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EU announces an additional 200 million Euros for Iraq

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posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 01:50 AM
The EU is donating €200 million ($260 million) to assist Iraq.
That's in addition to the €320 million already given by the EU since 2003.

It's good that they are stepping forward with money that can be used for reconstruction and they've also forgiven bilions in debt owed by Iraq.

The new proposed EU aid includes 130 million euros to boost essential services and jobs and 10 million to support the political process "perhaps including help in drafting the new constitution," said a statement.

In addition 45 million euros will be held in reserve "to allow a flexible response to changing circumstances on the ground ... and to respond to the needs identified by the new Iraqi government formed after the elections."

The 200 million -- earmarked for this year -- comes on top of 320 million euros given by the EU to Iraq since 2003, said Udwin.

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