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posted on Jan, 12 2017 @ 12:37 PM
I notice the rain is coming. They say we'll get our share this time, maybe do away with the drought. We did so well conserving, cutting our usage. Now I notice that a rate increase is imminent. They say revenue is down because of our excellent conservation, so they need to raise the water rates to meet the "projected" budget. Hey, "project this".
I notice the board of supervisors are voting to give themselves a raise. A 12% raise. Are you freaking kidding me ? 12% ? When is the last time you can remember getting a 12% raise ? And giving it . . . to yourself ? Haughty SOB's aren't they ?
I notice no one really gives a rats ass about fairness anymore. And fake news, what's up with that ? Couldn't find enough dirt ? So you create BS ? Thank you . . .for nothing. Oh wait . . .thank you for messing up my head. Now I'm sure I can't get the facts straight.
I notice that Hollywood believes itself to be the true inspiration behind all thinking. Are Hollywood celebrities becoming God-Like ? Should they be able to over-rule all political back-biting ?
I notice things.
I notice lately that a lot of things go unnoticed.

I notice that the rain is now here. Have you ever noticed how rain makes you feel differently at different times ? Happy . . sad? Good . . bad ?


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