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The Enochian Apocalypse.

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posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 07:19 PM
Please take the time to read this, for here follows the little known account of the apocalypse, and its deliberate onset brought about willingly, by the practice of the occult sciences. This has been purposely written, and is not a religious “cut n’ paste” post. Much of what is to be repeated here is still considered secret, but can be easily authenticated by rudimentary enquiry into this field. The story begins in 1582 with the Elizabethan scholar Dr John Dee (1527-1608), for between the years of 1582 and 1589 the renowned and respected scientist, cartographer, librarian and astronomer Dr John Dee along with his associate Mr Edward Kelley conducted a series of ritual communications with a set of discarnate entities who eventually came to be known as the Enochian Angels. Dee, through his scribe Kelley invented a system complex system of magic(k) which revolves around the angelic, and therefore demonic language (in accordance with the theological “fall from grace”, whereby Demons and Angels are understood to be the same race of creature.) which was communicated to them backwards in its entirety through a series of communications. This was no hoax, the Enochian language is completely unrelated to any known language, and it has a completely alien grammatical system. Most modern languages can be traced in their origin, indeed if I was to invent a language it would be almost impossible to eradicate the traces of my native tongue (English), for this reason modern linguistic scholars regard the creation of the Enochian language to be impossible within the space of time in which it was created, and channelled through an uneducated, possibly illiterate man, Kelley.

With the use of a scyring crystal, or a black mirror of obsidian, and by means of prayer and ritual invocation, the pair managed to invoke the spirits, which were seen and heard by Kelley and interrogated by Dee. The spirits took their name from the system of magic(k) that they communicated, it was they claimed the very system of magic(k) that Enoch the Patriarch had learned from the angels of heaven. Or as the angel (for these spirits did indeed claim to be angels, and took angelic names.) told Dee “Now hath it pleased God to deliver this Doctrine again out of the darkness: and to fulfil his promise with thee, for the books of Enoch”1. Compared to it, asserted the Angels to Kelley, all other forms of magic(k) were mere playthings.

It is necessary to state unequivocally for those unfamiliar with this topic, that neither Dee nor Kelley fabricated the spirit communications. Both believed completely in the reality of these angels, although they differed about the motives for these beings; Dee believed them to be genuine angels of heaven, submissive to the authority of Christ, whereas Kelley came to be suspicious of their motivations, and presumed they were guilty of deliberate deception. The dislike was mutual, and the angels treated Kelley with contempt.

What was communicated to Dee through Kelley was not merely the most potent form of spirit magic(k) ever conceived, but an initiatory formula designed to unlock the gates of the four great watch towers that stand guard at the extremities of our universe. The Watchtowers are described by the Angel Ave:

“The 4 houses, are the 4 angels of the Earth, which are the 4 Overseers, and Watch-towers that the eternal God in his providence hath placed, against the usurping of blasphemy, misuse and stealth of the wicked and great enemy, the Devil. To the intent that being put out to the Earth, his envious will might be bridled, the determinations of God fulfilled, and his creatures kept and preserved, within the compasse and measure of order.”2

These four watchtowers are the equivalent to the four pillars in Egyptian mythology that hold up the sky and keep it from crashing to earth. They bar the chaotic legions of Choronzon from sweeping across the face of the Earth. Choronzon, the angels reveal to Dee, is the true heavenly name for Satan. Also known as the by the Enochian title of the Death Dragon or him that is fallen (Telocvovim)3. These two names are often (wrongly) considered too dangerous to speak.

The angels communicated through Kelley to Dee the 48 Enochian calls or keys (the angels refer to them as both), were delivered in Enochian and translated into English by the Angels. The overt purpose of the keys, declared by the angels, is to enable Dee to establish ritual communication with the spirits. There are actually 49 Keys, but the first; the angels inform Dee is too sacred and mysterious to be voiced.

The angel Raphael declares the expressed purpose of the Keys to Dee:

“In the 49 voyces, or calling: which are the natural keyes, to open those, not 49, but 48.(for One is not to be opened) Gates of Understanding, whereby you shall have knowledge to move every Gate, and to call out as many as you please, or shall be thought necessary, which you can very well, righteously, and wisely, open unto you the secrets of their Cities, & make you understand perfectly the contained in the tables.”4.

Dee’s blindness to the true function of the Keys is odd, because there are clues about their nature everywhere for eyes to see them. The Enochian communications are filled with apocalyptic pronouncements and imagery. The angels continually warn of the coming destruction of the world by the wrath of God and the advent of the Antichrist. Dee was mislead into believing that the gates could be opened slightly for the purposes of human interrogation and then shut again, indeed the angels encouraged this belief in their communications. Dee assumed that the apocalypse could only occur according to the pre ordained time, determined by the explicit will of God.

What Dee failed to understand is that the system of magic(k) communicated to him had been specifically designed to bring about the onset of the apocalypse, the complete working of the Enochian Rituals will open the four gates, and will not occur at a predetermined time, but by free will and the actions of a single human being known in the revelation of St. John as the Antichrist. It had been previously assumed that the apocalypse is in the hands of the angels of wrath, to be visited on the on the world at the pleasure of God. It is in the veiled undertones of the Enochian communications that this is not true. Crucially, the explicit and undeniable implication is that the gates can only be opened from the inside. The angels of wrath could not initiate the apocalypse even if they wanted to. If the apocalypse is to take place, it is necessary for human beings to open the gates of the watchtowers, the only role the angels (or demons?) have is to instruct man in the correct method in opening the gates.

Although Dee had been given the explicit method of the apocalypse working, he did not understand the awesome significance of it, despite the angels describing the results of the rituals as the “time of harvest”, although willing and capable to perform the necessary rituals, Dee merely records, interoperates and organises the communications of the angels into a comprehensive system of magic(k), by their direction. Dee, under the instruction of the angels waited for the command to initiate the working that command never came. That was reserved for another man Aleister Crowley (1875-1947).

1.“A True and Faithful Relation of What passed for many Years between Dr. John Dee… and some spirits”, (Meric Casaubon,) [London 1659]
Reprinted: The Antonine Publishing Company LTD, page 174.
2.Ibid page 170
3.Ibid page 207
4.Ibid page 77

Two more installments of this story to come...

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posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 08:08 PM
a known occultist, and a Druggie thief. probly trying to communicate to voices found in static. During the war of religion, specifically "the war of the 3 Henries"

I would be thinking of the apocylpse at the same time.

The origins of the "text" make this seem more occultish then religious

posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 09:17 PM
This is strikingly similar to The keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak. This version by dee has fewer keys, but from the synopsis, the same underlying claim.

posted on Jan, 30 2005 @ 09:38 AM
I have photocopies of the Liber Logaeth folio that the British Library keeps in the manuscripts dept.

It's also known as sextus et sanctus, and sometimes as the Necronimicon ( book of dead names ),

if anyone is really interested in these, what are essentially cipher grids, or in a particular one or more of them, I can upload examples.

One example,

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 06:37 AM
Part 2:

Growing up amongst the devoutly Christian sect known, as “The Plymouth Brethren” must have been difficult for the young Aleister Crowley. They are a fundamentalist sect who amongst other things, strictly prohibit all discussion regarding sexuality and the supernatural. The Brethren even go so far as to suggest not only that the secular world was corrupt, but also that the other Christian churches have gone astray as well by becoming involved with the secular world. The movement is also necessarily isolationalist, it restricts itself to small communities or large extended family groups. Yet despite all this, the young Crowley became convinced that he was the Great Beast mentioned in the Biblical Book of Revelation.

Crowley never considered himself to be the Antichrist, he was not to be the central character in the Drama of the Apocalypse, but rather a herald who ushered in a new age of Chaos. In a very real sense Crowley was the gatekeeper of the apocalypse. “The Book of the Law”, or the Thelemic Holy Book, (Thelema is a dark religion based on the apocalyptic teachings of Crowley) dictated into the left ear of Crowley by a series of disembodied entities, the first of who was the Egyptian Deity Horus, clearly states:

“This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries which no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the key of it all.”1

Crowley, under the direction of Horus believed that he had ushered in the new age of Chaos, or the “Aeon of Horus”. During this age the traditional value systems of the previous Aeon, or the “Aeon of Osiris”, which based themselves on modesty, piety, repression and abstinence would become impracticable and undesirable. This has been realised by a mental transformation of society and was manifest by the transformation of the modern world. Crowley was convinced that the Aeon began in 1904, this Aeon would last the duration of the Apocalypse, or the period in which Choronzon will rule over the cosmos and visit destruction on mankind. This is a change which is presently occurring within the collective unconscious of the human race.

Crowley studied and practiced Enochian Magick more than any man that has ever lived, with the exception of Dee himself. The record of his most famous Enochian working, which took place in the desert of North Africa is preserved in the document entitled “The Vision an The Voice” 2 , Crowley possessed profound understanding of ritual magic(k), one which was not just theoretical but practical. No man in the 20th century had been better suited to initiate the Apocalypse working, just as Dee had been the most suited to receive it in the 16th century from the Enochian Angels.

Crowley never succeeded in correctly working the entire Apocalypse Working-that is, the primal occult key which is nowhere to be recorded, that is the successful working of the eighteen manifest Keys, but he did succeed in partially opening the doors to the Watchtowers. The Method is described by the angel Ave to Dee:

“Four days… must you onely call upon those names of God [on the Great Table of the Watchtowers], or on the God of Hosts, in those names:

And 14 days after you shall (in this, or in some convenient place) Call the angels by Petition and by the name of God, unto which they are obedient. The 15 day you shall Cloath yourselves, in vestures made of Linen , white: and so have the apparition, us and practice of the Creatures. For, it is not a labour of years, nor many dayes.”

It is clear however, that the research necessary to complete the working would require substantial effort that would extend over years. Similarly, it is clear that that the complete apocalypse working will be conducted by the Antichrist and will throw open the gates of all the Watchtowers, (if we are to believe the intimations of the Enochian Angels) must be conducted on consecutive days, one Key per day.

Most fundamentalist Christians conceptualise the end of the world to be a completely physical event and will be sparked by some horrifying agent, a nuclear war, the impact of a giant asteroid, or a deadly plague. This supposition is natural considering the concrete imagery in the vision of St. John the Divine, the purported author of revelations. It is synonymous with the materialist view of modern society. It is ironic that whilst these Christians acknowledge that the Angels will initiate the apocalypse, and that the angels are themselves spiritual beings, yet most Christians continue to believe that the apocalypse will be a physical event.

The Enochian Apocalypse is a different contention altogether, it must be primarily an internal spiritual event and only in a secondary way an external physical catastrophe. The Watchtowers that stand guard at the four corners of our dimensional reality are mental constructs. When they are opened they will admit the Demons of Choronzon not into the physical world, but our subconscious minds.

The signal for the initiation of this psychic invasion occurred in 1904 when Crowley received The Book Of the Law. Crowley’s Enochian evocations of 1909 pried open the doors of the Watchtowers a crack, enough to allow a foul wind to blow through the common subconscious mind of the human race. This would explain the senseless slaughter of WWI, and the unspeakable horror of the Nazi Holocaust during the WWII. Similarly it would explain the decline of organised religions and the supremacy of science. It would explain the end of the tradition systems of morality, as well as the increases in greed and senseless crimes of violence.

1 Aleister Crowley, “The Book Of The Law” (“Liber Al Vel Legis”), ms. Ch. Pr 47
2 Aleister Crowley “The Vision and the Voice” ch. 66
3 “A True and Faithful Relation of What passed for many Years between Dr. John Dee… and some spirits”, (Meric Casaubon,) [London 1659 p.84

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 09:32 AM
Good, informative post.
I assume there are still gates to open up before the apocalypse? How do we know there aren't person(s) working to open those gates right now? How would we know? Dee and Crowley had some degree of fame...but what if there are anonymous Dees and Crowleys out there still working on that stuff? Could they succeed? And given the complex nature of the workings, could some schmuck off the street fooling around with some of these Enochian texts accidently open a gate or two? (I know, sounds like an Evil Dead movie...)

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by Cassie Clay
Good, informative post.
I assume there are still gates to open up before the apocalypse? How do we know there aren't person(s) working to open those gates right now? How would we know? Dee and Crowley had some degree of fame...but what if there are anonymous Dees and Crowleys out there still working on that stuff? Could they succeed? And given the complex nature of the workings, could some schmuck off the street fooling around with some of these Enochian texts accidently open a gate or two? (I know, sounds like an Evil Dead movie...)

Strangely you can find the Enochian keys on the internet...

But as far as I know, it's not simply a case of reciting the keys out loud - that won't bring about the Apocalypse. It needs to be done in ritual at the right time, you'd have to spend years perfecting it, doubt any random on the internet would have the patience to pull it off. Very tricky, but not impossible.

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 11:10 AM
Crowley is down as saying he could be an reincarnation of Kelley.

Another thing he wrote about was how he came to be that usher-in - he was part of a group of Asiatic masters, and he wanted to help enlighten the 'west', most of them disagreed.......he wrote also about having a blank period in his past life memories from that time.

1904 - 1909 is inkeeping with the timeframe that some American businessmen decided to not take Tesla up on the Wardenclyff world power grid idea. Which is likely why Aiwaz payed Crowley a visit, allegedly, on his Cairo honeymoon in 1904.

Dee and Kelley, btw, went out to the Bohemian court. Alchemy connects back to ancient 'China'.

or you can just play chess while trying to hi-jack the 'new world' from 1776 on

If you read thru some of the recorded writings on the Enochian scryings of Dee and Kelley - a lot of the beings they are in contact with state that they have no comprehesion of what time is. A lot of them also hate Jesus, but Dee addresses him in his prayers nonetheless.

Dee's number code of contact to Elizabeth I's court was apparently, 007.

so All Along The Watchtower that!

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by Simon_the_byron
Strangely you can find the Enochian keys on the internet...

But as far as I know, it's not simply a case of reciting the keys out loud - that won't bring about the Apocalypse. It needs to be done in ritual at the right time, you'd have to spend years perfecting it, doubt any random on the internet would have the patience to pull it off. Very tricky, but not impossible.

i found that odd as well... still creepy that they are available for someone to "try".

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 11:43 AM
What makes anyone think those keys bring on the Apocalypse? Or even, what makes anyone think that those are the real keys?

It's more likely that it is a case of using sound to destroy - ie, the universe created by sound, being cancelled out by the sound with the opposing waveform.

I meant to write that in the UFO board thread about 'alien robots' - the machine elves that were saying, "use your voice to make an object" - it is that sort of creative method, turned the other way.

Sound as tools.

Please see link here for links to websites about cymatics, the shape of sound.

( the English language kinda popped up out of nowhere in Elizabethan times - in Shakespeare's works and Marlowe's )

posted on Feb, 1 2005 @ 01:57 PM
"co-incidently" ( because it wasn't a real co-incidence in any way at all, it was on-purpose and using very evil stuff to be able to make it happen ),

two of the usual fake-illuminati parasites that are sent to follow people and harass them in the usual occulty manners, just made sure and timed they would walk past me and be exactly where I was, as I went to the videoshop just there - they appeared in various guises on the way over and back, and finally decided to walk past me exactly as I got out of my car to go home and mention in overloud voices "James Bond" -

usual mind-control fake-occult style of intimidating people, stalking them. Yes morons, I know that 007 was used as James Bonds number in the James Bond films and books............

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 04:42 AM

I apologise for resurrecting this thread after a long period of time.
I'm new here and have been a long-time lurker in ATS. This thread sparked my interest although I do not know a lot about the topic.

I read through information posted here regarding the opening of the Watchtower gates. I have a question which may sound incredibly simple/stupid but I'm nevertheless curious. If there are keys that were communicated to Dee that can be used to open the gates heralding the apocalypse, are there locks/rituals that exist that can reverse this process i.e close the gates? If so, are they described (have they been communicated by these angels)? Are there humans who are attempting to close the partially opened gates with these tools in hand? Is it possible that if these exist, that closing the gates completely can be successful? Or is the apocalypse inevitable?

Thank you


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