty and Barney Hill, and that because the leader of her abduction promised her a book but took it back left them with no real PROOF.

Manners tell alot about people, you should invest some time in learning what they are, why because instead of putting a label on her you had a chance to ask questions? Does this happen when complete strangers are present? Instead your attack is why so many who have been abducted hide from the world, afraid of that label CRAZY. You went after her rather than what she herself was saying.

Women get raped, but the funny thing is not all of them go to a Doctor.

For you those who talk about having contact it's a requirement.

Defense on my part is not needed, you yourself have printed your actions towards this member and I'm sure a moderator will catch you talking rudely to others on this board,

Originally posted by wyatt43
Thank you all for your posts.

The website is very interesting and i will continue reading more later.

As for you Spiderj, i think that you are ignorant, selfish and insulting. it seems thorughout all of your posts you seem to try and find every fault you can with Earthsisters opinions/experiences. It is to my experience that opinions/experiences/thories are all based on witness's, possible solutions and own pesonal experiences. For these things you do not need evidence because no one has anyhting to gain from them.

No one is saying that these thories are factual, earthsister said that they were factual to him/her.

As you can see SPiderj the Adults understand see is speaking about her experiance as proof to her.


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