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A Rose Gardener

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posted on Jan, 11 2017 @ 05:50 PM

There was once a Rose-Gardener who loved her rose bushes very much. The care she took, the love she gave, and the nurture she offered made the thorns ever softer.
What many dont know is that she grew them just near a small lake, by her house away from the city lights, but across the lake, wild roses flourished, with thorns as hard as diamond.
The roses she planted, each passing year, lost some of their color and a bit of their grace, they were dying even with the care in place.

The loving gardener looked across the lake where the wild roses grew, she knew, she needed a handfull. She swam across and plucked them one by one, yet she forgot the thorns were hard as diamond. She was stung, but took no notice, she believed she could offer a better haven.

She swam back, planted them in her garden and I wish i could tell you a happy ending, yet she died in whats called a rose thorn disease.
She did what she love, and that made her happy, but forgot the prize when not being careful.

"Even a loving rose gardener knows that the thorns makes the rose"

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