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Eyes Wide Shut, Scientology, & Vivian Kubrick - The Conspiracy

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posted on Mar, 1 2017 @ 03:59 PM
a reply to: albertfothergill

Yea that would violate copyright to post here, but, the Blu Ray is only like $15.

posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

Based on a true story
Lion (2016)

In 1986, Saroo was a five-year-old child in India of a poor but happy rural family. On a trip with his brother, Saroo soon finds himself alone and trapped in a moving decommissioned passenger train that takes him to Calcutta, 1500 miles away from home. Now totally lost in an alien urban environment and too young to identify either himself or his home to the authorities, Saroo struggles to survive as a street child until he is sent to an orphanage. Soon, Saroo is selected to be adopted by the Brierley family in Tasmania, where he grows up in a loving, prosperous home. However, for all his material good fortune, Saroo finds himself plagued by his memories of his lost family in his adulthood and tries to search for them even as his guilt drives him to hide this quest from his adoptive parents

Nicole Kidman redeemed as a loving mother (Sue Brieley)
They chose not to have children but rather adopt

Just browsing your thread again, it triggered me that in the movie she potrayed a loving mother who along with her husband chose not to have children (they were free loving grown up hippies/environmentalists).

In the orphanage in India Saroo witnessed sexual abuse and pimping out by the orphanage guards of the male & female orphans to wealthy Indians.

Of note perhaps is that Kidman never had natural children with Cruise. She now has natural children with Keith Urban.

Did she finally break free...maybe not...Lion was produced by the Weinstein Company along with Screen Australia.

posted on May, 10 2017 @ 12:37 PM
The conspiracy is about how to create famous people and VIP to be programmed by MKULTRA to unconsciously do what the elites deman. That usually consists in creating movies designed to brainwash the masses at large, or one specific portion of the population.

posted on May, 10 2017 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: Flanker86

Indeed, there are a lot of Monarch/MK Ultra references in EWS.

You can tell that Kubrick was well read on those subjects by watching Alex undergo psychotherapy in A Clockwork Orange.

posted on Jun, 18 2017 @ 09:47 PM
I came across this interesting article comparing Hitchock, Welles, & Kubrick. There is this especially interesting snippet that I've cited below that describes Kubrick's use of color in Eyes Wide Shut.

The treatment of Kubrick illustrates both the strengths and the weaknesses of the book’s hit-and-run style. Are his films “almost always about diminishing lives”? Maybe. The notion that “all of Kubrick’s characters get trapped, often because the circumstances they set up become out of their control” sounds right, as do many of Kolker’s observations about Kubrick’s camera placement, endings, and—who knew—bathrooms (it turns out they are ubiquitous across his oeuvre).

In his discussion of Eyes Wide Shut, Kolker shares the relationship that many have with Kubrick films: he finds that he likes it more and more with each screening. Initially indifferent to the movie, he now “can’t seem to stop talking about it.” But those elaborations, however well informed, are ultimately prosaic, and could have pushed harder on the ways in which Kubrick’s films express their key themes. And the observation that Kubrick is “a brilliant manipulator of color” demands more commentary than “just note the palette of Eyes Wide Shut.” Even within the confines of a 1,500-word review for the New York Times, Janet Maslin was able to offer this: “it overpoweringly deploys certain colors, most notably red and blue. The conjugal life is bathed in red, at first, and death and danger in blue—until the film begins switching and juxtaposing them incessantly to create underlying tension. The advent of purple, first on the dress of a young prostitute and later on the sheets where Alice sleeps, has its own innate drama.”

The Obsessions of Hitchcock, Welles, and Kubrick

posted on Jul, 19 2017 @ 11:34 PM
There are only a few things of worthy note inserted, in eyes wide shut. The film is a bit overly dramatic. The chanting of the Bhagavad-Gita, which would have to be studied in conjunction with Aleister Crowley's "De arte magica," and the library scene, which contains an enactment of Crowley's "Liber 66." The pertinent portion being "There shall be a fair altar in the midst, extended upon a black stone." This scene was only available in the UK version.

A more interesting film is "They Live" which was loosely based on "The Magic Glasses" by Frank Harris, in the Equinox vol I.
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posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 06:50 PM
I love this analysis, although I feel like the biggest detail left out, is that the world will likely never see the director's cut of the film. Whatever we ended up with, is probably missing the most important scenes. It's one of the few things that really bums me out when I think about it. We'll never see Kubrick's true vision for what I imagine was an expose that just exposed a bit too much.

posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 07:31 PM

originally posted by: scientist
I love this analysis, although I feel like the biggest detail left out, is that the world will likely never see the director's cut of the film. Whatever we ended up with, is probably missing the most important scenes. It's one of the few things that really bums me out when I think about it. We'll never see Kubrick's true vision for what I imagine was an expose that just exposed a bit too much.

So you obviously didn't read the thread, or you would have known that the version that is available on Blu Ray today is Kubrick's original cut.

This has been verified by his widow, and his brother and law Jan Harlan, and Warner Bros.

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posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 08:23 PM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

I read it, I just don't believe it.

posted on Jul, 26 2017 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: scientist

Do you realize that Kubrick had Warner Bros destroy all extra footage of The Shining in order to prevent someone from creating an alternate version of the film after his death?

Nobody in Hollywood has/had that kind of control over a major studio. That's because Kubrick didn't operate in Hollywood, let alone the United States.

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 07:26 AM
btw talking about alternate versions, I once saw a post on a website, mentioning that if you load up two copies of Eyes Wide Shut, and delay one by roughly half, it offers new revelations (like question-reply sequences and parallels). I tried this but unfortunately "revelations" did not line up, although it was a fantastic experience and I recommend it. also, knowing Kubrick, i find this method believable, although I don't know how much contribution he had to the montage, being dead before the release and all.

the question is - does anybody know where exactly to start the two copies, to get the maximum experience? the source mentioned lining up the first occurrence of the pianist (Nick Nightingale) with his first occurrence at the masked ball. still, it does not work exactly and I would like some actual timings, like in seconds... if it indeed is a method

originally posted by: ColdWisdom
a reply to: Davg80

I had no idea Nicole Kidman's father was accused of heading a child pedophelia ring.

That adds quite a twist to the plot. Thank you for sharing.

this came as a great shock to me too, it really brings Kubrick's death into a new light (was daddy unhappy with Nicole's new movie? was Nicole Kidman getting back at daddy by making the picture?)

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