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Donald Trump Says He’s Not Surprised by Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech

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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 07:53 PM

originally posted by: windword

originally posted by: bender151
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

"Trump questions EVERYBODIES mental acuity if they do not agree with him and hold him up as the genius he thinks he is."

That's funny, because you could replace "Trump," with "Every democrat after the election." So, Meryl will stand up for the disabled reporter, and sex offenders. Nice.

Isn't Julian Assange, who Trump is now defending, an accused sex offender?

Everyone who crosses a liberal is an accused sex offender before the argument is over.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: Nickn3

I don't know, are liberals responsible for fake news PIZZA GATE? Seems like calling people pedos is the Republican thing to do.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 09:26 PM
a reply to: Profusion

Where did I deride Streep? I stated that I have a different opinion than she does. There was no derision on my part.

Yes, thank you for the correction. You did not. I was spilling over from the other thread about her speech and chewing her a new one.

posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 09:37 PM

originally posted by: seeker1963

Trump questions EVERYBODIES mental acuity if they do not agree with him and hold him up as the genius he thinks he is.

How is that any different that the Progressive Left who calls anyone who disagrees with them a racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist etc etc?

Yet you guys on the Progressive Left can't understand how you and you're queen lost to Trump???? lol

Trump made his fortune way before he developed the Apprentice!

Don't worry, others might not have caught it, but I do remember when you admitted you were a Super Delegate for the Democratic Party......... but you go on with your bad self!

It's gonna be long 8 years for you and your kind......

Haven't you made this allegation about me before? Or was that someone else. I can't remember. Do you truly remember this or did you just read someone else's allegation. It really leaves me to wonder, just how wrong can you be about so many other things when you are so wrong about me and the things I say here on ATS.

Click on my posts seeker. Check out my posts. Find me anything where I praised Clinton and I will find you a dozen more where I post my distaste for her. And as far as eight long years, for me and my kind,(and I already offer you a chance to see how off the chart you are about me and who my kind might be) Its going to be eight longs years for all of us.

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