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'Space federation'

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 07:00 PM
So, skeptics are respected here. But, to continue the thread, for those who are convinced that aliens exist, do you think there is an alien federation? If so, do you have any info or observations to share? All varieties of experience accepted, none declared invalid or of no value. All equals, all of it open-ended.

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by gl2
So, skeptics are respected here. But, to continue the thread, for those who are convinced that aliens exist, do you think there is an alien federation? If so, do you have any info or observations to share? All varieties of experience accepted, none declared invalid or of no value. All equals, all of it open-ended.


Good question, I found that the Bible could be read as having a reference to a Federation,

A lamb is standing with the Elders tossing their crown of life to this symbol of Christ.

We are heading toward a 1 World Government, is so would our leader if part of a Federation and giving his approval for a project be depicted as one tossing the crown of life into it? Thus a sign of support.

Could Christ have been an ambassador who was taught by ANGELS that came from heavon in what the old paintings show as UFO's. Could an advance race take a virgin and implant the seed of a child so that would be a sign of how a Federation began it's attempt to guide humanity away from living by the sword to one of humility?

Yes all speculation, but interesting to me is perhaps we had proof walking among us in the past?

Didn't Moses enter into what sounds like a UFO landing on a mountain, and Mosed went up and into the mount. Did he just enter a ufo?

Just throwing out some wild thoughts to kick around,


posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by gl2
There are gov't agents on some boards, but they tend to deny all aliens exist, or they take a militaristic approach. They don't "take over," because they're too far off. People see through them. They can't prove that aliens don't exist; the cat has been out of the bag for years, especially since CSETI's 2001 press conference. The alien subject is broad and diverse--just like the universe. No single human has it all right. No one ever will
---there's a kind of Godel's incompleteness dilemma in it: the terms of any individual's definitions are self-limiting, never capable of completeness.

Some will literally try to persuade you that theirs is the one, true story. Like religion, there is one way only. All the others are imposters, suspicious infidels (trying to discredit them?) But we're talking about the universe/multiverse, which isn't singular. Contact aliens yourself, or study remote viewing, then get the story directly from aliens. There are politics, different histories, buffers against aggressive upstarts who want to leech more advanced technology. There is diversity, not a single washed stone for you to accept without questioning. Richard Boylan is so enamored of the aliens who've abducted, and, at times implanted him, that anyone who criticizes them is seen as a spy or a maniac. Boylan even calls Dr. Steven Greer, the world's most recognized statesman on the subject, a Rockefeller CIA shill. Boylan calls Dr. Michael Salla a similar thing. This subject isn't about loyalists to the one, true alien entity; it there were one true community, it wouldn't be entirely alien. Religion is religion, but science is different. Along with thoughtful judgement of any report, you should scrutinize any alien representation with equally rigorous method. They aren't angels, any more than we are. Have you ever seen a large, complex government that didn't lie, including ours? The same is true about aliens. Truth, if you experience it directly, is coherent, universal because it's the only actuality. You get a feel for it. But on a board like this, unless you're some phenomenally gifted remote viewer, it's all just words. The logic and the evidence are to be tested.

There are good aliens, but sometimes even they have to speak out independently of a given faction within "their" government. The scene in the Kevin Spacey movie about a supposed human w. alien insights had a good idea: government needn't be an external set of standards, always to be twisted and corrupted by the first pig to get his hands on it. Cosmic citizenship should be equal, within. The sooner all humans can remotely view and understand the universe, the better will be our life here. You can get a deep, intuitive sense of the best of it all, and become such, but there is much to sort out. Aliens are all deeply studied and can quote voluminous facts from memory. They develop their thinking, always evolving it. One is never finished, nor is the community.

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i think someone here said something about remote viewing. I found this interesting article awhile ago. And gives a good perception on things.

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 09:31 PM
Actually michael what I said was that imo after reading her posts that yes imo that's In My Opinion, she is probably unstable. that's what my opinion means.

I am willing to be proven wrong to have my opinion changed I did not say I know she is unstable and I was not just speaking of this thread but also of the two other threads (which I reference a few pages back) in which i have had contact with her and listened to her story. If you actually read those threads you will see that I did not just jump to this conclusion.

So no I still say I did not claim she was or is mentally unstable, in my opinion she may be.

As you so helpfully quoted me as saying:

I've read alot of Earthsisters posts and imo she is either mentally unstable, a con-woman or a front for a more organized cult like The Family or Scientology (sorry dear).

See I have not drawn a conclusion, I'll admit that my opinion of her is not high but at least I'm open to the possiblity of her being mentally stable and I was even apologetic about attacking her position. Just stateing my opinion in a supposedly open forum of debate not a pedestal from which to preach personal propganda.

So I would appreciate it if you would actually read my posts carefully and calmly before attacking me in the future. That would include the other threads I referenced as well so you can see how my opinion changed.

I believe your space federation brothers would be very upset about you people attacking a man who is simply seeking the truth. If they land in Japan I'll be the first to apologise to them and only them, and if they're as enlightened as ES says I believe they're response would be "Oh we totally understand earthling we wouldn't believe it either, here have a space cola. A camera you say? Why didn't we think of that" Or something along those lines.


posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 12:29 AM
it's not about if earthsister is right or wrong right now imo. It's about hope, can't one wishfull think sometimes? With the state of the economies of earth, we might as well just say were in a full blown depression. I know, nuclear war will happen, hell concentration camps are already in full swing, and we might as well get used to the taste of ass. But we can dream for better days right? True freedom, true connectivity, and just happiness on earth. Hey, i guess everyone likes to be on the verge of homelessness.


posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:39 AM
You wouldn't want to give up hope. The first step to throwing out the old is to push for an end to all e-votes that have no paper trail. After the election debacle of 2000, the federal government went one worse and made a law requiring a move to electronic balloting--which makes it easier to steal an election. Experts have proven this in demonstration trial runs. And our media? Congress? Corporate wishy washies just spit out the latest, assuming someone else, out there, will maybe get it right. Congress is being herded like cattle--becoming more easy for billionaires to control.

This is a repeat of the 1920's when a series of three Republican presidents tended to an orgy of greed that ended in the Depression (then WW II). Now, however, unless China dumps all its dollars or Saudi Arabia pulls its $ out of the US, there can be no Depression. Computers shut down the stock markets and Big Brother can whip up a fabricated crisis elsewhere: attack Syria, or Iran, for example (which still leaves us at the mercy of a murderous dictatorship in China, and a fanatical Wahabbi family dictatorship in S. Arabia) Remember Washington's words? "no foreign entanglements." He thought that if we were pulled into less democratic nations' bloodbaths, we'd eventually ruin our democracy.

With no constitutionally-required "reliable" vote, the worst among us can now drive the nation into hell. Bush advisors literally call it an "empire," and jokingly refer to themselves as "the cabal." McKinley, the only previous president who boasted that the US was an "empire," was assassinated--by an anarchist. It's a sick situation, most ripe for external manipulation. Without decent recourse to electoral evolution, we are extremely vulnerable. Which seems to be the plan. Is Bush Jr. knowingly, willingly trying to screw up? He doesn't have to be the mastermind of it (obviously he isn't ); he just has to go along.

Instead of waiting for them to screw up even worse, organize! Push for each step by step, necessary change to gradually move it into better possibilities. Don't wait for proven sociopaths (repeat offenders) to cover themselves with more gore and think it royal. There is a sick side to human nature: chimps ate other chimps' young. Neo-Darwinian Frankensteins (including some among the federation strain) rationalize it all in terms of survival of the fittest (the most docile, obedient drones will work like slaves for an off-world agenda). They infiltrate and use both sides, like little pawns, to get what they want: resources, power and control, validity for bizarrely alien sociopaths (repeat offenders).

And Bush? True to the federation scheme of apocalypse and then an intervention to "save" us, he swears every day that the apocalyse will "bring on" the "kingdom of Heaven." Judging by his actions, he appears to want to ruin the entire planet, leaving the door open for a federation occupation.

Indeed, believe it or not, one highly advanced alien who regularly primes humans and tells us about federation doings says that Bush Sr. is a direct federation operative. And that's not the end of it. The same source (along with others of his group), who has provided good info in the past, who literally coaches humans in how to distinguish clear and coherent truth from lies---the same source(s) say that some in the Biderman part of the Du Pont family, along with the French Rothschild, are "direct operatives" of the federation. See also, the breeding program.

Given that individuals from that part of the Du Pont family have long been entwined in assassinations, mob money laundering and worse (one advised the South to secede, then profited by selling gunpowder into the Civil War), the report doesn't come as a complete surprise. Given that Bush Sr. has long been the most obedient servant of the Du Pont family agenda in government, so much so that when Watergate was about to blow and Nixon (a Du Pont loyalist, or should I say royalist?) needed hush money for the burglars, George Bush Sr's business partner at Zapata Oil/Pennzoil, Herbert Liedtke, provided the quick $50,000 to hush up the Watergate burglars. See Nightmare, by Anthony Lukas. In fact, part of the motive for the exposure of Watergate appears to have been an attempt to bring down "every tree in the forest," exposing Du Pont family involvement in the JFK assassination, narco $ (see the black budget "cabal") and more (this had been brewing since Du Pont support for, and partial ownership of Nazi industry). See the following article for more:

And who wanted to target Du Pont manipulations in government? The DCI of the CIA, Richard Helms, because of a long-running feud, of sorts, brewing within the defense industry. For decades, competitors had suspected that something was terribly wrong with certain Du Ponts' marriage to Nazism and mob money, plus war profiteering. They were too extremely corrupt, deliberately, it seemed. So, a report about Bush Sr, the Du Pont family loyalist, and Biderman Du Pont being "direct operative" for the federation corresponds to a proven pattern of nightmarish crimes, here, on this planet. And Rothschild? That would be a similar, albeit veiled European version of narco-money laundering, pursuant to an obvious conflict model. And, of course, Rothschilds provided the seed money for Israeli independence, then have nurtured the nuke weapons and perpetual war regime there, ever since. Rothschild also lent J.D. Rockefeller his first big loan (the National City Bank of Cleveland), and now Rockefellers, along with the more powerful and wealthy Du Ponts, give the nod for the murder of witnesses to alien-related black budget doings. Fits so neatly and compactly into the federation "salavation" scheme, doesn't it?

And Bush Jr's complete disregard for the environment, his weirdly sadistic taunting of a woman to be put to death by his own order, his gofers boasting about "empire" and "the cabal?" Most ironic, isn't it? One of Bush's advisors quoted in the New Yorker said too many people were reality based, but reality based thinking wasn't the Bush way because, after all, we're an empire now. We invent our own reality, Big Brother style.

All of this might sound disheartening, but don't give up hope. The vast majority of neighbors here in our vicinity are against the federation's bloody scheme of direct intervention, an attempt, as Jim Marrs' remote viewers report, "to directly own and control" this planet. "Directly own and control?" We have many allies, but we have a struggle ahead. (no harm intended to anyone who naively sympathizes with federation aliens or simply likes them. A direct operative would think nothing about manipulating mass atrocities here in order to serve the federation agenda, but a mere aficionado would recoil at the notion.) If all of this sounds like too much to you, then put it aside, but re-consider the report, plus the above-noted character of its sources. It is no idle, passing matter.

See: Du Pont Dynasty, by Gerard Colby. Sy Hersh's articles in the New Yorker. The Allies of Humanity, by Marshall Vian Sommers. The Threat, by David Jacobs. Any of John Mack's books or Bud Hopkins' books. And, of course, GET UP TO SPEED ON REMOTE VIEWING. There is a clear and consistent scientific basis for it: it's called negative energy, also electrogravity. Aliens use it daily. It's part of the basis for every single atom, all of the "space" in that vast, largely empty distance between all atomic particles right inside of your very own head.

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by Spiderj
Actually michael what I said was that imo after reading her posts that yes imo that's In My Opinion, she is probably unstable. that's what my opinion means.

Originally posted by SimonGray
Terms and Conditions of use of the and BelowTopSecret Message Board(s)

2.) You will not behave in an abusive and/or hateful manner, and will not harass, threaten, nor attack anyone.

Nor attack anyone,

IMO is a conclusion you made from going to her site,

I have been to her site, and it has what she believes stated there, to make an IMO about her mental health is harassment,

Remember the Topic was Space Federation, instead you post your opinion on her mental or flim flam hoaxing she is doing. I was trying to get you to see how you got off the topic and started to belittle her with your statements. Uncalled for, stick to the topic!


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 12:30 AM

IMO is a conclusion you made from going to her site

Again you let your anger cloud your vision. You did not read my post clearly so your opinion while of course respected at least by me is wrong. As I said I did not come to that opinion after just looking at her sight. I looked at her sight but I also spoke with her and watched how she interacted with others, especially those who had disimilar experiences with her or who just didn't believe her.

I did not just take a quick look at her sight and make a decision.

Again if you had taken the time to read the two previous threads I reference earlier, then you would have seen that.

I would also like to remind you that this thread was running along just fine, mine and earthsister little clash seemingly forgotten before your posted your angry little attack at me. So don't post a reply reminding me what the topic of this thread is when it is you who attacked me.

So again acting like an enlightend believer or a blind zealot and not taking the time to consider your own actions you have drawn this thread horribly off course, no space cola for you.


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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 01:55 AM
Holy crap, gl2, you are my hero! I've never read so much awesome stuff in my life!

Seriously, I've been lurking in this thread for a while but it all seemed so silly until now. I have a couple questions for you:

Colonialism is oppression. Informed, elective choice is a better alternative.

Okay, so does this mean that you are aware of the alien agenda here on earth and that you are against it? How does one fight alien colonization of humans? Earth, once enslaved, would never break free, would it? What is it that aliens gain by seeking to colonize us? All colonies pay taxes. How would we pay taxes to our galactic masters?

Can aliens transmute lead into gold? It wouldn't seem hard to manipulate the atom if you were so galaxially skilled, right?

Also: If earth becomes a colony, in the Galactic Federation, could it ever rise to the point where it has a parlimentary vote or something?

How does one become a complete sell-out to our alien masters? For example, if I am willing to sell my fellow-man and join the alien propoganda network, what's the best career field to pursue?

Excellent work.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 02:33 PM

For example, if I am willing to sell my fellow-man and join the alien propoganda network, what's the best career field to pursue?

ITT tech is offering a course in anal probe maintenence and repair.

You may also wish to consider a career in photography, for some weird reason aliens have not invented the camera yet and you could probably make a killing at intergalactic weddngs and bar-mitzvahs.

Also don't forget a career in intergalactic religion. Aliens seem to be big on acts of faith and we all know that religion is where the money is.

See I'm here to help.


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 02:46 PM
on this space federation thing it would be logial for diffrent alien races to band together cause they could work toward a common goal as for aliens taking over.....why would they wait to take us over later we polluted the earth trashed it sure there are still some resources but we are using them up at a ever incresing speed


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 03:05 PM
Smallpeeps: If the public knew about how, as Budd Hopkins argues, black budget gangsters cut a deal with the gray-federation tacitly allowing abductions in exchange for technical info but it soon got out way out of hand: the aliens weren't telling all, then there would be anger, not a breakdown of order. That kind of anger may be healthy--to water the Jeffersonian "tree of liberty with the blood (alt. criminal trials) of tyrants."

Although its source is veiled, the quotes (reportedly directly from an alien) in Marshall Vian Sommers' book, The Allies of Humanity, suggest that, once colonized (whether wittingly or not), a planet can pack the intruders off, if the people of the planet are honest, united and informed. It needn't be murderous, just honest. What do they want here? Resources: minerals, biological enzymes and proteins, access to the genes of all life forms, and control of the near star systems--for reasons of hegemony. There is also a touch of stubborn pride in being able to lord it over a lesser people--it's good for their internal propaganda. That way, next time they violate another people, they can say, "Look what we did for the brutal humans: we pacified them." Another resource they want is to be able to run the clock on all matter in our vicinity--because electrogravity causes a flexible speeding of time, shortening the life of the local continuum (slightly shortening the life of this universe cycle, also.). They don't want to use up all their energy/time in the home galaxy, so they want to spread their energy demand on the environment all the way out here. This may be their prime motive. (Bearden calls it delta t, or the speeding of time. As he writes, E=delta t (change of time) multiplied by the speed of light squared, or E=delta t c2)

I doubt that they transmute lead into gold. It would be easier to mine it out of asteroids. In the same way that they can take an abductee right through a wall, they can extract the gold, using intense expansion and fracture heating, by targeting a gold lump with electrogravity. Gold isn't a jewelry item for aliens; instead it is used to shield their bodies from the high energy caused by the Tesla conduction of energy through the center of their disks when they do faster than light electrogravity travel. Human scientists have found that gold can channel light internally, essentially creating a kind of shield from high, external energy. In Alec Newald's book, Coevolution, this is discussed.

If we were in the federation, our numbers would be so small and insignificant that any vote would be meaningless. They would continue to abduct and infiltrate our society to control it. Any vote would be just a window display, a minor fiction. We would simply obey, even harm others for the collective's continued expansion. You can play god over a primitive people, but when you begin to think you're god, you're the opposite.

If you were to become a complete sell-out to the federation, you might be isolated from and alienated from the human majority. I can't advise on how to do alien propaganda, as I'm not of that mind.

Finally, there are many other aliens who aren't here trying to own what we "have." By interacting with various smaller worlds in our galaxy (non-federation) and by simply doing so in accord with the larger populations (not violating the universal ecology), we could get a start on improving our lives, reducing population, avoiding the planet-killing excess that overuse of electrogravity can cause among scientifically naive upstarts, and, when ready for larger interactions, DO SO CAUTIOUSLY. Surely, we will be part of larger treaty and collective security, ecological conventions, but we don't want to be owned, right from the start. Humans don't rate high on the evolutionary scale, but that's no excuse for treating us like cattle. I've discussed, debated with many aliens. Even the most intelligent make mistakes, the worst being when they simply dismiss our validity, due to our relatively unadvanced awareness. We can engineer ourselves to be more competitive quickly. But all the people must be in agreement, not simply an elite of narco-dealing operatives. We are in deep doo doo, at the moment.

Wouldn't you rather help humans become more aware, instead of working for an ambiguous colonial's agenda here? They might use you, then dump you off and use others. For example, what killed the original gray world? Isn't it most conventient that, by allowing it to die, they acquired all the surrounding systems, plus a humbled, obedient gray refugee population who can be shamed when called cosmic derelicts, the son of Cain of the universe. They are so easily put down, then used to betray others, i.e. our kind, without protest.

Your best education for such work would be to study history AND journalism and read much science and good (reliable) alien info. to help you spread the awareness. Education is no substitute for honesty, however. Unless you remain uncorrupted by power or excess selfishness, your efforts would be useless. You will be judged, along with your information.

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 03:38 PM
If you really wanted to help those gray-federation aliens take over here, what could you do to make it happen? Here's a handy, sure-fire scheme that's guaranteed to help you win friends AND get girls. Tired of feeling small and insignificant? Then this scheme is for you! (adult discretion advised):

If you completely wanted to sell out humankind to the alien colonizers, you'd join the most conservative Republican faction (like Rove, Abrams, Negroponte and Bushie Doe), then do all you could to steal from the poor, opress ALL people, destroy the US and any decent kind of government, especially the ecology--all the while preaching GOD and individual liberty, the need for the US to protect its own, insular lifestyle. Lie about all government crime so that it gets worse and worse, cause suspicion of all other nations, especially the World Court and the UN, and make sure the US gets as much narco money into its coffers as possible. You would promote narcotics, while pretending to fight them (i.e. FL heroin mug Porter Goss at CIA and former Honduras coc aine mug Negroponte at NIDS), create pockets of outrage that leads to terrorism while pretending to fight it. Use the narco $ to militarize the world, selling US arms to get control of the planet. Above all else: lie about aliens, let them do as THEY choose, without public criticism and drive the whole alien issue, plus government interactions underground. Make sure you look like you lead the most anti-alien faction in government (the cabal), even shoot down an occasional gray (they're expendable--after all, their whole world was sacrificed to conquer them). By being the most anti-alien faction you can both profit by militarization, and help hide the entire alien scheme to control this planet. Then, while it's all secret, let it get out of hand, let the colonizing aliens abduct and promote themselves, base themselves where they choose. Make the breeding program happen, don't wait around for humans to just "evolve." Link up with the richest of the rich, cut deals with the most corrupt in China and Russia, eliminate high ranking enemies of your takeover scheme in any superpower government.

Why stay home and watch TV when YOU could be out there, watching your alien friends run down and nab some of your neighbors' pesky children?

Of course, it would help to ~drop the genetic bomb: get the richest elites to volunteer some of their children to be genetically modified. If they resist, share the profits by bringing them in on manufacture of "captured" alien technology--this will bring rich elites back into your hands. Then get the Chinese to start genetic manipulations, plus a plan of one-year hospital stay for selected babies (so their brains can be enlarged, including the skull case, with sustained genetic amplification). This will cause western elites to begin their own brain enlargement (imagine getting emails: IMPRESS GIRLS--YOU COULD HAVE A BIG ONE!), which separates them from the average rabble. Suddenly, you have a super-intelligent elite that can control the planet easily (with brains that are just 1/5 larger, hence it's cosmetically discreet). They can work with the aliens, who own them completely, their industry, some of their politicians, and this helps aliens sow religious conflict--just like they always have!

And remember, just like our fearless leader, George Bush does, always keep the humans off balance. Never given an inch! Just when they seem to be gaining steam to make necessary corrections, slam them with a different crisis so that they can never be on top of the situation. Then plow from one crisis to another with stop-gap, short-term fear mongering. This will alarm and enrage the people, making them easier to manipulate. Get control of the press and feed the people infantile, feel good pabulum, help the aliens insert their operatives among conservative elites, then, just like majic, the entire planet can be made to go critical. But, just before it dies, while it's screaming on the operating table, YOU can help the aliens "save" it! Then disperse humans out into various "scientific" doings with the aliens, making it all too tempting an involvement to just end. Finally, there is a product that lets you use the new alien technologies to MAKE humans believe, to wow them with spectacles.

Have fun with this at parties! Create your own, hybrid enclave to lord it over the humans, coolly, not rudely. Just make sure that your hybrids smarter than humans--so they will think the hybrids know better than any human.

*Warning, continued use of this product can lead to certain side effects in about 3% of cases. Side effects include: blurred vision, roving rashes and sudden, unexpected grins at socially inappropriate times, including secret laughter. If you've ever had a history of alcoholism, coc aine use or difficulty driving a motor vehicle, consult with your doctor before using. Not to be used while eating pretzels.

Sound familiar? Maybe I should patent this theme... Actually, it appears someone has beat me to it.

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 05:11 PM
GL2: I'm still reading all of your info. Great lot of it there. I have read a couple books on RV. There's the newer one with the white cover which I can't remember the name of and then there's Psychic Warrior written in 1995 or so by that one guy. What books would you recommend on the subject? Is it something others can learn to do? How do I learn it?

Are you saying that alien revelation would be accepted by humanity? If so then I agree but those who oppose alien revelation would create fear and it could cause accidental nuclear war. It'd be like we're the indians and the aliens are the conquering whites except this time the indians (us) have nukes.

You're saying that Grey aliens are secretly manipulated by sexually-polarized aliens of another kind altogether? Why are you so down on sex? Am I serving the Verdant agenda if I'm a total perv in bed with my girlfriend?

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 05:30 PM
Read Psi Spies by Jim Marrs and, absolutely read a book by Russel Targ, PhD, who trained hundreds of CIA spies in how to remote view. He's a good man, not a monster. Take a remote viewing course, $50-75 right on the web. Finally, no: sex-positive is the style today, but the unversal standard is non-sexual. Just be able to suspend your sexual reasoning, to think clearly.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 05:58 PM

Finally, no: sex-positive is the style today, but the unversal standard is non-sexual. Just be able to suspend your sexual reasoning, to think clearly.

What does style have to do with it? I mean, in what way would the aliens use sex to interfere with my reasoning? Like would they send a clone of Paris Hilton to seduce me?

You've typed a lot of words but could you type a few more about this idea of sex-positive versus sex-negative?

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by smallpeeps
You've typed a lot of words but could you type a few more about this idea of sex-positive versus sex-negative?

I think this would have something to do with whether you were married or not.


posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 06:21 PM
After years of experience with different kinds of alien populations, we can begin to make basic distinctions about alien perspectives on off-world psychology. What I'm about to say may make some readers uncomfortable, but I'll say it anyway. The first and foremost distinction of the sort has to do with the difference between sexually-reproducing populations (sexuals) and those who reproduce by either cloning or other non-sexual means (non-sexuals). Every single alien population with whom I’ve interacted has placed strong, unmistakable emphasis on the difference between sexuals and non-sexuals. The difference between a sexual Verdant (subdued yet collectively aggressive, territorial, and prone to black-outs of larger perspective) vs. a typical non-sexual "gray" alien is stark. Grays are more dispassionate, more consistent in their analysis and more capable of admitting error in their doings. They are categorically more humble, and are less prone to the stimulus-seeking dimensions of personality disorder. The same is true of other non-sexuals who've interacted with humans.

Among alien populations, the sexual vs. non-sexual distinction is considered so important, so intrinsic to an aliens' ability to sort out more complex issues, that a generic kind of non-sexual perspective appears to be the universal standard. Why is that? Once again, this is a very serious matter--so, please, don't assume that I'm preaching to the Vienna Boy's Choir. A non-sexual lifestyle is more internally consistent, more cool-headed and ecological. Non-sexual reasoning is less slippery, less prone to pleasure-seeking pitfalls and specious rationalizations, less proudly boastful and less distorted by the need to impress others. Non-sexuals can sustain their thinking more prolongedly and can develop finer and more detailed kinds of reasoning.

Nonsexuals rarely pose a population risk to the larger universal ecology---for one simple reason. They can both plan and control their numbers in proportion to their need and their resources. Meanwhile, what normally determines the amount of sexual procreation? Impulses, a sense of loneliness, biological urges and, in some cases, a lingering fear of external threats--a need for protection. Sometimes, of course, there's a prescient kind of love for that future little cutie.

Love, to a good alien, is a larger, more generic kind of social inter-relationship, a humbler search for meaning. In its most intelligent, if not most universal form, it's an abiding openness, a truly inspired desire to both feel for and help any and all other beings---more akin to a kind of mind within mind, within beauty within the hyperdynamics of exquisite sensitivity. It deliberately reaches into the most painful depths of suffering to collectively lift the affected toward a more advanced, yet transparent kind of understanding. Even "sex-positive" humans who can see through themselves are accepted by such aliens.

The sexual compared to non-sexual theme is recurrent, albeit subdued in human-alien interactions and has been mentioned in a variety of contexts. Sometimes it frames an alien criticism of human violence and excess. Sometimes it frames a moment that should be remembered in terms of social dynamics.

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 02:31 AM
Time to blow the whistle, maybe?

The member calling himself “gl2” --it might be just a convenient device behind which an entire team of disinformers lurk-- has said, on page 7, that…

“As for the Reptilians, Draconians and other 'service-to-self' races
intending to utilise humanity as a resource, and the numerous
service-to-other extraterrestrial races such as the Andromedans,
Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ummites, etc., as I wrote in a
letter to you, I remain leery of their representations (…).”

Then this…

“As for the Reptilians, I cannot say. The reports about them are too sparse, too momentary and
incidental--lacking fully conversant, long-term, thoughtful
interactions; they are only episodic. They appear in various
accounts, some of which may be true, but they don't appear
to be advanced aliens, if they exist as stated.”

This indicates that (s)he/they 1)is/are aware of the warnings of the Cassiopaeans concerning the Reptos since it is they who coined the phrases “service to self” and “service to others”, and 2) is/are downplaying the danger. Furthermore, gl2 must likewise be aware of the fact that the C’s say the Grays are merely remotely controlled devices sent on missions by the Reptos, yet he insists that they are a race in their own right.

This is the nastiest kind of collaborator. On the other hand, Mrs. Malacaria, A.K.A. EarthSister, is the collaborator who doesn’t have the slightest hint about the real situation. I believe every word she says about herself --a church-going Catholic mother of five (if I remember well) with a 2nd-degree black belt (taekwondo) and a habit of going to North American Indian powwows-- but the rest is what her puppetmasters tell her to come here and say, in other words, all lies. She’s obviously a former well-behaved A-student and probably someone who blushes when she has to tell a white lie. Everything in her private life is impeccable. This is the kind of unsuspecting, untainted instrument that the scheming ETs needed for their wicked purposes, someone most people would never associate with evil deeds.

By attacking her, gl2 is trying to convince those of us who know she is being used that he is revealing the truth, and the “truth”, as he would have us believe, is that the Reptos don’t seem to be much of a problem, and that there are marvelous ETs out there somewhere who might be wanting to come and help us, out of the goodness of their tender hearts. He is paving the way for those that will arrive and will have ugly things in store for us, as the C’s and the P’s started warning us in the early Nineties.

gl2 also knows that S.T.O. ETs (the selfless ones) never interfere directly in human affairs the way S.T.S. ETs (the evil ones) do because they respect free will, even the free will of the evil ETs, which are thus free to mess around with us as they please and have been doing so for thousands of years.

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 08:09 AM

Originally posted by EarthSister

Originally posted by Xatnys

Earth Sister,

After reading this thread and good deal of your web page, I wanted to pop in and say hi as well as ask a few questions of you. Please take no offense by anything I post.

I wanted to start off by saying that your understandings, as personally revealed to you do come with an "air" of truth or at the very least, a confidence in your words.

I wanted to say that, as my heart truly does believe you are speaking from your inner self, and it's not a guise.

Don't mistake that for meaning that my brain or my logic structure(s) are in unison with my heart. They are much more skeptical. Again, take no offense to this.


Good evening. Your questions are great and I am never offended by sincere questions or sincere skepticism.

I apologize for this being so long. I hope it helps you better understand where I am coming from, because short answers really can't.

1. How long, by your understanding, has this council been visiting the planet known as "Earth" in any manner? To what degree have they directly interacted with the general population of "Earth", and how much interaction was originally directed at just the governments of the population?

Alien races have always visited Earth since before we humans were here. Some of those were members of The Council. Not all visiting now have always visited. The Council as you see it on my pages has been actively organizing the races visiting Earth for "thousands of years," they told me. So I asked how many thousands, but they declined to be more specific at that time, I believe because it would open my mind to more questions that also were not in line for me to be told the answers to. The best metaphor for this common occurrence (of requests for information being declined) is eating a meal a bite at a time, or a lifetime of meals a plate at a time, while many other people in other places are sharing the bounty, all on one due course.

In May 1990, there were 170 races visiting Earth, and 30 of them were in, or of, "The Project" which is the loose name for their organization and the goings on of their organizing all of the visiting races into a unit. (There is one Project at Earth. Other Projects are for other worlds, and every world of intelligent life has a Project-- or an organization of visiting races.)

In the time between May 1990 and April of 2000, The Project was completed by the efforts of all its old and new members, mainly The Council, and also with help of some of the humans who work openly with alien life. The completion consisted of bringing all visiting races under the guidance, protection and agreements of the organization. It meant that some of the races visiting had to bring their methods up to the new standards, with all assistance possible from The Project races. It also meant that some visiting races who would not or could not comply, or simply had no authentic reason for being here, had to leave. The organization of our visiting races also made it possible for our other neighboring races, who previously refused to visit until they could depend on their efforts being productive here, began visiting. This brought the visiting races to exactly 218.

The benefits of being organized bring a sharing of knowledge, technologies, techniques and assistance to each of the visiting races, which is necessary to them all now that we humans are reaching a critical point of maturation in our own natural evolution. The visiting races now share the common goal of offering humanity a diplomatic relationship and bringing humans on Earth to a true awareness of alien life.

Unfortunately, the way we have our political and financial systems, and power structures, set up on Earth-- country against country, and our religious teachings (many) of dogma, superstition and money, have us road blocked against accepting the truth or visitation from our neighboring races. (This is just a nutshell, and I hardly understand the workings of governments or special interest groups.)

Alien life has always interacted with the public by sightings, and with particular individual humans personally for conversations and teachings. Contact is never random. To be an experiencer, a person has to be related to an alien race by spirit, and has "some kind" of personal contact, whether they recall it or not. Most experiencers do not recall any contact. Most of those who do recall contact, have one or two or a few encounters that they recall, and then refuse to or cannot proceed on a physical level, though contact may continue in other states of consciousness.

40 to 42 percent of the population of Earth is "some kind" of a personal experiencer (although anybody may spot an alien craft). Ten percent of those are directly related to another race by spirit, meaning they were in life in another race before. The remaining percentage of experiencers are offspring of the 10%. No alien people, or hybrids, live or walk around on Earth, or are infiltrated into our governments, or interbreed with humans, or run our world in any way.

The organization does not work directly with any Earth governments. Some of the races visiting Earth have approached our leading governments and offered their assistance, which was always refused. The US government made trade agreements with The Greys regarding their hybrid programs in exchange for technologies, which they forced upon The Greys under threats to (all) aliens and to the individual humans who worked with them, especially with The Greys. The Project races helped The Greys break those agreements. The Greys still have some ties with the US government, but they are no longer corrupt on The Greys' part.

How much interaction there was between The Greys and the US Govt, I don't know. But it is my plain teaching and experience that propaganda was used to blow this interaction way out of proportion, and remarkably against The Greys, in order to discredit any of it being known or accepted by the public when it leaked and spread.

More recently, the organization of visiting races accepted a request by the US Government to open a dialog. Initial stages of this did not work out because the US Government (I don't know who) thought they could lie to the aliens, and tried to get away with doing something underhanded that would set themselves up later with the benefit of a "loophole" to use to work around their agreements. I do not know exactly what the trick was, and I do not know whether talks have resumed yet. We all want talks to resume, but only honestly.

The alien races view and treat our governments and its publics as one humanity. Their mission is for all of humanity, and whatever we do on Earth to ourselves and each other, the visiting races only do the best they can to work for all without discrimination or disregard. They are not angels and they are not perfect. And just "look" at what they have to work with. And no matter what, this is still our own race and our own world, and they can't overstep their jurisdiction at the risk of taking over for us.

2. Is there a common or underlying belief system found amongst the various races that make up the council? What are some of the main points to the belief system(s) you are familiar with? Does that in any way relate to any of the various belief systems found here on "Earth"? I am far from a spiritual person by most common terms, but I will recognize how vital these belief systems are to the progress of cultures and entire civilizations. I state that so you know the motive of my interest.

There is a strict protocol and structure to The Council and how the members behave and interact. They each have their own specialties. They call on the specialties of the other races also to help them do their work, and the consult the more advanced races above them whenever they need to. There is a lot more to this, a little of which I know about.

But I think you are talking about religion. Spirituality is natural and Universal because all life is created by God. Spirituality is not exactly about being "good" although that too-- it's about being natural. What I have learned from all my spiritual experiences is that religion is not God, and God did not make religion. If you study religion, you learn about man. If you want to know about God, you have to go straight to God. There is nothing wrong with religion, but see it for what it is and what and who it really serves.

From all my spiritual teachings, and not just from alien life, "The Son of God" has been to many worlds, but not all races of life needed him to live right inside of their races in order to teach them. Some, he could just talk to. There is one God, and as well, one "Son" who is God. On other worlds, The Son of God is known by other names. All known races in the all the known Universes believe in the one same God. That is because God takes care of that, not other races. However, humanity of Earth is the only known race anywhere who holds the concepts of a devil or a hell.

God is not like anything you will ever hear about on Earth, because it can't even by spoken, and that comes strictly from my own experience with God.

The concepts of spirituality as natural are ever present and underlying through all of my experiences with my alien contacts, as well as all of my other spiritual and physical experiences with all life. "All life" is spiritual, no matter what your practice, experience or belief. All you have to do to discover it, is plug in.

3. It would seem to me that most of the time your apparent contact comes to you in a rather non-physical manner. That is to say that your consciousness is "taken" aboard alien ships and to visit alien lands. Is this due to any particular reason? I can understand the magnitude of logistics required for multiple biological entities to meet in a common, physical space. What I want to know is what are the other reasons for a lack of physical interaction?

They do it that way (spiritually) mostly because they have to, and also because they can. It takes a great deal more effort and considerable risk of accidental detection, and harm both to the aliens and to us, to meet physically. Usually what seems like physical meetings are the technological effects of contact from one dimension to another, each with its own atmosphere and value of time. We don't need to bring our physical bodies with us to a craft, unless there is a physical reason for having it there.

Also, the alien races are very selective in who they show themselves to, when and how, even in a crowd of people or a busy family or in the flow of traffic on the highway. The resulting affect on us of teaching and understanding what is true, is the goal. It is very easy for any meeting to instead produce a counterproductive affect on us, teaching the wrong idea or leaving us even more afraid of the aliens than we were before they tried to approach us to open our awareness of them.

Tie tightly into all of that, the propaganda generated by the governments who are against the alien races being here, and against you befriending them. If it becomes common knowledge that the aliens are here, that will force us to force our governments to issue statements about them, and those statements would not be good at this time. The longer you have to learn the truth yourself, the less chance of you believing the wrong thing. This is hard to describe, but please do not underestimate the government conspiracy against the alien races, which is really to conceal the goings on of the governments. It is their own crimes the governments hide from us. Only the aliens can hide themselves, but the governments can still tell you what to think about them. In fact, at this time, the government can still blame all its crimes on the aliens and the general public would believe it. If the aliens "showed up" and the government fired at them, the government could tell its people that the aliens fired first, or absolutely anything else, and the public would believe it. The threat the governments hold against the alien races is just that- mass chaos and confusion against the aliens and against its own people. This would not produce what the alien races are trying to help humanity achieve.

4. Since you are advised by your contacts to never keep any uncontestable evidence of their existence, for protection from current government, how do you personally validate your experiences?

It is not my goal to personally validate my experiences to others. But sometimes it happens that others have experiences with me, or they have their own experiences that coincided with what I have helped them understand. I help others achieve their own awareness, so they can do what they can do with their own alien contacts. Because of what I know, I can help almost anybody, who wants to, understand the concepts that surround alien contact, so I do that too. Helping somebody understand something is "far" more valuable than any hunk of metal that could mean literally anything anybody said it meant, or even be stolen, or confiscated to then be used to "prove" I was lying.

5. How can you truly be sure that your experiences are real? Furthermore, if you can truly be certain that they are really taking place, how can you be certain that what is being presented to you is, indeed the "truth". The "Truth" heh, I know that's really a loose term at best. But what I'm getting at is: How are you sure that these entities are not furthering an agenda which you are kept wholly unaware of? How are you certain the entities themselves are not a construct of a local (to "earth) government that is trying to steer civilization for their own reasons?

Jack's and my experiences are both physical and spiritual. We have experiences together, and so do our children although not to the extent we do. There is "no doubt" in my mind that what I experience is real. If I only had a few dreams of alien life, like most people do, I would dismiss them. However, my husband and I often have the same dreams, and then later in the day while we are awake, our alien contacts visit our home and discuss the content of the dream with us. Some courses of events play out over months of events in various ways, yet it all comes together without pieces hanging up in the air or left over. It's all the same, and it only took a little time for this to become the norm for us.

Jack and I have met race after race and continue. We ask questions of all of them, write everything down that happens, been warned of pending events, been treated with nothing but respect in all situations by them, and not one time has any of the things they have taught us or told us was going to happen, come out to be untrue or misleading. They have our respect and trust. We know they are not God or Angels or all-knowing, and they have made some mistakes before that we knew about, but we know them as the "true" professionals they are, and so we help their efforts. We know them as family and friends. We know ourselves to be one tiny part of a magnitude of effort all around our planet involving hundreds of races over thousands of years.

The doubt or question of others is not enough to make me doubt the aliens. It is just because these people have not experienced it that they doubt it. If I listened to those people early on, I may have doubted the aliens before I ever had the chance to see enough for myself too, and I would be just like almost all of the alien experiencers who have a dream, or see a craft, and miss some time, and go join an alien abduction support group where they learn that the evil aliens ate their baby or something.

Other than that, you would have to get to know the aliens for yourself to know for yourself the answer to your question. And I highly recommend that if you get the chance to get to know the aliens, take it. Don't listen to anybody that does not encourage and support you.

6. What do you feel is to come for the human civilization in the next 6-10 years? 50? 100? 1,000? No need to get too technical here, just general thoughts from your view.

I have not been told any of these things, and I really do not know. These are just off the top of my head, and somewhat sarcastic.

Positive Possibilities:

6-10 Large changes dotted among many small changes over a period of time, all having something to do with Earth's discovery of other life. I see it already started and moving swiftly considering evolutional time.

50 World wide knowledge of the true intentions of the alien races visiting Earth, our beginning the cleaning of our planet, better ways of using better fuels, distribution of medicine, food and education.

100 More of the same.

1000 Assurances of peace in place on our world and between us and our local worlds. Select travel to other worlds of life. Advanced medicine and technologies.

Negative Possibilities:

6-10 More government kidnappings and assassinations of alien experiencers.

50 US war against Japan and other countries that threaten the US power. Food shortages. Fuel shortages. Framing of visiting life for government crimes.

100 More War Famine Disease Poverty across Earth

1000 The US Government owning the whole depleted world.

7. If these contacts do in fact view current forms of government as adversarial towards their citizens, why do they allow it to continue? In my view of ultimate logic, it would seem that the alien race would choose to break all bonds upon the citizenry, and then provide them with a choice in the interests of free will and basic universal rights. Unless, of course, they wish for the citizens to first decide to break their own bonds, which is logical. But not practical when most citizens don't realize the bonds are there. Is it? I ponder this greatly in relation to your thoughts and experiences.

We elect our governments, at least we think we do. Even our governments who really elect our governments are all one of us. This is our own world and it is not any other race's place to step in and take over. But even then, there is a limit to what secures their jurisdiction. If somebody here had their finger over a button that would demolish the whole planet, the aliens would be within their mission here to stop that. Less than that, there is really not a lot they can do themselves.

On the other hand, whatever they teach to humans, and humans take with them to help change the course we are on, is just fine. It doesn't matter where a human gets information or teachings from, if a human who works with alien life pushes to make changes for the betterment of humanity, the alien races can back him up all the way and in any way necessary.

I wanted to thank you for your time. Please get back to me via this post or U2U. I also wanted to let you know that what I ask is for my own personal research. It doesn't directly deal with your situation, but everything ties together in the end

Thank you.

You're welcome.


I wanted to thank you for such a well-worded reply. I have read through it all twice now, and am forming my follow up. Rest assured that my next series of questions will not be as time consuming as these were. I really got a positive "vibe" from your words, and wanted to ensure we had a good foundation to proceed on.

A quick reply to your thoughts would be: Wow. You exhibit a logic in your words that really "gels" with my own personal views and many of the things you say make a great deal of sense in comparison with my research regarding government manipulation and the fabric of our reality and how we interact with it.

My next line of questions, will most likely revolve around time, the nature of our reality, and perhaps some more talk of spirituality, as I think it all ties together.

Thank you EarthSister, you are a credit to this community!

In touch soon,


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