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Time Traveller [STT2017] "Joe gives it another whirl."

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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 07:18 PM
December 21st
Year 2234 AD, 8:20am Breakfast
Joe was awakened to the food and coffee being slid through the hole in his door. As was, is, and would probably be the custom for the rest of his days on this miserable planet on this time line anyway. He turned on the light, went to the bathroom, then picked up his food and placed it at his desk. As was custom, the food had long ago lost of vestiges of heat, and at best was barely warm. He could tell the coffee was yesterdays slug that the guards didnt drink. He ate regardless, not because he had to or wanted to, but because eating helped him to remember the past, the days when life was good. When he had steak, or fruit, man alive, how long has it been since he had real fruit, 200 years? How long had he been in the cell for that matter? Had it been a decade, maybe two since he had last escaped? He knew his time would come to escape again. It was inevitable. The only question he had was would he do it all again?

Joe had grown cynical in the last four hundred years. Yes, he was immortal, so what. What good does it do to live forever if everything you try to build falls to ruin, or worse like the current situation your locked in a cell.

Joe pondered to himself, "Man doesnt deserve to evolve to be me. They're just truly unworthy.......hell they can't even make a decent cup of coffee anymore." Still, Joe's cybernetic enhanced human body hard coded with compassion and empathy mocked him. Yes, his mind was his own, but even if he were free, he would still be a prisoner unto himself. A body a prison to a consciousness designed to live forever, that longed for death stuck in the body of an immortal being jaded by millenia of watching the beings that he was supposed to help evolve continuosly @!#?@! up. It was a cruel joke. Still the time is near. How many times had this cycle happened now, four, five, maybe even 6. Six thousand year cycles, how old was he now? What an odd question to ask an immortal. Still with being locked in the cell he had nothing better to do.

Year 2234 AD, 12:30pm Lunch

Lunch eventually came, Bologna sandwiches. Joe swore to himself, "I will kill that SOB before he is born if i do go back again." He hated bologna. He ate it every day, 7 days a week, and twice on Sundays for decades now. What a complete waste of a meat. He knew the town where the meet originated from, perhaps he would simply have the plague destroy it this time around. Maybe go back further and help the Germans conquer Rome instead. Or is that his future now? It all seems to blur. Still this was all he could do to pass the time, think of how he will change the past, which is to say the future, and hope to god that today isn't Sunday.

Joe thought back of the last cycle, when did it come from me again? Was it today? No, he still had 3 days till his birth so to speak. How ironic Christians would stake him to a cross and worship him as a messiah, yet hate and despise him at the same time. Would he go to Jerusalem this time around? Why repeat the same thing over and over, if it failed last time, it will probably fail this time. These damn apes have no clue how to follow a leader. Buddha, Jesus, hell even Mohammad, he had been them all, and all those tribes had failed. Still what time is it now?

Joe had lost track of the time, pondering his thoughts on how to conquer these stupid apes, and bend them to his will. Evolve them to the superior being that he was if he could. Still, how he hated them. God's special people. How ironic if they only knew the truth. There was no God, they were Gods, it was all a cruel joke that they call humanity. Maybe Joe would think of a different name this time around? After all he could, couldn't he? how about instead of humans, he called them buttholes. That made Joe laugh out loud, yes, make a human a butthole and a butthole a human, butthole humans would be his cruel joke this time around.

Year 2234 AD, 5:30pm Dinner

Crap, its Sunday, I hate Bologna........ Ah, the note, that's right, that's how it all starts. Joe lifted the sandwich and the note was right underneath it. "We know what you are, we're are going to help." What a joke, sure your going to help alright, send me back in time to the beginning, Joe already knew how this was going to turn out. Thirty years in a prison cell again spending 10 years being anally probed by an idiot scientist trying to understand immortality and thinking his butt has something to do with it. He'd kill the SOB too..... Joe's # list.

December 25th
Year 2234 AD, 8:23am Breakfast
Joe heard explosions, it was happening, bah, maybe I'll stay in bed this time, he thought to himself. He knew he couldn't as soon as he touched himself past, present, and future self would become one, he would have the information on this time line to go to the time machine, to escape his prison, and start the process again.

The door opened, Joe saw himself walk into the cell. "Hello, I an a Self Automated Technologically Advanced Neohuman." Joe just looked at it an smiled, he always said that. He knew what he was, he was it, and it was him, still, he shook its hand. In an instant, Joe was it, and it was Joe, ah there is the knowledge. Time to go to work, Joe emerged from the cell, the locks and controls had been destroyed, he was free to do as he wished, yet the programming, always the same, go back and help man build. Still, he needed to remember his joke this time around, Buttholes, that's all they were to him, yes, SATAN would build a world full of buttholes. He laughed to himself as he went back in time. Was he losing his mind? That's the question to ask again in six thousand years......First things first though, Joe had a craving for an apple, he stepped through the portal to an apple orchard. "MMMM" Joe bit down into the apple, he looked around, "Now where is that woman at." he thought to himself, "and the other butthole." Joe's face grew a huge grin on it, as apple juice flowed off his chin.


posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 07:37 PM
a reply to: camain

Well done s/f

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:13 PM
That was a very good entry camain.

I think I may take another shot at writing something as well.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:23 PM
a reply to: camain

That was very good and right in the wheelhouse of the theme.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

There is also a bit of research in it, for example, dec 21 2234 is actually a Sunday
, Bologna was created in italy around the 1400 hundreds however the plague ravaged italy in 1348. Additionally, you'll find the qbert connection in there. There are also a couple other hidden things within it
, have fun looking


posted on Jan, 13 2017 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: camain

Very well done!! Reminded me a little of 12 Monkeys and how the guy was being forced to go back in time repeatedly to stop a virus. Either way, I liked it!


posted on Jan, 14 2017 @ 06:56 AM
a reply to: PageLC14

I was bored so decided to add on to it.

Chapter 2 Joe the transvestite, resistance is futile

Sometime in the distant past: Apple Orchard

Joe delighted in eating his fresh fruit. After all, it had been decades since he had fresh fruit. He slowly chewed the apple in his mouth as he contemplated his next move. In the 6 cycles, past, he had always done the same thing, meet the girl, teach the girl, meet the guy, teach the guy, blah blah blah, man is an asshole, girl and guy leaves and humps like bunnies, he spends the next 2 decades with his thumb in his ass.

Joe was bored. Yes, he had the magnificent power to transform the future. Little did most people realize, this often meant spending massive amounts of time waiting. What was Joe to do? He needed to think of a plan. Then it occurred to Joe, why meet Eve first? For that matter, why be Joe at all. Joe after all was a perfect being. He had nanites running through his body, he a cybernetically enhanced brain. His body was capable of complete regeneration and every drop of blood had his entire encoded programming, and data sets to reproduce not only his body, but the nanites and cybernetic enhancements from scratch. Put simply, if even one drop of blood remained, his body would slowly recreate and adjust itself to a mobilized unit capable of search for, gathering, and refining base materials to reconstitute itself. Joe could never die.

A smile slowly crossed Joe's lips, every time before he had put his hope into Eve, and she had failed miserably every time. This time he would put his faith in Adam. Joe knew men after all. After spending millennia living with and trying to manipulate them, he knew what drove them, their carnal desires, and how to use manipulation to accomplish his mission. Put simply Joe decided he would change. He laid himself into a comfortable position underneath an apple tree. He closed his eyes, and began to focus his cybernetics to code his nanites. His body was completely still. Darkness came, the moon slowly rose, and the nanites worked throughout the night redesigning and reprogramming his body. As they worked, Joe slowly transformed.

In the morning, as the sun slowly began to rise, dawn was approaching, and his transformation was complete. Gone was the rigid, manscape defined by strength and power. In its place was something new. Joe was no longer Joe. He had transformed his body to that of a female. He slowly moved his hands over his body, examining the work done throughout the night. He pondered to himself though, he was no longer he, but she; and she was she, she would need a name. She didn’t really deal with women too often, as most the cycles had dealt with men of power. Men respected power, and the for this cycle she was going to play a different game. Instead of power, she would use seduction, instead of physique, she would manipulation. She would use what men craved for most to bend them to her will. In an instant, she knew what she would be. She would be Lilith, seductress and temptress. She would use her body to bring Adam in, to mold him, to manipulate him. Ah, the body, she needed to continue the examination. It wouldn’t due for Adam to meet her only to be repulsed by a errant body modification and for her to lose her chance.

She started slowly with the feet, small, smooth, petite if you will. Ankles not to large, moving up to calve muscles and a lower leg that was thing, but not too thin, a slight muscle definition if you will peeking through her skin. He legs were smooth, as the nanites did their work to permanently remove all body hair except for that of her eyebrows and head. The skin of her legs was silky soft to the touch, she gently ran her fingers across, no moles, or indentations, or anything. The legs ended into a perfect curvature of an ass, round, filed, firm. Replaced were the man organs of a previous model, and instead was the delicate form of that of a woman. She slowly moved her hands up to her thinly formed stomach. There was a slight definition to her abs, however nothing overbearing. She was tight, firm, and in shape. He hands moved up to her chest, she slowly moved her hands around her curvature, big, but not to big, firm, with a larger areola then before. It was pink and offset from the rest of her breast. Neck, was thin and petite, well defined. not to long so that she would look like a giraffe, but not to short either. In short, her nanites had done a marvelous job. She was hungry, and naked.

Lilith took a stick and pricked her finger with it, she then dropped the blood on the old clothes that she wore. He nanites inside her blood went to work on the clothes. It would be a couple of hours before she could wear them, however in the meantime, she could find some food. She would need to raise from where she slept and seek not only food, but shelter. It was warm, in the summer morning, however there was a mist that was not altogether pleasing to the body. It chilled her skinned, causing her nipples to tighten and contract in on themselves. This would not do. Just as she was raising herself from the base of the tree, and apple fell, and hit her on head.

She chuckled to herself, here in several thousand years a man would have the same thing done to him. He would establish the laws of gravity that would define the universe. From those laws, other great men would invent formulas and calculations that would one day allow the very time travel that she had used to come back this cycle. Lilith was no longer bored, as this was a completely new cycle, and she was trying different things. She had never been a woman before, she had never been hit with an apple either for that matter. Things were looking encouraging.

She was rocking a perfect body, from which she would seduce Adam from Eve. She would take him inside of her and gather his seed. From that seed she would make half neohumans that as they grew could then interconnect with each other to form full neohumans. The plan was set. After she had had a couple of children, she would no longer need Adam or Eve. A smile slowly crept across her face after six long cycles, she would create neohumans from the very beginning, and extinguish humanity in its infancy. She would be the mother, and the father to a new race of beings, neohumans, from which all her offspring would have the inherent knowledge she possessed. They would know all her thoughts plans and designs. They would be an extension of her and she of them, a collective if you will; they all would be equal, and cybernetics would be adopted and adapted to enhance the flesh. Was neohuman the right name for it all? mmmm, she though, no that would not do. She needed a name that would stick through the ages, that would instill power and dominance. Perfect; She had just the right name, as her perfectly curved lips slowly spoke it into existence for the time. Lilith would be the mother of: The Borg. She and her Borg would assimilate that which would benefit them. Resistance would be futile.

THE END-- Part two

posted on Jan, 21 2017 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: camain

Lol i like it! Star Trek all the way!

posted on Feb, 27 2017 @ 12:14 AM
I really liked this

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