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If you could live in your dreams 24/7, would you want to?

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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 06:01 PM
Nice thread.

I've had many, many vivid dreams that i thought were real life situation's, only a few of the dreams lasted from morning till night then woke up, very strange indeed.

Last was in December last year before Xmas.. Went to bed around 2-3am and suddenly was in a vivid/lucid dream, was morning in the dream and woke up in a future Earth that had flying cars and floating building's (yeah floating) was alone for a few hours (everything was as real to touch/smells etc)...Edit to add.

Thought to myself (did i go to bed?) cause I woke up a few hours ago, i mean FU*k this is mad... Anyway suddenly i was catching a flying car to my office building that's floating, looked at the time and it said 7am (no date to see only time) then I'm walking to my office trying to see everything i can, things look different now...Time has skipped it's (11am) still no date but only took me 10 minutes to walk to my office... People everywhere are starting at me saying "that's not him" that's not him-Not his time yet), OK now this is weird, one person said (hi your new here) I'm Sam you must be Mark? I'm like yeah dude what is this place, he said (the future of mankind) now we're a stage 3 planet and we have inhabited others) then look at the time and it's (8pm) getting dark, we left work and got the flying car back down to the earth's surface, he takes me to a bar and have a few drinks and then headed home, he/Sam said, (time is not a straight line as we sleep), (try going to bed when you get home and you'll be back) then i woke up in my real bed.

Could this have been the distant future? I'm not sure i got no date only time from the clock and night to day,, guess i done my 24 hours but only lasted that once.

Sorry for the part WALL of txt, was trying to rush.

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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 07:16 PM
I don't think I'd want to live in my dreams. I' think I've been playing too much Fallout 4 cuz I'm in the wasteland from what I can remember in the waking moments. LOL. But, really what I do manage to hold onto sometimes as well is I am talking to loved ones, and having conversations with them, and just hanging out. Then there are my reocuring dreams that I have had since I was a kid, it is always about a huge house, with hidey holes and so many places to hide/explore. Sometimes it's peaceful with a tinge of fear of being caught, and other times it's dreadful cuz I always get the feeling I am always running/hiding from something.

There are other dreams that I have had that really stuck with me since I was little (like being paralyzed in your bed with several of the giant Seasame Street letter Y's standing around me, and I won't be quiet and they somehow tell me to be quiet, they aren't hurting me but trying to help me, and I won't listen and I keep calling out for my Dad. Needless to say my Dad appears, and they say he's fine, but something is wrong cuz he's not moving and slumped over, and one of them tells me to let them help me and he will be fine and I won't remember this. To this day, other than the Y's, part of me wonders if it really was a dream or something else weird. I was about 9 years old, and sheltered in what I could watch on tv.)

Another dream that stuck with me from when I was a kid was I am in a bright blue kind of void like area, with lots of light everywhere and there is another, I dunno being? she said she was my guide on my journey and she is telling me that everything in the universe is recorded and not many have access to the universal knowledge. A few years after that dream I learned about the theory of the Akashic Records. If I could live there in my dreams, that would be awesome! But sadly the dreams I remember today as a grown-up are just about everyday things. That and sometimes I really wonder if we are in a dream world already, kinda like the Matrix or something cuz frankly, to me at least, things don't feel like they should.

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: Profusion

I was considering starting a thread of my own to discuss the subject of very strange yet very real and lucid dream's but found your's and it is just a few month's old so still current.

I am in failing health but mainly due to being down all the time in myself so to speak so I suppose at some level I want to escape from this world I find myself in that is both not the world I longed to live in as a child and indeed far worse than I could ever have imagined it could become, today we have politician's tearing down right's, corrupt big business running our nation's and the generation whom once fought to establish those right's now mostly pushing up daisy's and not knowing how there children have squandered the sacrifice they once made.

Now that is all well and good but back to the dream.

It was as if I was another version of myself, a human from this earth or rather an alternative version of it and in that alternative version I found myself travelling through a mirror like portal, it was ornate and surrounded by scroll's and carving's but despite this almost regency style it was actually a device of an extremely ancient and advanced society of OTHER human's, more perfect than we are they live in a time and world's were art's and culture for all are far more important than searching after yet more technology and dress in vibrant silk like clothing, the male fashion being similar in some way's to revolutionary period but tighter fitting, there physique is athletic but not weight lifter like, more like simply peak physical condition and there woman are absolutely beautiful.

The men and woman are often actually very nordic in appearance in this other world and in my dream the earth, at least that version was actually a lost colony left to it's decline and savagery which had actually surprised them by starting to ascend back to something resembling civilization though technologically it remained millions' of years behind these being's and also in danger of following a completely different path to it's Original parent civilization.

While in this dream version of myself on this alien but very earth like world with pedestrianised shopping precinct's, pleasant architecture also similar to the high period of regency but also very different in some ways were technology itself was actually Not visible though it was everywhere, were money did not matter but there was some kind of barter system albeit somehow more ethical and civilized than our own I was not alone, other Primitive human's were there as well and we were treated as honored guest's, a male guide showed us around there city's and explained there culture.

I was taken to a clothing store to dispose of the rag's we earth human's call clothing and was given a set of there finest clothing to wear, it would not have looked out of place on an ambassador to a royal court but it was incredibly comfortable and also both light and also much tougher than it appeared.

In the dream we had been selected and that is how we had been drawn to the mirror like portal's, think stargate but with instantaneous transport between world's and used to tie a single culture on many world's in many galaxy' together.

It was all just so real, I even memorised the name of the clothing store which was emblazoned on a bag containing yet more clothing they had given me, a very human sounding name for a very human looking tailor, Peter Stradoon (I could read it but it was more like something between caligraphy and musical notation than writing to look at, very pretty and ornate but like I say I could still read it, I fought to hold onto that name as I did not want to leave that place but was drawn back to this world as I woke, strange dream).

Though just a dream, this was a cool one and extremely real like I was looking through another person's eye's, I was not me there but a primitive human from the earth, an alternate earth and a very different me but somehow still connected to me, these being's were more Complete, not so scattered across time and dimension and in that dream they seemed to represent a potential for what man may one day become, joining them our elder cousin's another far more advanced human race that perhaps our ancestors in that reality at least had come from.

I even searched the internet for Peter Stradoon men's clothing and could find nothing.

Just a dream but if I could have turned it into a film.

The weather on that other world was just like here, but then it would be in a dream.

But I wonder are some dream's actually NOT dream's but experiences of other version's of ourselve's in other reality's, perhaps higher selves in higher reality's, though mine was just a dream, a lucid and very real feeling dream it was still just a dream about meeting very nice and very human being's from somewhere else and visiting one of there world's as a guest, even being dressed in there clothing and feeling more like a foreigner in a far more cultured land than a visitor to another world.

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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 04:06 PM
a reply to: Profusion

I already live in a dream.

posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 04:16 PM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

Life is a dream and death an awakening is an old saying but that may not be what you mean.

What if we are being's that exist on multiple worlds in different reality's simultaneously, each life would be just like a half forgotten dream it's experiences barely relevant to the whole of what would then be our higher being and likely to be forgotten just as most of our actual dream's are when we awake.

What is self, is there a higher self and is the ego just a nightmare that keep us from embracing a higher ego.

Of course like any philosophizing to go down this avenue of thought will have no end, each potential answer has a potential hundred thousand other question's tied to it and a hundred thousand turn's in the road that lead maybe no where or as the human consciousness is spherical back eventually to itself.

It is therefore what it is, we are whom we are and I am whom I am but who am I?.
Dig deeper for my own name and I find that beyond the label given me at birth or the label's applied to me by other's so that they can put me into a neat catagorie in there constructed view's of and particular individual reality's if I have a name it is hidden so that I myself do not know it but I Am alone and alien even to myself.

By human consciousness being spherical I mean that we see the world around us and often are invisible to ourselves, our personal reality's are often an inward projection of what we percieve and of course we barely perceive the universe at all so only project a tiny mental universe into being within our own consciousness BUT that projection itself may feed back into reality and even dictate the actual reality around us to a very small degree, like in the case of Schrodinger cat in the box, the cat is both alive and dead until it is looked upon directly so the act of making it part of our reality locks that reality into place and then it is either dead or alive and no longer both and neither, like when a photon is observed it behaves as a particle but when not observed it is pure wave and of course photon's in the apperture slit test may prove that other reality's DO exist, right beside us all the time, if that is the case while the photon can seeming pass between these reality's and is shared between them so too must a part of us be shared between multiple reality's but when do we diverge from ourselves and when do we re-merge into a greater whole that is also no greater than the sum of it's part's?.

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posted on Mar, 16 2017 @ 09:45 PM

Do you want to be an Agent Smith your whole life?

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