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MK ultra how they make a killer.

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posted on Jan, 7 2017 @ 09:03 AM
Yep, 1972......
I was in the Air Force and was at Lowry in Denver

Halfway through avionics school they put me a different dorm room with four guys in there instead of two...the usual

Two nights and I was kicked out of the program whatever it was....kicked out Believer spirit took their strange dreams I was having....they were like real....too real

It was a wild dream I was acting out in the room in bed......but about half the floor was awoken.......the guys in the room were freakin....I was groggy and couldn't all

Men wearing civilian clothes came I swear from the corner room next a military dorm...civilian men.....never heard of....they had an emergency to cover

Never saw those dudes and never had a word about it....again.....but I was yelling in my sleep and bucking in the bed......can you imagine

Edit to addd.....the dream was a mix of fighting with if they put something in the air of that room at night, it was next to the corner room...a secret room that wasn't used but the civilians showed up fast like they were right next door....they too were panicking and their words were all rookyish and surprised
Lowry was also the " retraining " center for the US Air Force....their barracks were at the other end of the base.......true story....1972
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posted on Jan, 9 2017 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: NimrodisDead

Yes. I think he knows what happened to him and that he was controlled, but he also understands that no one would believe/care and that's why he wants the trial to end as soon as possible and the death penalty.

For someone who knows about mind control codes/symbolism, the letter he wrote to his mother after being arrested is especially eerie... It's an excerpt from a book and it seems like it's saying a lot, indirectly. It's like he knew she would understand it but didn't want to say anything regarding himself directly.

In his prison journal he said he never had black friends and what so called "friends" are saying about him is all lies. To me, that sounds like he's trying to protect anyone with whom he spoke about these types of things, which would be consistent with something he said to the officers in his confession tape, that he didn't want to put anyone else in trouble.

Also, notice the handwriting in the letter he wrote to his mother is very different from the rest! (the letter is pages 40 and 41) *OMG! I went to the website where the court exhibits are posted and the letter is not there anymore! It was the last pages of DX500, now it's gone! But I have it, because I downloaded it before! I would like to ask to anyone interested in this matter to keep a copy of it!* Here it is - (if the link is not available, ask me)

Something I find very curious is that flowers are mentioned in the letter, and he posed next to flowers on some photos... It probably has a significant meaning in the programming.

Besides this, there are lots of other things that point to him being MK...

I don't know if you were asking this to someone in specific or not, but I wanted to answer

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