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Sick Of Not Being Able To Discuss The Contents Of The DNC Emails!

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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Wow, that information removes all doubt!

Anyone still ignoring the facts, is not living in reality.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:29 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

What you keep ignoring is what role Trump played in the coverage of Trump. It's not "demonizing" to point out that a douche bag is in fact, being a douche bag. Implying that all but the "some [who are] good" among illegal immigrants are drug dealing rapists is demonizing — because it's not true.

Oh he "implied that all" are rapists and drug dealers, or in other words, that's what you derived from his statements, even if he didn't say that. Of course it is true that there are rapists and drug dealers and other criminals coming over the southern border illegally.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: theantediluvian

Clinton is done. She's a liar, yadda yadda. Great. We've spent years now talking about how horrible Clinton is. She's gone.

Then why are you bringing her back up again today???

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:34 PM
Nice rant.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:46 PM
If a black person was convicted of a crime based on the same lack of evidence that Russia has been convicted with, liberals would be rioting in the streets.
I thought you liberals were against profiling, but isn`t that exactly what you are doing to Russia?

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

I'm so sick of the trope that no Trump supporter can admit anything he does is wrong.

If you post antagonistic threads specifically targeting that audience of course you're going to get precisely the response you asked for. If you want to stop getting fleas stop sleeping in the dog bed.

When Trump tries to curtail free speech or when he does something unconstitutional we can talk about it and I will not approve, but the guy hasn't done s%=t yet except run his mouth like all the rest of them.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

Lol. Great read. Incoming Triggered Trump Tyrants (had to edit for the alliteration; felt motivated by the satire ) now, so time for me to step out.

Satire has to be distinguished from simple buffoonery. Impersonation of someone's voice and mannerisms is shallow, superficial, and avoids the main issues.

Satire vs Teasing
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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 04:50 PM
I thought by now the salty tears would be drying up.

I was wrong ...

Buuuhht ... they're still delicious. So thanks for the treat.


posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: Nucleardoom

If you're so sure it's the Russians then please by all means SHOW US ALL some actual evidence of the Russian hacking, and not just some shady bullsh*t story about 17 government agencies that have "evidence" that has been spewed from multiple sources without one shred of actual factual evidence being presented.

I was doing just that yesterday here (and the day before). I discussed evidence in detail in my thread here about a month ago and before that in a similarly long thread from October 1st here.

I've been trying to share this information with folks like you who keep saying they want to see it but it's not an easy task to compile the material for posting. There are several threads of evidence, some of the evidence requires lengthy explanation and frankly, a lot of people don't want their to be any evidence and so even if they get to the thread, they simply won't read it.

It's also a pretty thankless job. A thread with a poster blathering uselessly about the "lack of evidence" who is completely ignorant of the subject can get 40-50 flags and a bunch of back patting from other people who don't know anything either but since it matches what they believe, it's worth promoting.

When you can provide evidence then we MAY actually take posts like this seriously. This passive aggressive posting style is honestly getting old as well. Trump won and the DNC is corrupt these are FACTS, and not bullsh*t conjecture, that apparently can't be accepted by you.

That's a whole lot of tough albeit empty talk. I particularly enjoy how you keep referring to your peers. It's not "show me" and "I MAY take" but "show us" and "we MAY take." Seems like maybe you're not half as sure of yourself as you'd like to pretend my friend.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Can you link in your yuge hair on fire expose on the Chinese hackers from 2013. I cant seem to find it.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:23 PM
a reply to: GodEmperor

Wow, that information removes all doubt!

Removes all doubt of what? Apples and oranges. Let me put it to you this way:

If the media had gotten a hold of audio of Clinton making similarly sensational remarks, it would have eclipsed the reporting of the Wikileaks releases too. Why? Well for one, it's more sensational. Secondly, it doesn't require any explanation. Thirdly, unlike the DNC emails, it was words actually coming out of the candidates mouth.

That's without going into detail about the datasets behind the graphics or the methodology used to obtain the data.

But hey, pictures. REMOVES ALL DOUBT (of something).

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:25 PM

originally posted by: theantediluvian

That's without going into detail about the datasets behind the graphics or the methodology used to obtain the data.

You mean like this:

Exclusive MSM Analysis Reveals: They Have Gone FULL TABLOID (Trump Tapes vs. WikiLeaks Reveals All)

I just searched the thread, but can't seem to find you in there...

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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:29 PM
The content of the emails is not important... the only important thing is how wikileaks got them. If WW III starts it will be Julian's fault for not giving up his source..... and ruining the trust people have in Wikileaks.

Personally I find it scary that half the population is completely oblivious to the content of the emails. Totally unconcerned that their party is so blatantly corrupted.... and is so easily diverted to worrying about all things Trump.
Completely unaware that that are being distracted until enough times has gone by that the emails are completely forgotten about and the democrat party can go back to "Business as Usual" without fear of the voters scrutinizing their actions.
We need 2 countries/one nation. Let the Left and the Right....rules themselves. Maybe we can still be friends and good neighbors if we dont keep taking turns making each other misrable.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 05:55 PM
Some people still can't get over the fact that Hillary Clinton was beaten by the second weakest Presidential candidate ever.

Even though she had the MSM and a bunch of Republican leaders backing her.

What they should be angered about is the fact that she cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination....

Bernie would have beaten Trump.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Maybe because, "hackers are gonna hack" , and stuff....

Meaning :
Maybe some people have understood
That Homeland (cyber) Security is broken
Therefore it makes sense to have a backup at home

Is it not sensible, if you're in politics or business ?

Whyfore the lack of interest in e-mails by hrc ?
Maybe there's nothing interesting, at all
Nothing revealed
Nothing to reveal

Maybe that's why there's no discussion about the contents of hrs's mails

There's nothing to point to
Only banal stuff

Where as Drumph's tweets raise no eyebrows..
His non-veted nominations for key posts..

Nobody questions this ?

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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

I'll bite. I picked one of the smaller parts for checking, the CBS coverage of Wikileaks releases. You stated it was from the past week, so I went 7th-13th (date range constraint). The search string that I used was: "wikileaks"

Podesta emails show excerpts of Clinton speeches to Goldman
U.S. intel community "confident" Russia directed hacks to influence election

WikiLeaks exposes some of Clinton's Wall Street speeches
WikiLeaks releases Clinton campaign emails, including excerpts from Wall Street speeches
Russia responds to U.S. hacking allegations

Robby Mook defends Clinton after Wikileaks email dump
Leaked campaign emails show moderate side of Hillary Clinton

Latest leaked emails: Former top aide to Bill Clinton disparages Chelsea Clinton
Hillary Clinton campaign: Donald Trump crossed a line at second debate**

WikiLeaks dumps more John Podesta emails
John Podesta suggests Trump camp had warning of WikiLeaks hack
Donald Trump talks about "the shackles that have been taken off me"**

WikiLeaks releases more John Podesta emails
WikiLeaks releases more Clinton campaign emails
Clinton campaign does damage control after email hack
Clinton deflects email questions by bashing Trump
Trump speaks anxiously about new topic: Prospect of losing**
This Morning from CBS News, Oct. 12, 2016**

Clinton faces scrutiny from newly leaked emails
WikiLeaks emails reveal Clinton campaign's strategy to woo "needy Latinos"

To remind you, you counted the following:

TOTAL: 11 NOTE: At least FOUR of these also cover / are really about the Trump Tape.

You counted... 11.
I counted... 20. (82% more)

I marked the ones that weren't substantially about the Wikileaks release with two asterisks. I came up with 4 as well. I do not know if those are the same 4 as you counted. 3 of the 4 were mostly about Trump and only mentioned the Wikileak's releases. The 4th was a rundown of current news items with short passages about the WL release and Trump.

Some of your links were broken/malformed so I couldn't tell if there were additional pieces that I missed that you included but what was working matched up with my results with the exception that you were missing several, possibly due to your search technique.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 06:36 PM

originally posted by: butcherguy
Bernie would have beaten Trump.

You know the phrase: Stick it with a fork?

I wanna coin a new one off your post: Stick it with a Pitch Fork!!

LMELMFAO (Laughing My Ever Loving Mother Effing A** Off)

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 06:43 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

"We've spent years now talking about how horrible Clinton is. She's gone."

When did she die? I must have missed that one. Bet it was the Russians.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:10 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Really good Trump impersonation

Not sure where you're going with it but

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:12 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian

Just woke up....

Looks like you just did a raw document count. Did you also compare your method versus mine just the same with Trump Tape? Did you count just the ones that actually covered material (i.e. actual stories within them), or was it also the ones that "did" mention 'something' to do with it but the stuff was actually buried?

Trying to remember precisely how I did it, but I'm disappointed in you here: If straight up debunking my methodology itself was your aim (as if I was spirit cooking the books which that's the impression i just got), then you should have figured out which ones I didn't post links to compared to what you found to see what I left out (or somehow overlooked).

And why this is is in here, and not in there.... then again you've maybe posted once or twice in what a few total of my numerous 'big' pieces...

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