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Political Turmoil - Handcuffing the Nation's Stability

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 09:16 PM
I am sure it hasn't gone unnoticed that the political world is in turmoil. Regardless of whatever political persuasion you lean towards, can it be agreed that there are two aspects of politics we all wish were the mainstay of politics in general? Firstly, that politics values transparency, and secondly, national security issues notwithstanding, the reporting on political transparency was both genuine and true. Without transparency, politics, and certainly not politicians in any country, have either the trust or the confidence of the general public.

Trust and confidence in politicians has been replaced with distrust and suspicion, and this has been fuelled by an MSM (main-stream media) partisan to particular agendas. The MSM prey upon the fears and the confidences of the general public towards their choice of political representation, using their favourite weapon, which is the slow drip-feed of public denigration of the representative on their national and international news feeds. The MSM deliberately use obfuscation and innuendo has a means to negate your ideological choice of representation, especially so if your chosen political representative veers away from the agenda the MSM follow. Effectively, the MSM has been politically weaponised against you, and your only protection against it is your own faculties of discernment and critical thought.

Today, due to the fast movement of information globally around the internet, it is no longer prudent to be critically-minded against what politicians say on, or propose for, the country in general, it is now also incumbent upon you to be critically-minded to what the MSM reports. The MSM is no longer the trustworthy eyes and ears of the general public, and it hasn't been so for many decades. Mixing non-fiction with fiction, the MSM purposefully denies you an overall view of the 'bigger picture'. It withholds fact whilst promoting a lie of innuendo to bring about a doubt in your mind and to erode both your trust and confidence in politicians in general. The purpose of which being to imbue in you a sense of apathy and to elicit from you an accumulative response to it switch off and turn away from the whole sorry and abysmal charade of it all.

It is an understandable response, but it is one of self-disenfranchisement and social disconnection, and is akin to an act of social self-harm in which a large proportion of the public participates. This vacuum of public inertia has been filled with a broiling mass of counter-demanding ideologies, which the MSM have learned to cherry-pick and promote for their own partisan agenda, and they use it against you. Objectivity is the key here, real and genuine objectivity. You have to be critical without a care for what is said or claimed to be the truth. From your perspective, it is irrelevant if something turns out to be true or not, what matters is your act of objective (not partisan) criticism. You only make an adjustment to information when you know it to be genuinely true. Do not allow your own bias and prejudice to lead you by the hand down the wrong path, which is what the MSM have become very good have to be 'transparently objective'!

Apathy is the shackling of a nation's stability. The democratic process is not a fault in society, it is its cement bonding all of the various bricks of ideologies into a consensus of abidance. It has its flaws, primarily that the majority takes the crown, but the crown is hardly ever worn by the same head for too long. The head dies, but the crown endures, and democracy is the agreeable way by which a 'new' head gets to wear the crown. The crown is not the blight, it is the goal. The blight is the MSM as it interjects itself into your formulation of choosing and choice for representation. The MSM do not view the public has the right arbiter in choosing what is right for the country, in its view such arbitration is the MSM's and they will do whatever they have to do to negate your choice, before, during, and after the democratic election.

Partisanship is just as bad as apathy. If it cannot turn you apathetic, the MSM will do its utmost to have you thinking in a partisan way, and ultimately, partisanship leads to deadlock and turmoil. The MSM is nothing more than a store selling a faulty product, so ask yourself the ultimate question...why buy it?

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