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Why Islamists (sometime) choose terrorism.

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posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 12:28 PM
I was reading on another thread about whether the victims of 9/11 were innocent or not.

I think the concept of innocence is one that is controlled by the western powers. we decide innocence or guilt.

our civilians we declare innocent, even when theyre work in New Yorks financial district props up the exploitation of the Islamic world. On the other hand, we attack civilian neighborhoods in fallujah because they "support" the insurgence in Iraq.

Who is innocent? Both maybe.

We say that the prisoners in gitmo have no civil rights, that the 9/11 attackers has no civil rights, because they don't conduct war according to the Geneva convention.

But it was us western countries that created the Genevea conventions, the UN and the whole aparatus of "international justice."

The Koran lays out rules of warfare that are a thousand years older than the UN. But we pay no attention to that, and make rules that suit ourselves.

if the prisoners in gitmo and abu graib were war criminals, surely we would bring them before the Hague, Like slobo.

They are terrorists because we define what the word means.


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