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I stand to lose my job because of Trump

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posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 04:47 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko
You now. So many have tons of sympathy for the OP because everyone here loves marijuana.

How many people on here would have sympathy for the OP if he worked in the coal industry and Clinton had been elected?

From the responses in this thread, probably a lot more.

posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 10:12 PM

originally posted by: NarcolepticBuddha
a reply to: GoShredAK

Yeah. Well. Tell it to Trump. He's the one, apparently, holding all the cards here.

Yeah, I am watching him. There has been a lot of talk saying he is going to ramp up the drug war and possibly shut down the already legal states. Fortunately it seems like most of those claims are scare tactics, misinformed opinions, simply based off of cabinet picks, and that seems to be about it.

The one time I have seen Trump address the issue personally, he said those decisions should be left up to the states.

IMO that is the best answer he could have given, short of, "I think the rest of the nation should jump on-board."

If he was being honest there, then I am more inclined to believe he is the real deal.

I am waiting to see what he does because if he is truly a smart business man, who is unhappy with the current establishment due to their rampant corruption and many corrupt self serving campaigns and agendas.

If his intentions for all citizens are good, and he wants to create job opportunities while making a ridiculous amount of money for this country.

If that is the Donald we are dealing with he will not stand in the way of legal cannabis. Not only that, but be would be supportive of the Industry and help make it legal nationwide.

He has to be fully aware of the massive potential within cannabis, the potential to create so many different jobs.

The plant has an impressive amount of uses that have absolutely nothing to do with the flowers that contain psychoactive and medicinal compounds. That means all different kinds of jobs, and new products that well be wishing we had all along.

He would create jobs, see the start of a great new industry, and make massive massive profit for this country. We could probably pay off that debt in no time.

If he opts for the propaganda derived dinosaur mentality of marihuana is evil. I will seriously doubt his sincerity and his good intentions.


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posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 10:23 PM
a reply to: GoShredAK

Sorry for being rude earlier.

Working for the cannabis industry is not only a real job, it is a job with positive meaning. An example would be the people working in very nice advanced labs extracting CBD from the cannabis flowers and creating a revolutionary medicine.

CBD is without question, proven to treat a number of conditions safely and effectively with virtually zero side effects, and zero harm to the body and mind.

I'll try and find the video to post here after this, but one of the most eye opening stories I saw was the account of a young girl who must have been under 10 years old. She suffered from seizures pretty much her whole life and was getting progressively worse.

She was on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, one of which was a benzodiazepine which will have a severe effect on a developing brain. All of the meds brought on side effects that were more distressful than just the seizures by themselves.

In an act of reluctant desperation they decided to try the alternative path of CBD. They were reluctant because they were victims of the reefer madness era propaganda and they didn't want to be bad parents.

After her first dose she went that night without a seizure, as time went on they continued using CBD and slowly discarded all of the pharmaceuticals.

To the best of my knowledge that little girl is happy and living her life because her seizures have become rare.

Her parents probably thank their lucky stars every day because, until they found CBD, they were living a nightmare of the worst kind, and the future looked bleak.

Another one I am passionate about is the football players suffering from the concussion disease CTT (I think)

These guys end up being tormented by their own minds to the point where they decide to kill themselves so they don't kill their families. How freaking sad is that?

These athletes who lived for the game, who were willing to destroy their bodies to be amongst the best. Instead of retiring and enjoying life with their families, they leave the game and find themselves immersed in a personal hell.

CBD is scientifically proven to have the profound effect of protecting the brain from receiving the damage that causes the disease. (there may be evidence of CBD reversing the damage as well, ill have to check)

Regardless of this information coming out, the NFL will not allow its players to use CBD. Even though it has absolutely ZERO intoxicating effect!

Veterans and others with PTSD can benefit greatly from cannabis as well. There has been plenty research. There is a group of veterans out there that advocate medical cannabis for PTSD, they have documented many healthy results.

I will try and find the video of that as well. It shows several different veterans who have made the transition from living in tormented misery taking insane pharmaceutical cocktails that make them feel crazier, to medicating with cannabis only and getting themselves back, they start loving life again, they start doing things they couldn't, they suddenly find themselves in a quality of life they didn't think possible, and this reflects on their families, making life better for everybody.

To think of how many suicides could have been prevented had this Information got the recognition it deserves long ago. It is messed up.

The industry shouldn't be mocked, and the jobs within are going to be very real. They will be helping all those people who have been left to suffer.
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posted on Jan, 19 2017 @ 11:32 PM
a reply to: GoShredAK

That is one of the many accounts of parents getting their child back thanks to the miraculous healing power of the cannabis plant.

To remind everyone why this is on topic posting. The cannabis industry is in a precarious place where it is still illegal federally, and with this latest election, things seem to look even more uncertain for the industry.

One of the first comments failed to recognize the massive potential cannabis holds, and described work within the cannabis industry as not worthwhile.

I am making sure the facts don't get buried in fear and ignorance, and what little It may be, I am trying to help those little kids who need their medicine. Ignorant misinformed negative comments towards cannabis, and undermining the overwhelming positive aspects of this plant is irresponsible and disrespectful to the people who's quality of life depends on it.

Here is a clip from viceland, they did an entire episode on some veterans with PTSD, in the show we meet a group of veterans all of whom with PTSD that have started a small movement advocating the use of cannabis to manage PTSD. They have had extremely positive results and we're even able to stop taking all of the phsycotropic drugs that were making them feel even worse. I wish I could have found the full episode, I highly recommend watching it.

Viceland did a similar episode with NFL players dealing with CTS, same story, CBD is proving to be the superior supplement they need to prevent CTE.

Turns out cannabis is a gateway drug, a gateway to sobreiety and life without addiction. This idea is in its infancy and it really needs to be taken seriously and implemented at rehab centers across the nation.

With this idea being fully embraced and fine tuned, In combination with traditional therapy's such as suboxone, and the underrated power of exercise and healthy eating.

Detoxing from heroin and other hard drugs or alcohol could become attainable for more people than ever before, and the heroin epidemic will whither away while an unprecedented amount of people are getting help that works and are staying clean.

For cannabis to be a schedule 1 is a crime against humanity. It is completely nonsensical so anybody can easily determine it is being prohibited for unjustifiable reasons by people with greed, a need to be In control, and a fear of an open-minded more healthy populace.

The DEA just recently had the audacity to proclaim CBC illegal and of no medicinal value. That is beyond ludicrous. Will the agents of the DEA honestly not be bothered by the fact that all those little children will suffer immensely?

That our veterans will live out the last of their days tormented by mental anguish?

That thousands of otherwise good people who got hooked on opiates will most likely never break their addiction and will die far to early leaving behind all the potential for a wonderful life that was never tapped into?

That one of their favorite NFL players begins living a life of inner hell and eventually murders his entire family before killing himself?

They probably do not care, which means they need to realize they are no longer relevent and just disapear.

The people have the right to heal ourselves, we have the right to make discoveries and use them to make this world a better place for all.

Science is backing it up, people with the guts to go against the mainstream have become living proofs, the states that have legalized are reporting positive results.

Unlike the chaos and negativety forecast for legal states by the naysayers. They're making so much money it is overwhelming, there has been no rise in crime or traffic incidents, teenage use has not risen it has In fact dropped. Legalization has proven to be nothing but an upgrade for the state.

I live in a legal state, nothing has changed, we haven't degenerated into a drug addled lawless society of strung out deplorables.

Jobs are slowly opening up, regular townsfolk who are curious about cannabis are being introduced to it in a comfortable professional setting.

As it grows I believe were going to see our economy flooded with money, especially during the summers due to Cannatourism.

We're going to see a whole new arena of jobs open up, once business is fully up and running It'll be a dynamic industry that'll require people with skills to fill a vast array of different positions.

After a year or two I would feel safe betting that DUIs will be down, teenage use will be down, illicit drug use will be down, and our percentage of heroin addicts will have shrunk.

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